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Entry #1
Name: Eddie
Character(s): Tommy Dreamer, Mike Awesome, The Sandman, Jerry Lynn, Jeff Jarrett
Accomplishments: Eddie was the first person to succesfully run a PPV caliber storyline with himself, using all three of his characters in a dynamic fued. Personally, Eddie was one of the sweetest guys out of character, and never forgot to just hang out, and have a good time. Congratulations Eddie on your well deserved HOF spot!!




Entry #2
Name: Doug
Character(s): Raven, Cactus Jack, Mick Foley, Stevie Richards, Scott Steiner, Shaggy 2 Dope, Violent J
Accomplishments: Doug has done almost everything in the EBWF. He had been here since the days of the EWF and was the only person that had been here longer than The Badd Boy and Ashlee. Doug has held almost every title and has raised the bar to new standards of the World and Hardcore divisions. Congratulations Doug on your long over due spot in the EBWF Hall of Fame!



Entry #3
Name: Mike S.
Character(s): Triple H
Accomplishments: One of Mike's claims to fame here in the EBWF has been his accomplishement at the Intercontinental Championship level, and he is by far one of the best IC Champions of all time.  Mike was a loyal member of the EBWF and stuck with the federation in both the slow times and the good. The EBWF owes a lot to Mike, and congratulates him on this spot in the EBWF.



Entry #4
Name: Christina
Character(s): Eric Bischoff; Victoria; Lita; Commissioner Chaotic Christina; Montanna Bischoff; Christina Hancock; 
Accomplishments: Christina's was always a top notch competitor. It was common to find her in contention for Royal Rumbles and King/Queen of the ring tournaments. She put up amazing fights in championship matches, but what made her most well noted were her storyline ideas. Always thinking up a new plot involving her characters, she helped be sure to keep things entertaining. One of the most famous was her noted storyline of The Rock and Lita relationship. EBWF thanks Christina for her dedication. 



Entry #5
Name: Brandon
Character(s): Bret Hart; HBK Shawn Michaels; 
Accomplishments: Brandon has seemingly done it all here in the EBWF. Using Bret Hart to win all of the EBWF championships offered at one time was one of his greatest feats. This included him wearing four of them at the same time. He has an incredible win/loss record and was both of 2004 the Royal Rumble and the King of the Ring Tournament Winner in 2004. Winning both in the same year was unprecidented before Brandon. 



Entry #6
Name: Joey
Character(s): Chris Jericho; Jeff Hardy; 
Accomplishments: Joey was in EBWF for several years, starting out as Chris Jericho and then picking up Jeff Hardy as he matured as an RPer. He has been one of the greatest people to work with being one of the best OOC Sportsman EBWF has ever seen.  



Entry #7
Name: Ben M
Character: Chris Jericho
Accomplishments: Ben is one of the kindest friends you could be lucky enough to have. For the majority of his career he always put his best foot forward and did everything he could to help others personally and in the game. Ben is a multi time World Champion. He held the Tag Team Championships with Brandon Smith (Bret Hart) and was one of only two teams who was able to beat Raven and CM Punk in their heyday. Ben is also a 4x People's Champion. Among his other accomplishments he managed to successfully operate the IXWF while competively rping here in the EBWF, not to mention that he has been a dear friend to the EBWF for many many years, which is a feat in itself. Congratulations Ben, and Welcome to the Hall of Fame!



Entry #8
Name: Benjamin
Character (s): Alex Shelley, Syxx, Scott Hall
Accomplishments: Benjamin is a down to earth and generally fun person to write and chat with. He not only has a succesful career in terms of championships and accomplishments, but he has also contributed wonderfully to EBWF Storylines, running numerous feuds pitting his own characters against each other, as well as mingling with the rest of the roster. He also shows great variety in his writing, being able to bring more than one persona to life in an entertaining way. Alex Shelley is the youngest ever World Champion, and Benjamin's Syxx character played a huge (if not, the biggest) part in the nWo invasion of 2007. He has more than earned his spot in the EBWF Hall of Fame. Congratulations!



Entry #9
Name: Ashlee
Character (s): Wes Ikeda, Trish Stratus, Chyna 
Accomplishments: Without Ashlee, there wouldn't be an EBWF Hall of Fame, or even an EBWF, so I think it's only right that she be given her rightful place along its elite. Ashlee's accomplishments here would take forever to list, so I'm just going to list the things I think make her stand out the most. Ashlee is one of the most gifted writers I've ever known. She writes so convincingly that her characters seem to jump off the screen. Her talent for detail is simply amazing. She deeply explores not only the environments she is writing about, but also the inner depths of the characters themselves. Also, Ashlee is one of very few efed owners never to put the world title on herself. (Ashlee put the World Title on Wes Ikeda in September 2009 at the insistance of some members of the EBWF, because they felt it was best for a the continuation of a storyline.) And I think that proves that the reason this place is around is for us, just as much as it is for her. Ashlee helped the EBWF develop into a place where e-fedding wasn't just about promos, but about characters, real and on-screen stories, and human beings. She's given us not only a hobby to engage in for many years, but she's also provided us with an EBWF Family. The EBWF isn't just an efed...Ashlee has created a place where we can meet new friends, or re-meet old ones, and I know I'm grateful for that. You know what? The hall of fame is not worthy. It should bow down to Ashlee! We all should...figuratively speaking, of course. Congratulations, Ash. This has been a long time in coming, and you deserve it.



Entry #10
Name: Riley
Character (s): Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Christy Hemme, David Flair, Alex Shelley
Accomplishments: There was a time that without Riley results would have pretty much always been about ten days late. His commitment to the EBWF speaks magnitudes about his character. He is an amazing writer, an amazing friend, and has a love for everyone who RPs in the EBWF. He brings characters to life with personalities that were once not thought important in EFedding. This induction is a long time coming, and I am happy to welcome Riley to the EBWF Hall of Fame.



Entry #11
Name: Jay
Character (s): Lance Storm
Accomplishments: Jay has climbed every mountain there is to climb in the EBWF and managed to make a complete farce out of all of it. He is a good friend and an asset to the fed. His wild sense of humor, and longevity here makes him the perfect contender for the Hall of Fame. Always willing to lend a helping hand and assist where needed Jay is one of the first people in EBWF History to take a character who should, by all accounts, be terrible but instead make the readers want to read again and again. Congratulations Jay on your induction into the EBWF Hall of Fame.



Entry #12
Name: Brian 
Sting, Shane Helms, Ric Flair
Accomplishments: Brian is proof that when you dream big kids you can wind up in at last one Hall of Fame! Brian had big shoes to fill when he picked up Shane Helms, and he lived up to those expectations without hesitation. He had his best year in 08/09 when he managed to hold the World Title with Sting and become Wrestler of the Year at the Slammy Awards. Brian has been a moderator and helped with site design since he arrived here, and he is a valued member of our EBWF family. Congratulations Brian!



Entry #13
Name: Cory
Randy Orton, Natalya
Cory becomes our 13th entrant as the fed celebrates its 11th year. Not only is Cory dependable, writing results and helping to decide matches in EBWF, but he’s also been a consistent efedder, especially in the beginning of his EBWF career. Cory successfully ran an entertaining storyline on his own, pouring in countless amounts of research. Cory won Male Wrestler of the Year in 2010 & 2011 with Randy Orton. He helped revive the EBWF Women’s Division by being the first RPer to hold the EBWF Sky High Championship with Natalya. Cory also had a very successful 2010, becoming the longest reigning EBWF World Champion in fed history with Randy Orton. Congratulations Cory on your induction into the EBWF Hall of Fame.



Entry #14
Name: Jon
Lacey, Rain, Brooke Tessmacher
Jon becomes our 14th member in the fed's 12th year. Jon has been with EBWF for several years ad has been a long time staple of EBWF, making new members feel welcome and a long time member of our family. Jon's greatest EBWF achievements include holding the EBWF Tag Team Championships with female characters The Minnesota Homewrecking Crew and the longest No Limits Title reign of all time at 275 days with Lacey. Jon has been a long time member of the EBWF Divas division, holding it up at times when it would have otherwise failed, and we value his long time commitment to EBWF! Congratulations Jon on your induction into the EBWF Hall of Fame!



Entry #15
Name: Juan
CM Punk, The Rock, Mr. Kennedy
Our 15th member in our 15th Year! Juan joined the EBWF permanently in 2009 after a few short runs between 2004 and 2007. Having been numerous characters over the years, the artist formerly known as Dohko's most memorable runs have included Mr. Kennedy, The Rock, Zack Ryder, Trent and CM Punk. Juan has held every major men's title in EBWF at least once, and his Slammy successes include OOC Sportsman of the Year (2013), Alliance of the Year (2013 and 2015), and No Limits, X-Division and Breakout Champion of the Year (2010, 2011 and 2013 respectively). Juan's enthusiasm is infectious, and his entry into the Hall of Fame is long overdue. Congratulations on your induction!

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