Home Town: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Weight: 231lbs
Primary Finisher: Superkick

Secondary Finisher: Canadian Maple Leaf
Entrance Theme: 99 Problems by Jay-Z


Title History

1x EBWF World Champion
4x EBWF Tag Team Champion


Slammy History

2015 EBWF Entertainer of the Year
2015 EBWF Alliance of the Year 
2010 EBWF Lifetime Achievement Award
2008 EBWF Heel of the Year



Hello, my name is Lance. I am a punctual, well-read and exceptional member of the EBWF roster. I like to wrestle alongside my best friend Chris Jericho and the other person I like Trent. I am a former World Champion, Tag Team Champion and Television Champion - a title I held so well that it doesn't exist anymore because what is the point. If you wish to contact me, please just call my boss Wes Ikeda and ask for my phone number. I don't know what it is, but I think it is on record. Look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you. Lance Storm.








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