Home Town: Tampa, Florida
Height:  6 foot 1 inches
Weight: 230lbs
Primary Finisher: The Crunchy Driver
Secondary Finisher: Gobbstopper

Entrance Theme: RPG Vice by [Q]Brick


Title History

1x EBWF World Champion
1x EBWF Intercontinental Champion 
2x EBWF Tag Team Champion 
1x EBWF Breakout Champion


Slammy Awards

2015 EBWF Alliance of the Year (w/ Jericho and Storm)
2013 EBWF Alliance of the Year (w/ AJ Lee) 
2013 EBWF Breakout Champion of the Year



Trent debuted as Zack Ryder's videogame obsessed

lackey in early 2010. Alongside Caylen Croft he

quickly made an impact in the tag team

division, capturing the titles. He was sent

back to developmental in late 2010 to polish

of his skills. Trent made a return on

December 2011 at Christmas Eve of

Destruction, picking up an undefeated streak

in one on one competition which lasted until the

2012 King of the Ring finals and included a

Breakout Championship reign and a Tag Team

Title Reign with his childhood friend Zack Ryder.






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