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Hottie of the Year: Wes Ikeda 
Wrestler of the Year: Bret Hart 
Babe of the Year: Ashlee Ikeda 
Female Wrestler of the Year: Victoria 
Face of the Year: Bret Hart 
Heel of the Year: Raven 
Lightweight of the Year: Jeff Hardy 
Stable of the Year: Scare Tactic 
Tag Team of the Year: The Flock & Scare Tactic 
Storyline of the Year: Scare Tactic 
Most likely HOF: Brandon S. (Bret Hart) 
Outstanding OOC Sportsmanship Award: Doug (Raven)​

Greetings! These are the in character Slammy Awards, but before we get started I would like to announce the winners of the two Out of Character Awards.






And the March 2004 Hall of Fame Entrant is... 


Congratulations Brandon and Doug on your awards, and congratulations Christina on your long over due spot in the EBWF Hall of Fame!


Now on with the show!





*Fans lined up behind guard rails. The red carpet was rolled out, and camera crews flooded the area. Along with several photographers as the EBWF slammy preshow began. A close up of Michael Cole and Lilian Garcia on the red carpet overcame the scene.*


Michael Cole: Good evening ladies and gentleman, and welcome to the third annual EBWF slammy awards preshow. I'm Michael Cole...


Lilian Garcia: And I'm Lilian Garcia. We've already seen the board of directors, Triple H, Lita, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and several other superstars enter the arena for tonights ceremony.


Michael Cole: The Amazing Red and Montanna Bischoff are on the red carpet as we speak, and Eric Bischoff and his wife snuck inside just moments ago. The Hurricane and Rosey are just now arriving, and there's no telling what else this night might bring.


Lilian Garcia: We are at the Savvis Center in St. Louis, Missouri, just seven days away from Wrestlemania Three. We're expecting Bret Hart, Raven, Victoria, The Rock, and several others to be in attendance tonight. Joining us now, former EBWF women's champion and current member of the board of directors, Sunny.


Sunny: Hello Lilian, Hello Michael.


*Michael Cole turns around and notices another superstar just arriving.*


Michael Cole: Coming down the carpet now is CM Punk.


*CM Punk doesn't look pleased, wearing a pair of shorts, and a black T-Shirt that says "Raven Sux" on it. He throws his arms up in an X and keeps walking.*


Liliane Garcia: Now that is a gutsy shirt to sport.


Sunny: Something tells me He and Raven just think it is funny.


Michael Cole: A black limosuine has just pulled up to the red carpet. Someone is getting out.


*The crowd erupts in cheers.*


Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentleman, EBWF commissioner Wes Ikeda has joined us tonight.


Sunny: Is he alone?


Lilian Garcia: It appears he is indeed walking the red carpet alone...but he will pass us by so we'll try to get the scoop on that.


Sunny: He didn't have time to call and turn down all of the potential date offers, so he just gave up.


*Wes smacked the hands of some fans as he made his way to Lilian and Michael.*


Michael Cole: Wes, are you excited about tonight?


Wes Ikeda: That's Mr. Ikeda, Cole, and tonight is a celebration of what's happened here in the last year. I think it will be very exciting.


Lilian Garcia: Mr. Ikeda, Sunny and I are dying to know why you are walking the red carpet alone tonight?


Wes Ikeda: Lilian, really, call me Wes, and I'm not in a serious relationship right now, and I just wanted to come out, have a good time. Not that big of a deal. No need to bring a date. Most women would find this boring anyway.


Michael Cole: Well Mr. Ikeda, and Sunny. You're going to get in there, and enjoy the show. It appears as if someone else is arriving. Another limosuine has pulled up.


*The crowd is shocked and starts cheering as The Badd Boy Tony Ikeda steps out. He's wearing a custom fitted black Armani suit, with a blue tie. He walks down the carpet shaking some hands. He makes his way over to Michael Cole and Lilian Garcia.*


Lilian Garcia: Mr. Ikeda, we're pleased to see you here, we all thought you were in Europe, are you excited about tonight?


The Badd Boy: I am very excited. As far as being in Europe goes, my part in being there physically is almost wrapped up, and I couldn't miss this event. This is going to be a great night to show off the very best of the EBWF.


Michael Cole: Perhaps it's a touchy subject, but all of the wrestling world wants to know...Badd Boy, will you be in attendance at Ashlee and Raven's wedding next week?


The Badd Boy: I almost never know what I'm doing day to day, but as of right now, I don't feel as if that is really my place, but I hope she is happy for the duration of her married life.


Michael Cole: Thank you Mr. Ikeda.


*The Badd Boy just smiles and gives a nod as he continues on towards the arena.*


Michael Cole: Another limosuine just arrived. The excitement is building.


Lilian Garcia: Superstar after superstar has arrived here tonight, and it looks like now we are witnessing the arrival of Raven and Ashlee Ikeda.


*Raven and Ashlee exit their limo. Raven in his typical attire jean shorts, and a black T-shirt that reads "Punk Sux". Ashlee in a black tight fitting dress with spaghetti straps, and was cut diagonally just below the right knee and ending mid thigh on the left leg. Raven had an arm around her as they walked down the red carpet. Her blonde hair hanging down to her waist as they posed for pictures. They made it to Michael and Lilian.*


Michael Cole: Raven, you are nominated for a slew of awards tonight, how does it feel to be here?


Raven: Well you know, this is exciting. These fans seem to be on, the atmosphere is just great. I think all of the superstars just need to enjoy that. You know what else I think Cole?


Michael Cole: What's that?


Raven: The president of the company is standing right here and you didn't even acknowledge her. I think that's pretty stupid.


*Ashlee playfully hit him in the chest.*


Lilian Garcia: Ashlee, you look gorgeous tonight as usual. You're nominated for babe of the year, more importantly we are one week away not only from Wrestlemania three, but from your wedding...Tell us, how does the queen of the wrestling industry feel about the upcoming week?


Ashlee Ikeda: As far as being the queen of the wrestling industry, I'm excited about Wrestlemania. These matches have excellent talent, and it's estimated to be one of the highest grossing pay-per-views ever. Personally outside of wrestling I'm still always made to feel like a queen, and I think that every woman deserves the fairytale that I'm going to have this weekend. Thanks for asking Lilian, and I hope you got your invitation.


Lilian Garcia: I did, I did.


Michael Cole: I didn't...Ashlee and Scott are going to make their way into the arena, and so are we ladies and gentleman. We're going to turn this over to the hosts of tonights show, King and JR!


*The scene cuts to the inside of the Savvis Center. JR and King are standing on the stage in suits.


JR: Ladies and Gentlemen we are getting ready for the awards show everyone is talking about.


King: That's right JR, it's time for the 2004 Slammies, and I can not wait. We'll be right back, and ready to start the show, after these messages.


*The EBWF went to commercial, and soon after the EBWF logo flashed on the screen. A video started playing, followed by an announcers voice.


Announcer: Welcome to the Third Annual EBWF Slammy Awards, with special appeareances by Ashlee Ikeda, Bret Hart, Chyna, CM Punk, Eric Bischoff, HBK Shawn Michaels, HHH, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Lita, Mick Foley, Randy Orton, Sunny, The Badd Boy Tony Ikeda, Raven, Victoria, Wes Ikeda, and many more as the 2004 EBWF Slammy Awards gets under way. Please welcome our first presenter of the evening.


*The room goes completely dark. A single spotlight shines on a lone microphone in the middle of the stage. A light fog overcomes the stage as the chorus of the Offspring's "Come Out and Play" fills the arena. A small platform rises out of the stage and standing on top of it is none other than EBWF President Ashlee Ikeda. Changing clothes since her walk on the red carpet, the self proclaimed queen of the wrestling industry stands in front of her loyal subjects dressed in a jazzed up white business suit. The jacket covering the essentials with no top on underneath, just a low plunging neck line and a diamond choker. As usual her hair hanging to her waist. She's about to speak when a respectful standing ovation begins. The camera quickly cuts to the crowd finding Raven who is standing to his feet and then cutting to President Tony Ikeda who was doing the same.*


Ashlee Ikeda: Thank you. Welcome to the two thousand and four EBWF Slammy awards. This is a night of celebration and reflection as we look back on the best of the best this past year. While it has been a bumpy ride, I'm sure we can all find something worth celebrating. It is my honor, to present the first award of the night. One that is very near and dear to my heart. Ladies and gentleman, the nominees for favorite female wrestler of the year are Lita, Molly Holly, and Victoria. And the winner is...


*A video starts to play on the screen behind Ashlee.*


Ashlee Ikeda: Victoria!


*Ashlee stands aside with the slammy in hand as Victoria steps on to the stage. Ashlee hands her the award and steps back out of the spotlight as Victoria begins her speech.*


Victoria: Ever since I started my career here all I wanted to do is prove that I am the best female competitor there is. I'd like to thank Raven and Sean O'Haire for using me to further their careers. Which only helped propel me into more success. I'd also like to thank Mr. Tony Ikeda for giving me the opportunity to show my talents in the ring, and finally I'd like to thank Ashlee Ikeda for helping me realize that not only, do I have in ring skills, but when I am made angry enough I have mic skills as well. I deserve this and IT'S MINE!


*Victoria turned walking off of the stage. Ashlee following her.*


Announcer: He's the man women hate to love and men love to hate. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the EBWF Commissioner, Wes Ikeda.


*Wes walks out onto the stage. Dressed in a black Versaci suit. He walks up to the microphone.*


Wes Ikeda: How fitting that I should be giving this award. A heel can best be defined as the character who's one hell of a wrestler, but everyone loves to hate. The fans are in his corner, but absolutely hates the things that he does. Since a street smart commissioner couldn't be up for this award we had to settle for these three nominees. The Hurricane, Triple H, and Raven. And the the two thousand and four heel of the year is none other than...


*Video starts to play behind Wes.*


Wes Ikeda: Raven!


*Raven kisses Ashlee Ikeda on the cheek standing up and making his way to the stage to the cheers and applause of the crowd. Raven accepts the award from Wes and faces the audience.*


Raven: Wow, this is the third year in a row that I have been given this award, and I have to say that this has been one hell of a year for me. We go out there every night and this is a fantastic reward. It's amazing to know that you can be respected for simply being hated. Tony Ikeda, Wes Ikeda, The board of directors, thanks for letting me work here even though I've done some things, sided with the wrong boss, screwed some people out of titles, stolen wives.


*The crowd laughs.*


Raven: Ashlee, I might not have the chance to get up here again, so I just want to thank you for every day. You are the absolute best at what you do, and I promise that I won't ever let you down. And as if she's worth mentioning, yes Victoria, you're welcome for the much unearned and undeserved push I gave your career. Thank You.


*Raven turned, he and Wes walking side by side to the backstage area.*


Announcer: He is an Olympic Gold Medalist, and current contendor for the people's championship... Please welcome our next presenter Kurt Angle!


*Kurt Angle comes out wearing black slacks with a blue shirt. An American flag is in the upper left corner of his shirt. He reaches the stand.*


Kurt Angle: Two years ago I won this award, and one year ago your Olympic Hero was forced to share it, it's true it's damn true. This year we have one sole winner...The nominees for favorite face of the year are Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, and The Undertaker... and the winner is...


*The video of the winner starts to show.*


Kurt Angle: ...Bret Hart!


*Bret Hart stands up as fans start cheering. He has on a pair of jeans and a gray shirt with a leather jacket. He has his sunglasses up on his head and makes his way to the stage. He climbs up and accepts the award from Kurt Angle. Bret stands at the podium.*


Bret Hart: Tough luck there Angle, you win it, you tie with me last year, but now I claim it. It may be damn true that you are an olympic gold medalist, but you aren't the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. In all seriousness, I would like to thank everyone for this award. It means a lot knowing that I am the number one guy in the eyes of the fans when they look for the perverbial good guy. I hope this isn't the last time I get to come up here, but in case it is, thank you everyone, this means so much.


*Bret waves to everyone as he takes his slammy and goes backstage.*


Announcer: Our next presenter is a behind the scenes assistant with thousands of ideas always flowing through his head. Everybody please welcome, Eric Bischoff!


*Eric Bischoff walks out from the back smiling his typical grin. He is wearing black slacks, a black shirt, and a suit jacket. He steps up to the stand.*


Eric Bischoff: If Ashlee would let me run the storylines they might be better than what they are, but we won't know now will we? To run a good storyline is to just throw some ideas together, but to run a great storyline is to plan it out months in advance and be sure every aspect of it is perfect. The Ikeda's sure know what they are doing when it comes to those. Your nominees for favorite storyline are... Scare Tactic, Bret Hart Wins the Royal Rumble, Billy Gunn wins the King of the Ring, Raven goes Undefeated in November, and EWF/BWO Reborn... and the winner is...


*The clips of the winner starts playing on the screen.*


Eric Bischoff: ...Scare Tactic!


*Raven came to the stage once again, and took the award from Bischoff.*


Raven: I'm accepting this on behalf of the guys that made up Scare Tactic. They tell me that Tommy and Hunter will each get a trophy too. I'm going to do something unlike me, and go ahead and thank the fans for voting for us. I'm what keeps this organization going, but you keep watching. I owe a lot to Scare Tactic, not the guys themselves, but to the whole storyline. We pushed each others careers, and this is the perfect way to end the stable. Thank You.


*Raven proudly takes the slammy and walks off stage.*


Announcer: Next is a woman who has a sweet tooth for commissioners, a former women's champion, and former light heavy weight champion...Lita!


*Lita walks out from the back wearing her usual attire. Baggy green pants, yellow thong showing, and yellow halter top. She walks up to the microphone.*


Lita: I know a little bit about this next award, being that I am a former light heavy weight champion myself. It's tough to choose between CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, and The Hurricane, but only one of them would be able to last in the eyes of the fans. Your chosen winner is...


*A video starts to play and the fans watch it.*


Lita: Jeff Hardy!


*Jeff Hardy stands up to a pop of cheers. Jeff is dressed in some black pants and a black silk shirt untucked. He accepts the award from Lita with a light friendly embrace. He turns around to the podium.*


Jeff Hardy: Wow, I just want to say thanks a lot. I have had to do some pretty crazy things and take it to the extreme in the light heavy weight division. Lots of people look down on it, but it really is one of the toughest, because you go to lengths in matches that the world title never sees. I have faced some very tough competition, and I just appreciate everyone being there for me and supporting me. This really is your award not mine, but thank you anyway.


*Jeff Hardy holds the award up high as he heads on towards the back.*


Announcer: The following presenter is relatively new to the federation, but is already making an impact in the eyes of one of the bosses, not to mention an impact with the ladies. Please welcome, Randy Orton!


*Randy Orton heads out to the stage wearing slacks and a white button up shirt, but the top few buttons are left unbuttoned.*


Randy Orton: Now I may not know a lot about Stables, but I know that it is tough to build a good stable, and not only that, but to have them be well recognized by the fans. These stables have done just that The Flock, Scare Tactic, and Security are all up for this award... and the winner of favorite stable is...


*The video of the stable starts playing.*


Randy Orton: Scare Tactic!


*Ashlee Ikeda stands up and looks around. She walks up to the podium and gives Randy Orton a nod as she accepts the slammy from him. She turns around to the podium.*


Ashlee Ikeda: Scare Tactic was a lot of fun for me, and we were dominate while we lasted. I know that all of these guys are honored that you would vote them as their favorite stable. Scare Tactic opened a lot of doors for a lot of people. I for one, never would have found Scott if it wasn't for this group of hell raisers. Thanks for voting for us.


*Ashlee grabs the slammy and takes off towards the back with it.*


Announcer: The next two presenters are the current tag team champions of the world. Please welcome The Flock, CM Punk and Raven!


*The two men walk out wearing their shirts from earlier. Raven with his "Punk Sux" shirt and CM Punk with his "Raven Sux" shirt.*


CM Punk: Hello, my name is Raven, and I am an ass.


Raven: That's right he is CM Punk, and he is a real ass.


CM Punk: That's not what you're supposed to say. Didn't you study your lines?


Raven: Yes and you weren't supposed to call me an ass. Nice shirt by the way.


CM Punk: Yeah, same to you. How fitting is it that we are presenting favorite staff member? Who did you vote for?


Raven: I don't have to dignify that with a response. If you don't know, you don't need to know. Who did you vote for?


CM Punk: An Ikeda.

Raven: You are a real riot you know that? *Rolls eyes* And the win...


CM Punk: ...Wait wait wait I want to say it.


Raven: Fine you want to say it? Go ahead.


CM Punk: And the win...never mind, you can say it.


Raven: You make me wonder why I team with you sometimes. Out of Ashlee, Wes, and that other Ikeda, your winner for favorite staff member is...


*The video for the award and the winner starts playing.*


CM Punk: Ashlee...uh...what!? Tony Ikeda!? That's a straight punk out.


*The Crowd is laughing as The Badd Boy Tony Ikeda even cracks a smile. He stands up and makes his way to the stage. Raven stays silent as CM Punk hands Tony Ikeda his slammy. They head to the back as Tony turns towards the podium.*


Tony Ikeda: Favorite staff, that is really a nice award. Since I think I was just barely edged out as babe of the year, *The crowd laughs* favorite staff means that you fans when you have a problem, or a compliment or anything that has to do with the federation you would prefer it be handled by me. Thank you very much, I only hope to continue to serve you throughout the next year and do my very best to provide each and every one of you with the amount of entertainment that you deserve to receieve when tuning into EBWF programming. Once more thank you, and thank you to all of the staff below me that really does all of my dirty work.


*Tony grabs a hold of his award and smiles as he raises one hand in the air and heads towards the back.*


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome a former EBWF Superstar and Current Member of the Board of Directors, HBK Shawn Michaels.


*Shawn comes out to the stage, and stops in front of the microphone.*


Shawn Michaels: The Tag Team Championships prove just how well two individuals can get along. When looking at the world of wrestling the Tag Team division stands alone. The nominees for favorite tag team are... The Flock - CM Punk and Raven, Scare Tactic - HHH and Raven, The Brothers of Destruction - Kane and The Undertaker... and the winner is... we have a tie.


*The video starts to play*


Shawn Michaels: Scare Tactic and The Flock


*Raven stayed seated as CM Punk and HHH both went toward the stage. HHH accepted his award first.*


HHH: Scare Tactic was fun while it lasted, and despite getting screwed out of the tag titles, I can say that Raven and I broke a lot of ground in the tag team division. Thank you for voting for us.


*CM Punk took his trophy. The camera cut to a stage hand running two more trophies over to Raven who was still seated, and then back to CM Punk again.*


CM Punk: Raven and I are currently tearing up the tag team division, and this award just solidifies our staying power. Thank you very much for voting for us.


*The three men walk off of the stage.*


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome everyone's favorite hardcore legend, the one and only Mick Foley.


*Foley is greated with a standing ovation, and he quickly hushes the crowd, motioning for them to sit down.*


Mick Foley: Ashlee Ikeda, Lita, and Stacy Keibler were all nominated for the Babe of the Year Award, and while all of these women are extremely good looking the fans have spoken. Only one could be the EBWF's Babe of the Year. This year's winner is charming, delightful, and without a doubt the most powerful woman in sports entertainment. She claims she is a simple girl, with a modest lifestyle... Sure, because all petite blondes, have billions of dollars, private jets, and million dollar homes... Ladies and Gentlemen the 2004 Babe of the Year... the woman who can't wait to be... Ashlee Levy.


*Ashlee walked to the stage, and took the Slammy from Mick, kissing him on the cheek as he moved back, and she took to the podium.*


Ashlee Ikeda: Thank you Mick. Stacy, Lita this really is just a fun category, and I was thrilled to be nominated with you. Thank you so much to the fans for voting for me. I think this is just great, and a sign of you appreciation for all we do here. To my greatest friends Wes and Joanie, thank you so much for sticking by me, and helping me keep up with my busy schedule. Tony Ikeda, I never could have made it this far without you, thank you for giving me a chance, and making this our best collabrative effort. Scott, thank you for being there for me, you are my everythig and I love you. Thanks again.


*Ashlee smiled and waved to the crowd as she went backstage.*


Announcer: Our next two presenters are the female voices on the board. Would everyone please give a round of applause to the Golden Haired Fox Sunny, and the Ninth Wonder of the World Chyna!


*Sunny walks out in a black skirt with gold button up long sleeved shirt. The buttons mostly undone. Chyna walking out in a long red dress. They walk up to the podium.*


Sunny: Unfortunately if we are presenting the hottie of the year award that means it isn't one of us.


Chyna: Though we may be very deserving and so were the other candidates for this award. Including Our very own president Tony The Badd Boy Ikeda.


Sunny: The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels.


Chyna: And our newest member to the staff, the man appointed to commissioner status by Tony Ikeda, his little brother Wes Ikeda!

Sunny: As we said, all three are equally deserving of this award, but only one could serve as the hottie of the year. This years winner is arrogant, hard working, and according to the fans drop dead gorgeous. He claims to just be having fun, and considering his car collection, rocky relationships, and appreciation for the female staff, there could be no other winner except...


*The video starts to play for everyone.*


Chyna: Commissioner Wes Ikeda!


*Wes Ikeda stands up as cheers are heard all around. He walks up to the stage as Chyna gives him the slammy. He gives both women a hug and a kiss on the cheek as they walk off stage and he steps up to the microphone.*


Wes Ikeda: Ashlee says this award is just for fun. I say you people have very good taste. I want to thank the EBWF staff and fans for so readily accepting me into their business family. Some more so than others, but I won't mention any names Lita.


*The crowd laughs.*


Wes Ikeda: Despite our differences I'd like to thank my brother for giving me this opportunity and I hope he thinks I'm doing a good job. Ashlee and Scott, you are two excellent friends, thank you for helping me with the stress that comes with this job. It's tough to be good looking and reality sets in that I probably won't be forever, so I'll take what I can get while I can. Thanks.


*Wes Ikeda takes the slammy looks out to everyone, gives a nod as he holds it up and heads backstage.*


Announcer: Last, but certainly not least. Our last award will be presented by a man who has spent enough of two thousand and four in Europe. Please show your support for fifty percent owner, our president, Tony "The Badd Boy" Ikeda!


*As Tony Ikeda steps out for the final time from behind the stage a brief light show starts while the fans rise up and give a standing ovation. Clapping and cheering as he walks up to the podium. He acknowledges the cheers and after a moment everyone sits back down.*


Tony Ikeda: Well, thank you very much, but remember this one is not about me. We have come too our most important award of the evening. In the wrestling business all of our superstars get out of the business what they put into it, and some of them just put in more than others. The goal is to be number one. For some reason typically the final three finalists in this award end up being the top face, the top heel, and the wild card of the industry. This night is no different than any of the others. Our nominees for Best Wrestler of the year are Triple H, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, and Raven. As voted by you the fans the winner is...


*The video starts playing showing the winner in different situations throughout his career.*


Tony Ikeda: Bret "The Hitman" Hart!


*A very excited Bret Hart stands up and shakes the hands of some friends nearby him. He makes his way out of the aisle and up to the stage. Tony Ikeda hands him the slammy and congratulates him with a handshake. Tony walks off stage as Bret stands up at the podium with a smile on his face.*


Bret Hart: Best face, best male, this really puts me into a place where I didn't think I would be going. This just makes me think that I hope that I don't disappoint you fans, ever. You are really standing behind me and supporting me. Believe me it shows, and I am very appreciative. This award also goes out to all of you, because you fans really are the best there is, the best there was, and the best there every will be. Thank you to each and every one of you, and goodnight.


*Bret Hart grabs his slammy and throws both arms up into the air. He then goes to the back.*


Announcer: As we wrap things more time welcome your announce duo Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler!


*The King and Jim Ross walk back out onto the stage. Still in their suits but also with JR in his typical black resistol hat, and The King in his crown. They step up to the podium.*


JR: It's been an exciting night here folks. I know I have enjoyed myself, and so has The King.


King: Speak for yourself J.R., I still think Badd Boy should have been Babe of the year.


JR: Oh knock it off, you never stop do you?


King: No I don't, but seriously this has been a great evening. All of you have been great, I have been great, the night has been well...great! Wouldn't you say so J.R.?


JR: That I would King. I hope everyone tunes into Raw, Smackdown, and most importantly the upcoming Wrestlemania Three! It's going to be by far the biggest pay-per-view extravaganza yet! On behalf of The King, myself, and everyone else here, we wish everyone a safe trip home and good night!


*Jim Ross and The King wave goodbye to everyone as they walk towards the back. Everyone in attendance begins to stand up and make their ways towards the exits. Some pyrotechnics fire off and the Third Annual Two Thousand and Four Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation Slammy Awards goes off of the air!*

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