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Executive Vice President of Global Digital Media &

Director of Photography



Danielle Costa has been a photographer for as long a she can remember. Born in Houston, Texas, Danielle spent many of her summers taking photographs for Major League Baseball and the Houston Astros. At 16, her family moved from Houston to St. Louis and two years later Danielle moved to New York City. Danielle received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Professional Photography from the New York Film Academy. Danielle has worked for EBWF since 2007, and is a highly sought after fashion photographer. In her spare time, she still photographs cover features for Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, Muscle and Fitness and many others. Danielle still lives in St. Louis with her sweet puggle, Sophie. 



Oversees entire photography department

Delegates tasks to video and graphics teams. 
Pre-screens all exclusive content
Approves all uploads to
Secures Talent Theme Music
Oversees EBWF Mobile


Use: Your character may need to speak to Danielle about any and all digital marketing, including photo shoots. Please contact the handler to use this character. 








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