Home Town: St. Louis, Missouri
Height: 6 foot 5 inches
Weight: 235lbs
Primary Finisher: RKO
Entrance Theme: Bodies Like Sheep by A Perfect Circle


Title History

2x EBWF World Champion
2x EBWF IC Champion
2x EBWF Tag Team Champion

2013 King of the Ring
2014 King of the Ring


Slammy History

2014 EBWF Tag Team of the Year
2014 EBWF Match of the Year
2011 EBWF Wrestler of the Year
2001 EBWF Match of the Year
2010 EBWF Wrestler of the Year
2010 EBWF Heel of the Year
2010 EBWF Tag Team of the Year
2010 EBWF Match of the Year
2009 EBWF Newcomer of the Year 



Randy was born on April 1st, 1980 in Knoxville, TN. His family moved to St. Louis when he was very young and he has lived their ever since. After graduating from high school, Randy went straight into the Marines for 2 years until he received a bad conduct discharge for assaulting a commanding officer. After serving a 38 day sentence in military prison, Randy began a career in professional wrestling. He trained with his father in OVW until he was called up to WWE. Randy had a very successful run in the WWE, but finally made the decision to move on after his development as a wrestler had plateaued. He made his EBWF in December 2008. Since his arrival, he has headlined multiple Wrestlemanias. He is a two time EBWF Wrestler of the Year and is the longest reigning EBWF World Champion in the company’s history.