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Home Town: Cape Town, South Africa

Resides in: Daytona Beach, Florida
Height:  6 foot 1 inches
Weight: 213 lbs
Primary Finisher: The 450

Secondary Finisher: Black to the Future
Entrance Theme: "Sick of it" by Skillet


Title History

2x EBWF World Champion

1x EBWF Intercontinental Champion
2x EBWF Path to Glory Champion
2x EBWF Tag Team Champion

Slammy Awards

2018 EBWF Wrestler of the Year
2018 EBWF Match of the Year


PJ Black, formerly known as Justin Gabriel has been a stable in EBWF's framework for a handful of years. Originally a member of Generation NXT, Black would team up with Wade Barrett to win the EBWF Tag-Team Championship at the 2010 SummerSlam Pay-Per-View. Black would end up losing the title and leaving EBWF all together. In late 2011, Black returned to EBWF along side his new tag-team partner and best friend, Heath Slater. Known together as The Corre, Black and Slater would give a rebirth to the EBWF tag team division as the fought for, and inevitably brought back the EBWF Tag-Team Championships. Four days prior to reviving the EBWF Tag-Team Championships, Black captured the EBWF Intercontinental Championship for the first time. Released due to injury after a gruesome match at Christmas Eve of Destruction, Black returned to the minor leagues and continued to shine on the independent circuit in early 2012. In June 2014, PJ Black returned to EBWF looking to make an impact. However, Black would go on a wild roller coaster ride of a career in EBWF. Winning the EBWF Path-To-Glory Championship, Black thought that he had finally gotten his chance at the EBWF World Championship, only to lose the championship before he could cash it in. Black continued in a downward spiral after that, nearly winning not one, but two King of the Ring Tournaments. Black would go on to think that EBWF Official's were keeping him down in a conspiracy. After losing the 2015 King of the Ring Tournament, Black had enough of being kept down and ended Justin Gabriel, and became PJ Black. Now in his second run with the Path-To-Glory Championship, PJ Black decided to go against the norm, holding onto to the championship for a record breaking 437 days. At the 2017 Fallout Pay-Per-View, Black outlast 5 opponents in the brutal Elimination Chamber to win his first ever World Championship. He would hold the Path-To-Glory Championship and World Championship simultaneously for one week before having to vacate the Path-To-Glory Championship to Stone Cold on Warfare.

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