Home Town: Columbus, Ohio

Resides in: Orlando, Florida
Height: 5 foot 1 inches
Weight: 102lbs
Primary Finisher: Twisted Bliss

Secondary Finisher: Insult to Injury
Entrance Theme: Crushed by Parkway Drive


Championship History:
1x EBWF Women's Champion
2018 Women's Royal Rumble Winner

2016 Women's Royal Rumble Winner

Slammy Awards:
2018 EBWF Babe of the Year
2017 EBWF Women's Wrestler of the Year


Alexa Bliss first joined EBWF with a high spirited, preppy, blissful attitude. Though brief, Alexa's first run in EBWF was not without it's moments. One of her key moments, Alexa blinded then EBWF Women's Champion, Sasha Banks with a little bit of glitter. Which brought Sasha to attack Alexa, ultimately leading to Alexa getting injured and released by EBWF in the summer of 2015. Returning in early 2016, Alexa Bliss has not only had a slight make-over to her appearance, but has had a complete overhaul in personality. With a fiery attitude to match her vibrant red hair, Alexa Bliss as returned and put the whole EBWF Women's Division on notice, especially after winning the 2016 Women's Royal Rumble match and earning a shot to headline her first ever WrestleMania. Alexa put an exclamation mark on her EBWF by beating her idol, Trish Stratus, at WrestleMania to become EBWF Women's Champion for the first time in her career. She would then later lose the championship later that year at SummerSlam against long time rival, Sasha Banks.