Home Town: Charlotte, North Carolina
Height:  6 foot 1 inches
Weight: 223 lbs
Primary Finisher: Figure Four Leg Lock


Title History

1x EBWF Intercontinental Champion

Slammy Awards

2006 EBWF Stable of the Year



Ric Flair is an international wrestling legend who came to fame in the 1970s. He revived the legendary Four Horsemen in EBWF in 2005, with his son David Flair, The Icon Sting, and his then son-in-law, Triple H. Personal life and backstage troubles tarnished the legend's reputation in the EBWF locker room, and Naitch was excommunicated from the EBWF when he was defeated by Wes Ikeda in a retirement match at Wrestlemania V in 2006. Triple H eventually divorced out of the Flair family, sending Ric into a tailspin. In desperation, Flair tried to keep his family together, and actions eventually got him incarcerated in a Central Texas Prison. Flair has since been released.





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