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Hottie of the Year: Wes Ikeda
Wrestler of the Year: PJ Black
Babe of the Year: Alexa Bliss
Female Wrestler of the Year: Natalya
Face of the Year: Jimmy Havoc
Heel of the Year: Natalya
Alliance of the Year: Liv Morgan & 2Pawz
Newcomer of the Year: Kenny Omega

Return of the Year: Dalton Castle
Tag Team of the Year: Bastard & The Beast (Jimmy Havoc & Braun Strowman)
Entertainer of the Year: Dalton Castle
Match of the Year: Jimmy Havoc vs PJ Black Summerslam 2018
Outstanding OOC Sportsmanship Award: Ben M

The scene opened at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, filled to the brim with EBWF Fans, and on the floor, seated around tables with fancy centerpieces, were the EBWF Superstars and its staff. Right in front of the stage, in a barricaded area, were even more fans who erupted when music picked up and the loudspeaker roared to life. 

Announcer: Welcome to the 16th Annual EBWF Slammy Awards with appearances by Jeff Hardy.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, to present the newcomer of the year award, please welcome - The Charismatic Enigma - Jeff Hardy! 

Jeff's theme music filled the arena as he made his way out to the podium and microphone. 

Jeff Hardy: The EBWF Slammy Awards are a time honored tradition, and definitely a favorite event for Wrestlemania weekend. Tonight, it is my privilege to present the award to the person who's first time to EBWF has thrilled us the most. The nominees are... 

The fans applauded and cheered with the announcement of each superstar. 

Jeff Hardy: The wildly talented Candice LeRae, 2018 Royal Rumble Winner Kenny Omega, The Golden Goddess Mandy Rose, and the Man in Static, Tommy End. 

Jeff lifted the envelope he had been holding, and tore it open to read the name on the inside. 

Jeff Hardy: The 2018 EBWF Newcomer of the Year is... Kenny Omega! 

Omega didn't look the least bit surprised when the camera found him at his table. He got to his feet and headed to the stage, taking the slammy trophy from Hardy and proceeding to the microphone. 

Kenny Omega: Thank you. Thank you. You know I'd love to say I'm surprised and that I'm honoured to win this award. That would be the polite thing to do. The Canadian thing to do. But honestly, we all saw this coming right? I mean no one has come into this accompany and accomplished what I have... like i have. Let alone any of the other nominees. Quite frankly, it's an insult I was only nominated for this one award. But I'm going to take this award, and I'm going to take my EBWF World Championship, and come this time next year, when I'm nominated for every Slammy Award next year INCLUDING Babe of the Year, we can all flashback to this moment and I can say I TOLD YOU SO. but for now... I'll take my Slammy and say to you all...Good BYE! (MWAH) and Good NIGHT! BANG!  

The fans weren't quite sure what to make of that speech as Omega left the stage. 

Announcer: He's the longest reigning champion in EBWF history, and he's the longest reigning champion in EBWF history's best friend. Presenting the Alliance of the Year Award, Randy Orton, Edge, Rated RKO. 

The crowd popped for the EBWF's iconic tag team, and the two men proceeded to the podium. 

Edge: How much did ya pay that guy? 

Randy Orton: Not a thing. Not a thing. 

Edge: The fact that I'm able to tolerate Randy's practical jokes is one of the many reasons our alliance has stood the test of time. This year's nominees for Alliance of the Year are The Bastard and the Beast, Jimmy Havoc and Braun Strowman. 

Randy Orton: The Gorgeous Guys, Tyler Breeze and Noam Dar.

Edge: Somehow inexplicably, Liv Morgan and 2Pawz. 

Randy Orton: And what I think is the fourth incarnation of The Miz's career... 

Edge: First he brought us the Trilogy. Then he brought us the Sequel. 

Randy Orton: This year... the DVD Boxset. 

That got a laugh. 

Edge: The Miz, and three other guys that don't work here anymore... the Varsity Club. 

The camera cut to The Miz who was actually having a laugh at the fact that none of those three guys still had jobs. 

Randy Orton: The 2018 Alliance of the Year is... 

Randy opened the envelope and allowed Edge to read it. 

Edge: ...Liv Morgan and 2Pawz. 

Liv Morgan's name was called out for Alliance of the Year with Natalya's beloved cat 2Pawz. Liv visibly laughed and made her way up onto the stage. After she climbed up the steps, she made her way to the podium. She met Rated RKO and hugged them both. She cleared her throat and spoke into the microphone.

Liv: First off, let's get to business here. Let's ask THE question everyone wants to know... YO Nattie... did ya bring him? Ah? Did'ja bring my boy 2Pawz?!

Liv perked up and the cameras scanned over to Natalya's table. She was seated next to her husband Wes Ikeda. Natalya shook her head 'no', completely denying the possibility. Liv pressed her lips together inquisitively.

Liv: Mmm, left him at home, huh? ...Ya sure 'bout that?

Natalya nodded. Liv shrugged her shoulders.

Liv: There ya have it folks... Nattie swears that he isn't here. I could of sworn I saw beefed up security in the Ikeda locker room, yo. That usually means he's here, and she's worried I'mma get to him. I guess I must'a been mistaken. Too bad, no reunion tonight I guess. Shame cuz I brought cat nip and all. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. But Nattie, have 2Pawz and his people call my people, and maybe this year we'll bust out a tag team or somethin', ya feel me.

Liv laughed and held up the Slammy to the audience. She winked at Natalya who simply shook her head in response. Liv was escorted off the stage as the show went on to the next category.

The three left the stage as the announcer spoke. 

Announcer: Here to present the Face of the Year Award, the Quintessential Diva, Trish Stratus! 

Trish proceeded to the podium in a knee length leather skirt and a Wonder Stratus t-shirt with sky high black heels. She had an envelope in her hand as she approached the microphone. 

Trish Stratus: We know that in our business they're have to be good guys and bad guys. These four nominees are the very best of our very favorites. The nominees are The Best in the World, CM Punk. Our current general manager, Jimmy Havoc. The EBWF Women's Champion, Liv Morgan. And of course, the absolutely awesome, Miz. 

Trish pulled the envelope open. 

Trish Stratus: Your winner for Face of the Year is... Jimmy Havoc! 

Havoc looked slightly surprised when the camera found him and he stood from his chair and went up to the stage. He hugged Trish as he took the Slammy from her, and stepped up to the microphone. 

Jimmy Havoc: Well. This is a turn of fucking events isn’t it. Last year I won Heel of the Year and this year is Face, either a fluke or I’m really bloody good at my job.

You could hear Braun Strowman in the crowd yell “Fluke” which had the crowd laughing.

Jimmy Havoc: He’s probably right aswell. It’s nice to be rewarded for all aspects of being a wrestler, I’ve been the utter maniacal bastard and now I’ve been the underdog babyface. I want to thank Ikeda for the idea and Jericho for forcing me into it as he REALLY had to work bad guy.

The crowd laughed again.

Jimmy Havoc: Thank you so much.

Havoc left the stage area. 

Announcer: Here to present the award for Tag Team of the Year, please welcome, The Villain, Marty Scurll! 

"One True Villain" began to play and Marty Scurll came to the podium, envelope in hand, and surveyed the fans who were in front of the stage. 

Marty Scurll: The EBWF is experiencing a resurgence of tag team wrestling, and this year, three tag teams were a cut above the rest.

The Gorgeous Guys, Tyler Breeze and Noam Dar, The Bastard and the Beast, Jimmy Havoc and Braun Strowman, and Rated RKO, Randy Orton and Edge. The tag team of the year award goes to... 

Scurll opened the envelope. 

Marty Scurll: Havoc and Strowman. 

Havoc got up from his seat at the same table with Braun Strowman. The two men came up the steps, and there seemed to be some noticeable tension between Havoc and Scurll for a moment, before Strowman went ahead and took the Slammy. Scurll stepped back.


Jimmy Havoc: Well. Everyone knows I’ve been here for nearly 2 years now and I go through tag partners like hot dinners. However, there’s been no-one I’ve had more fun with or could relate to more, than this big beautiful bastard right here!

Braun Strowman: In case you can’t tell, I don’t feel comfortable in a suit…

The crowd laughed.

Braun Strowman: But I do feel comfortable having Jimmy Havoc as a partner! When I came to EBWF, I wanted to fly solo, but I’m glad I had the chance to work with this bastard. Because he’s awesome. And together, we were unstoppable. It makes you wonder, why did we ever break up?

Jimmy Havoc: I believe I stopped liking being a bastard or something. I did some good stuff for a while, became a king, lost a title opportunity...again, beat up Chris Jericho, you nearly killed Ikeda and now I have to face him tomorrow night in a deathmatch. Hey, if I lose I have to wrestle again, we should talk…

Jimmy winked and the crowd laughed.

Jimmy Havoc: They say in wrestling you don’t make friends just enemies well to them I say fuck you! I made a tag partner and a lifelong friend out of this Supergirl Costume wearing country hoss!

Braun Strowman: And I… well, I met a guy who I want to kill sometimes, but I don’t because I’d miss hanging out with him if I did.

Jimmy went to give Braun a hug but realised his arms are too short.

Jimmy Havoc: Thank you!

Bastard and the Beast left the stage. 

Announcer: To present the Babe of the Year Award, they are nominees here tonight, welcome the Gorgeous Guys, Noam Dar and Tyler Breeze. 

The crowd cheered for Breeze and Dar as they moved to the presentation podium. 

Tyler Breeze: We know a thing or two about being tough. 

Noam Dar: And we know a thing or two about being incredible good looking. 

Tyler Breeze: These ladies are graceful, beautiful, and your nominees for Babe of the Year. 

Noam Dar: Alexa Bliss.

Tyler Breeze: Liv Morgan. 

Noam Dar: Mandy Rose. 

Tyler Breeze: Trish Stratus. 

Noam Dar: And Velvet Sky. 

Tyler Breeze: The 2018 Babe of the Year is... 

Noam opened the envelope. 

Gorgeous Guys: Alexa Bliss! 

Alexa stood up with a huge grin on her face as she heard her name. “Crushed” by Parkway Drive sounded out as she made her way to the stage. She climbed the steps and walked to the podium. As she was handed the award, she snatched it up and held it to her chest. She walked up to the podium and wiped a tear out of her eye.

Alexa Bliss: Oh my g… This means so much to mean. I really mean it guys. This award, it proves everything I’ve been saying since I arrived.

Alexa’s fake smile quickly turned serious as she loosened her grip on the award and set it down next to her.

Alexa Bliss: It proves proves that I’m not just the best women’s wrestler in the business today, but I’m also the hottest wrestler in the business. All you other girls out there, take it in. This is only the start of this Goddess’ reign over EBWF. Tonight, I’m Babe of the Year. Tomorrow night, I will be the hottest Women’s Champion after I beat the two ungrateful, no talent hacks, that I brought into this company. And once I am the Women’s Champion again, I will reign over this company again and all the women in it. And everything will be BLISSFUL, once again.

Alexa picked up the statue and held it in the air.

Alexa Bliss: Your Goddess.. Has spoken.

She brought the Slammy down and turned to head off the stage and back to her seat. 

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, to present the award for Hottie of the Year, the ten time EBWF Women's Champion, Torrie Wilson!


"Aphrodite" hit and Torrie Wilson walked out from the backstage area. The superstars and the whole arena gave her a standing ovation. She gave them a gracious thank you, soaking it in for a moment. Once the applause naturally died down she spoke into the microphone. 

Torrie Wilson: The men of EBWF! We love them because they're good on the microphone. They're fighters. They're champions, and these five nominees are soooooo good lookin'. You nominees for Hottie of the Year are Chris Jericho, PJ Black, Randy Orton, Tyler Breeze and Wes Ikeda. The winner is... 

Torrie pulled the envelope open, and looked up into the audience with a grin. 

Torrie Wilson: Wes Ikeda. 

The camera found Wes in his seat. He shook his head, and leaned over to kiss Natalie on the cheek. Then he stood up, and began buttoning his blazer as he headed up onto the stage. He kissed Torrie's cheek, and whispered something in her ear before taking the statue and stepping up to the podium. The fans in front of him cheered, and he looked out over them as he spoke. 

Wes Ikeda: Thank you. I love you, Tor. Really, I do. Thanks for being here tonight. It's not lost on me that this is the only award I was nominated for tonight, and the truth is that since Joanie's passing I've had a hard time. It was always really easy for me to be out on stage or out in the ring when I knew she was backstage running the show. I keep getting older, and every year I think my time for winning this award has probably come and gone, but thank you. It's humbling and flattering as always. Since this is my only opportunity to get up here tonight, I just wanted to thank a few people.  I want to thank the absolute legends who came this weekend to hang out and give the EBWF Fans the kind of event they deserve. Torrie, Angie... 

He pointed to Angelina Love down in the audience. 

Wes Ikeda: Alex Shelley, Shane Helms... thank you for reminding me that we've created a home for all of you here. I want to thank Blaine, who's here tonight. He's gonna be 19 in about 5 weeks, which is crazy. But Blaine, McKenzie and CJ for somehow growing up in the face of all this craziness. I'm beyond proud of you. The incredible, incredible EBWF crew, the backstage staff, production. There are two things in this world that keep me looking good and that's you EBWF production staff... and Natalie. 

The crowd cheered at the mention of an out of character, Natalya. 

Wes Ikeda: I have said it from this stage before, and I'll say it here again tonight. Natalie Neidhart, you are the reason my heart beats in my chest, and I love you. EBWF Fans, thank you, thank you for being as excited as I am every time my music hits. I think we're in for a really great year. 

Wes held up the Slammy and then stepped away from the podium, taking Torrie by the hand to help her down the stairs in her heels as they returned to their seats. 


Congratulations to Ben our 2018 EBWF Sportsman! 


The Slammy Awards returned to applause from the crowd. 

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, the Lass Kicker, Becky Lynch! 

Lynch got a round of applause from the crowd as she stepped to the podium, envelope in hand.
Becky Lynch: Every EBWF Superstar creates a special connection with the fans, and nothing is quite as thrilling as when a superstar that's been away for a while returns to our squared circle. The nominees for return of the year are, The Phenomenal AJ Styles, The Best in the World CM Punk, and The Party Peacock. The EBWF Universe has voted, and the superstar who had the return of the year is...

She opened the envelope and read. 

Becky Lynch: Dalton Castle! 

Dalton's theme hit, and there was a stirring at the side of the stage. The Party Peacock arrived on stage in a horizontal, hand on the chin pose, carried by four of the Boys. He stood tall at the microphone and cleared his throat. 

Dalton: Dalty Two-Belts in the House! Wow, it's been a real whirlwind couple of weeks. From participating in my first Royal Rumble, to winning this beautiful Gateway Championship belt, to teaming with the Oscar to my Felix, chubby little Grado and somehow ending up as one half of the most random tag team champions imaginable, to making a new best friend and now standing on the precipice of immortality, my first Wrestlemania...this Slammy award is like the cheap gold-plated cherry on top of an amazing sundae. To my Boys, to my Girls, and to the whole world, thank you, good night, AND THE AFTER PARTY'S AT THE MARRIOTT BABY!!

Dalton clutched his trophy and exited the stage with the boys behind him. 

Announcer: Please welcome the two time EBWF World Champion, The Miz! 

Miz proceeded to the stage to a "Miz is Awesome" chant from the crowd. He looked over the fans in front of the stage and offered them a nod of thanks, and began to speak. 

The Miz: Earlier tonight, we honored Jimmy Havoc as face of the year. Now, we find out who Jimmy's opposite was this year on EBWF television. Three wrestlers were the best of the bad and they were Chris Jericho, Natalya, and PJ Black. The 2018 Heel of the Year is...


Miz opened his envelope. 

The Miz: Natalya! 

Natalya stood up and smoothed out her dress. She walked past her applauding peers and headed up to the podium, a smirk on her face. With a smile, she accepted the Slammy award from the Miz and gave him a kiss on the cheek before placing it on the podium. She looked out at her fellow wrestlers and entertainers in attendance. She took a deep breath. 

Natalya: It's about. Damn. Time. 

The people in attendance applauded the sentiment. 

Natalya: For too long, women have felt like they could only be shoehorned into certain archetypes. In order to be bad, you have to be a vapid, catty bitch with no personality to speak of. It's the go-to for women coming up in this business who want the crowd to hate them. It's uninspired, and quite frankly... boring. This...

She quietly picked up the Slammy award and put it back down.

Natalya: proof that there is another way. Just be your glorious, terrible self. But maybe just a little bit turned up.

She grinned as she put her thumb and index finger close together to gesture a tiny amount. 

Natalya: Tonight, I am honored to be the first woman in EBWF history to receive this award. But as much as I find it fun and incredibly fulfilling to make this all about me, I cannot take all of the credit. Without a talented dance partner, it becomes impossible to be this bad... and look this good. Liv Morgan, who was my foil for the better part of the year, and who apparently wants to babysit my award winning cat, I could not have done it without her. Nor could I have done it without Trish Stratus, my best friend and the woman who taught me everything about what it is to be bad. Ladies, thank you for an amazing year. 

She tipped the trophy in their direction as a salute. 

Natalya: Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to my seat and plot the demise of every single one of you that voted for me. Thank you!

She raised the trophy in the air and flipped her hair back arrogantly, grinning as she headed down the steps and back to her seat with her new found prize.

Announcer: Please welcome, a man who needs no introduction... 

The familiar riffs of "Cult of Personality" hit and the EBWF fans in attendance went wild as CM Punk proceeded to the stage wearing a smart looking suit and a daring smirk. 

CM Punk: Whether good guys or bad, these are the five acts that kept us entertained all year long. Chris Jericho, Dalton Castle, Jimmy Havoc, The Miz, and Noam & Tyler, the Gorgeous Guys. The EBWF Universe has chosen for their entertainer of the year... 

Punk opened the envelope. 

CM Punk: Dalton Castle! 


Dalton's music hit again, and the arena waited his arrival. However, only the boys approached Punk, who looked at them with trepidation. One of the boys took the the trophy and said something to Punk. Punk rolled his eyes, and turned back to the microphone. 

CM Punk: Apparently, the Party Peacock headed back to the Marriott for the after party, so the boys are accepting this award on his behalf. 

Castle's theme played as the boys walked off with his trophy, and Punk returned to his seat. 

"Glorious" hit the sound system and the crowd sang along to it as Bobby Roode came to the stage. He approached the microphone. 

Bobby Roode: The best matches are the ones that put exclamation marks on a great story. They make us cheer. They make us feel. Most of all they make us love wrestling. Four matches were considered the very best. The nominees for Match of the Year are... 

Clips of the matches played on a screen behind Bobby. 

Bobby Roode: Jimmy Havoc versus PJ Black in a House of Havoc Match for the EBWF World Championship at Summerslam. Edge versus PJ Black in a ladder match for the EBWF World Championship at Destiny. Jimmy Havoc versus Chris Jericho in an Anything Goes Iron Man Match at Fanniversary, and AJ Styles versus CM Punk in a three stages of hell match for the EBWF World Championship at Christmas Eve of Destruction. 

Bobby opened the envelope. 

Bobby Roode: The 2018 Match of the Year is Jimmy Havoc versus PJ Black at Summerslam! 

PJ stood up from his seat as he was announced as the one of the winners of Match of the Year. He steadily made his way up to the stage. He walked up the steps and walked over to the podium where he joined up with Jimmy Havoc. 

Jimmy Havoc: Thank you so much for this, if there's anything I love more than wearing black its putting on great matches! It was an honour to work with PJ to tell such a great story. We blew the fucking roof off...which as we know if you listen to fans I can’t actually wrestle and PJ carried me so thanks bud!Seriously though, PJ is one of the best workers in the world and it was awesome to work with him.

The two men looked at each other as PJ turned to the audience.

PJ Black: I know what you’re going to say, I’m not Chris Jericho. A lot of you thought that it would be Jimmy and Chris standing up here, but as much as I hate to ruin the moment, it happens again.

Black looked back at Havoc.

PJ Black: Jimmy, our match at SummerSlam was one to remember. Inside that House of Havoc match, we really tore into one another, and I have to admit, you’re one sadistic bastard.

He turned back forward.

PJ Black: But I proved that I’m just as sadistic as you. I went into your house Jimmy. I did things your way. You took it to the next level, but in the end of it, you took your head out of the game and I went even further. Now, as you all know, I didn’t need Jericho and Strowman. I could have taken it all the way on my own, but when life gives you lemons, you powerbomb someone on a few thousand tacks.

PJ chuckled as he checked back with Havoc again.

PJ Black: Regardless the outcome, the match was your brainchild. But together, we torn it down, and what better way for it to be remembered, than to be this years Match of the Year.

Black held the award up into the air and pointed back at Havoc. Both of the men left the stage with their Slammy's in tow. 

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, one of the greatest alliances in EBWF History, and two of the most formidable women to grace the ring, please welcome, the Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky! 

The crowd in attendance cheered as the two women made their entrance.

Angelina Love: Velvet is a multi-time slammy winner. 

Velvet Sky: And Angie was the female wrestler of the year just four years ago. 

The crowd cheered. 

Angelina Love: It is our honor to acknowledge the four women who are representing the very best of the women's division here tonight. 

Velvet Sky: The nominees for EBWF Women's Wrestler of the Year are... Liv Morgan. 

Angelina Love: Natalya. 

Velvet Sky: Nikki Cross. 

Angelina Love: And Trish Stratus. 

Velvet Sky: The 2018 Women's Wrestler of the Year is... 

Angelina opened the envelope. 

The Beautiful People: Natalya! 

Natalya smiled wide as she heard her name get called. Everyone around her applauded as she stood up and made her way towards the podium. Angelina Love handed the trophy to Natalya and the Beautiful People stepped away to allow Nattie to have the podium area to her self. She looked over the prize for a quick moment as the applause died down. She looked reflective.

Natalya: Ever since I came to the EBWF, it has been my goal to make the Women's Division here the best in the entire world. Women like Angelina Love and Velvet Sky who just handed me this trophy are women that helped make that happen. 

The acknowledgement ellicited applause from the other wrestlers and staff in attendance. 

Natalya: I've been with this company since 2010, and I've never felt as excited about the future as I do now. This amazing women's division that Joanie Helmsley created is flourishing with talented women like Liv, Trish, Alexa, Candice, Mandy, and so many others. It certainly doesn't hurt to have the most decorated technical wrestler leading the charge, does it?

She smirked arrogantly. 

Natalya: Seriously, though. I'm honored to have spent almost the entirety of 2017 as your EBWF Women's Champion, and to have earned this award. I'm immeasurably grateful for all of the great women I worked with last year, and I'm very excited about getting the chance to beat all of you in 2018. 

A devious grin crept up on Nattie's features. 

Natalya: Batten down the hatches, ladies. I'm just getting started. 

With that, Nattie prominently raised the Women's Wrestler of the Year trophy up in the air. She headed down the podium and made her way back to her seat to applause.

Announcer: To present the award for Wrestler of the Year, please welcome the chairman and owner of EBWF, Wes Ikeda! 

Wes stepped out onto the stage to a mostly standing ovation in the arena, and he nodded as he stood behind the podium soaking it in. 

Wes Ikeda: Thank you. Have a seat. Thanks. I hope you guys are having a great weekend. 

The fans cheered. 

Wes Ikeda: My wife won two Slammy Awards, and didn't thank me, but other than that that's okay.  

He winked at Natalie at their table, and the crowd cheered. 

Wes Ikeda: Congratulations, sweetheart. As is customary, it is my great privilege to present the award for EBWF's Wrestler of the Year. These four men have been the faces of EBWF all around the globe this year. Your four finalists for Wrestler of the Year are, the legendary backbone of EBWF, Chris Jericho. The King of the Deathmatch, Jimmy Havoc. The incomparably awesome, Miz. And the indelible darewolf, PJ Black. Your 2018 EBWF Male Wrestler of the Year is... 

Wes opened his envelope. 

Wes Ikeda: I don't think there was ever any doubt, or any better answer... PJ Black. 

PJ Black sat in his seat in disbelief after hearing his name announced as the 2018 Male Superstar of the Year. “Sick of It” sound out on the sound system as Black shook out of his trance. He stood up from his seat and walked towards the stage. He looked up at the podium as he ascended the steps. His eyes still showed a look of disbelief. He walked across the stage to the podium and took the Slammy Award into his hand. He looked down at it for a moment and took it all in. He walked behind the podium and with the award still in hand, he turned to the audience.

PJ Black: It’s been years in the making, but finally. Finally I have earned all of your respect. You might not want to admit it, but this here.

He held the Slammy Award in the air.

PJ Black: This here.. This is because of all of you. I’ve said it for months, years even. Over and over again, I repeated myself. Finally, all of you have made the right decision. You made the right call by voting me, the 2018 Male Superstar of the Year. And I can’t blame you. There was no other choice. Jericho, Havoc, Miz… They’ve all done a lot this year. They’ve all had their moments. But none of them did what I did. Since I won the EBWF Path to Glory Championship over two years ago, I went on a rampage. For two years, I went out there and I dominated, time and time again. I broke records. I won championships. I headlined pay per views. I did it all. I did it all and I did it because this is what I wanted. I wanted the proof that I was the best. Now I have it, and I have it because all of you who once doubted me. Everyone of you that said I would never stand up here and ever win a Slammy Award. Well, it was all of you that voted, and you voted for me because there was no other choice. There’s not another man in this company that’s done the things I’ve done this past year, so there was no other option. Regardless, you voted and here I stand in front of you. I stand in front of you all right now, finally a Slammy Award winner.

He brought the award back down and looked at it once again. He set it down on the podium. He took a deep breath as he turned to the audience again.

PJ Black: However, as much as I enjoy winning this award, it’s bitter sweet. See, normally, I would be excited just like all of you. I’d be sitting there on the edge of my seat to hear who all won this year. I would be thrilled to leave this building and go back to the hotel and get ready for tomorrow. However…

Black looked down at the brace on his leg.

PJ Black: This year, tomorrow.. Tomorrow all I’m doing is sitting at ringside watching other men in my spot. Tomorrow night, I will sit there in the front row and watch Kenny Omega defend the EBWF World Championship against The Miz. On a night where I should be in that ring starting another year of exciting matches. I should be starting another year of dominance.

The look on Black’s face showed just how disappointed he was to not be wrestling at WrestleMania.

PJ Black: Now all of that has to wait, but I promise you one thing. When I’m ready. When my knee is 100%, I promise you, I’m coming back harder than ever. I don’t care who is the champion. I don’t care if it’s The Miz. I don’t care if Kenny Omega is able to stay away from the company long enough to hold onto the championship. It doesn’t matter. Once I’m cleared to get back in that ring, I will show you all why you voted me, Male Superstar of the Year. I will come back full force and get my rightful rematch for the EBWF World Championship. I’ll get back my championship. I’ll make my next championship reign the title reign that will break all the milestones. I will do what has never been done. Then next year, I will be standing on this stage, voted Male Superstar of the Year once again, and I will be excited. I will be thrilled because I will go back to the hotel and get ready for the next day wear I will be in that main event at WrestleMania once again. All will be right in the world, once again.

Black held the award up in the air again as he stepped away from the podium. He walked off the stage and headed back to his seat.

Wes Ikeda: What an amazing night. Congratulations PJ, if ever a "You Deserve It" chant was appropriate. 

The fans got one started and Wes let them go for a long few moments. 

Wes Ikeda: We want to thank the city of New Orleans for having us back this year. This is usually the part of the show where I tell Blaine to go to bed, but since he's here tonight and nearly grown... CJ, go to bed. We'll see you tomorrow night live from the Superdome for Wrestlemania Seventeen! Thank you EBWF Universe, good night! 

The camera panned the crowd and Superstars as they got up and began to depart and the Slammy Awards went off the air! 



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