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Director of Live Events



Paul Heyman's life has revolved around wrestling since the late 80s where he first appeared as Paul E. Dangerously in the Continental Wrestling Federation, but Heyman is probably most well known for his time as the owner and visionary behind Extreme Championship Wrestling. Heyman has appeared off and on for EBWF Television since 2005 during which he served as advocate for such superstars as Ken Kennedy, CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. Paul is a father of two and resides in Scarsdale, New York. Heyman became a member of the EBWF Administration as Director of Live Events in 2015. 



Oversees all EBWF live event merchandise points of sale

Acts as a liasion between local facilities and EBWF Production staff

Secures facilities for live events

Monitors fan and regional interests 

Creative consultant


Use: Your character may need to speak to Paul Heyman should they have issues during live events or need creative assistance. Please contact the handler to use this character. 







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