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Home Town: Atlanta, Georgia
Height:  5 foot 7 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Primary Finisher: Twist of Fate


Title History

5x EBWF Women's Champion
1x EBWF Tag Team Champion
1x EBWF Light Heavyweight Champion
2005 Queen of the Ring 
2011 EBWF Women's Royal Rumble Winner


Slammy Awards

2007 EBWF Babe of the Year
2006 EBWF Babe of the Year
2002 Female Wrestler of the Year
2002 Light Heavyweight Wrestler of the Year 



Amy Dumas is known to the wrestling world

as "Lita", and is arguably the best female

wrestler in industry history. She broke

down barriers across ECW and WWE, and

moved on to EBWF where she wrestled men.

Lita married EBWF Chairman Wes Ikeda in

2006, and retired in 2007. After a series of

bad decisions regarding her marriage, the couple divorced in 2008. She returned in 2011, and won

the Women's Royal Rumble. She left the EBWF

for good later that year and retired to Atlanta,






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