Chief Brand Officer



Nicole Ikeda was born 9 years after her brother, Wes, and quietly sported her famous name until she was hired as an EBWF executive in 2007. She is a 2007 graduate of Washington University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in business and consumer management. In 2009, Nicole was promoted to Executive Vice President of Global Media and made her EBWF Television debut. Nicole recieved her MBA from Washington University St. Louis' Olin Business School in 2010, and was named EBWF's Chief Brand Officer in 2016. Nicole also founded and serves as CEO of her own fashion house, "NKOut".  She resides in St. Louis with her husband, EBWF Superstar, Randy Orton and their daughter, Karlee. 



Supports growth initiatives

EBWF Global Brand Ambassador for government, advertising, media, business partnerships, and investors

Primary spokesperson for EBWF's corporate social responsibility initiatives including Special Olympics, Make a Wish Foundation, and Susan G. Komen.
Creative consultant

Use: Your character may need to speak to Nicole Ikeda to become involved in EBWF philanthropic initiatives. Please contact the handler to use this character. 







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