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Hottie of the Year: Wes Ikeda 
Male Wrestler of the Year: Jeff Hardy 
Babe of the Year: Ashlee Ikeda-Levy 
Female Wrestler of the Year: Torrie Wilson 
Face of the Year: The Hurricane 
Heel of the Year: Christian 
Authority Figure of the Year: Wes Ikeda 
Lightweight of the Year: Jeff Hardy 
Stable of the Year:: Extreme Evolution (Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, The Hurricane, & CM Punk) 
Tag Team of the Year:: Extreme Evolution (Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy) 
Outstanding OOC Sportsmanship Award: Doug (Raven) 
Lifetime Achievement Award: "The Badd Boy" Tony Ikeda

*Hollywood, California was beautiful on a warm Saturday evening as the EBWF Slammy Awards was broadcast live to millions of homes all over the world. The smiling faces of Lillian Garcia and Josh Matthews filled the screen.*


Lillian: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I am Lillian Garcia.


Josh: And I am Josh Matthews, and welcome to the fourth annual EBWF Slammy Awards!


Lillian: We’re on the red carpet, getting all the pre-show buzz, and investigating all of the rumors.


Josh: We hear Ashlee Levy won’t be here tonight. Will Torrie Wilson accompany the Badd Boy? Will Tracy Brooks show up with Christian? We’re about to find out the answers to all of those questions.


Lillian: We’re gearing up for Wrestlemania 4 tomorrow night, the possibility of what could happen in the next 24 hours are endless. However, Josh… let’s forget about who might show up. What about the awards we’re going to be giving out tonight? Female Wrestler of the Year, Tag Team of the Year, and the coveted Wrestler of the Year! However, that will come in due time. Right now, standing in the fan zone with all of the latest locker room gossip is the lovely Maria!


Maria: Thank you Lillian. Welcome to the one night a year where feuds are put aside to celebrate the hard work of everyone in the company. At least, that’s what you would hope, but as usual locker room rumors are abuzz. Despite what everyone would love to believe, it seems that Tony Ikeda will be walking the red carpet alone tonight. Also, hair flew in order to make sure that Matt Hardy and Trish Stratus are seated on the opposite side of the room from Lita. Shannon Moore, who’s first EBWF match will be tomorrow night at Wrestlemania 4, had trouble getting credentials, but he’s finally in. The real reason Ashlee Levy won’t be here tonight? Oh sure, the EBWF is saying that there are severe problems at the Staples Center, but really? Not only did Scott Levy refuse to accompany her tonight, general consensus in the back is that Ashlee wants to be nowhere near Wes Ikeda.


Lillian: And speaking of Wes Ikeda are you telling me there’s no dirt on him tonight?


Maria: Of course there is. Wes has so much dirt on him the boy needs a shower. Really, we hear that Matt Hardy will be sporting a black eye tonight thanks to a sucker punch he received from Wes Ikeda last night in a bar fight. The cause of the fight, well I’ll let you be the judge. Rumors have been circulating for days that things are getting romantically heated between Wes and an EBWF Diva. They’ve been hiding it from the cameras pretty well, but the huge rumor is that they may be making it public here tonight.

*The crowd popped as the door to a black stretch limousine opened, and Tony Ikeda stepped out. Cheers were heard as cameras blinded the company’s president. He shook hands and signed a few autographs before making his way over to Maria.*


Maria: Mr. Ikeda, how are you feeling about tonight’s award show.


Tony Ikeda: Well as always Maria, it seems like the fans are here to party tonight. I love the Slammy Awards. They’re just a time of celebration. We accomplish a lot in a years time, with absolutely no off season, and I think it’s important for morale to honor the best of the best, and to celebrate all we have achieved. We are always honoring those that hold championships, this is a chance to honor people for the ground breaking performances. We’re going all out this year.


Maria: Thanks Mr. Ikeda. We’re going back to the red carpet to see who else is arriving.


*The entire Board of Directors arrived together, and then Matt Hardy and Trish Stratus arrived. When they stopped to talk to Maria it was hard not to notice his black eye.*


Maria: Matt! Welcome to the Slammy Awards! Everyone wants to know, how do you feel about your good friend Shannon Moore coming to the EBWF.


Trish Stratus: I’m sorry, Matthew needs to focus on Wrestlemania. So unless you have a question regarding his match I suggest you keep your bimbo mouth shut.


Maria: *She was obviously offended, and wanted to get a rise of them.* OH, okay… well… Are you going to be able to perform at one hundred percent tomorrow night considering that Wes Ikeda kicked your ass last night?


*Matt rolled his eyes and walked away. Trish looked disgusted, and Maria just flashed the camera a wicked smile. Torrie Wilson arrived looking radiantly beautiful. She stopped to speak with Maria in the fan zone.*


Maria: Torrie, you look beautiful, are you wearing Pinky’s closet?


Torrie Wilson: No, it's this is something I picked up at anthropolgies while I was shopping at the grove.


Maria: Awesome! Well you look beautiful as ever. Everyone wants to know... Will you be sitting with the Ikeda's tonight?


Torrie Wilson: Umm well yes, you'll be able to find me at a table with the Ikedas


Maria: And one last question Torrie. I just talked to Trash... ooops Trish Stratus... How are you feeling about tomorrow night?


Torrie Wilson: I feel very confident walking into this match with Trish, for frankly she's not much competetion and I guarantee this Maria, that I will retain my title and teach Trish a lesson, not to mess with Torrie Wilson or anyone else for that matter!


Maria: Thanks Torrie! Who’s coming down the red carpet now?


Bret Hart arrived to a loud applause as did Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho. The Hurricane arrived cape and all much to the delight of the crowd. Another limousine pulled up, and Christian, Mark Jindrak, and Randy Orton stepped out. They walked the red carpet, and approached Maria.


Maria: Christian, it looks like you have a lot of fans out here tonight.


Christian: Well that’s because they’re all my peeps! *He turns looking out into the crowd, they cheer loudly.* How are all the peeps doing tonight? *The cheers grew louder.*


Maria: You seem like the favorite to win tomorrow night at Wrestlemania 4. Everyone is certain that you are going to make Bret Hart say I QUIT!!! Christian, are you excited about being in the main event at Wrestlemania, and retaining your World Championship Belt? What are your thoughts?


Christian: Maria, it’s such an honor to be in the main event at Wrestlemania. This is the biggest stage of them all, and I intend to bring everything out to that ring with me. I am not holding back. Bret Hart, he’s a legend, a hall of famer, but it’s time for him to pass the torch. Bret Hart is the Hitman that’s for sure, but I’m going to win at Wrestlemania… *He smiled* Because I’m Captain Charisma Damn it!


*Jindrak nodded in agreement and the two walked off inside the theater. Just then a white Chevy Trailblazer pulled up, and someone opened the door. Lita stepped out of the vehicle. She was wearing strappy black high heel sandals and a modest black dress that hugged her every curve. Her beautiful hair was down and she waved to the crowd. Then Wes Ikeda stepped out of the same vehicle and she took his arm. The fans went crazy, as the couple had just confirmed the internet rumors they had been reading for weeks. They posed for cameramen, once even being cute, each flashing the too extreme sign with one hand. Wes was wearing black jeans, red tshirt, and a black leather jacket. The crowd didn’t die down, and Wes went over, signing autographs and snapping a few pictures with the fans. Then he took Amy by the hand and led her over to Maria.*


Maria: Lita, wow! You look great tonight. Here you guys are… Amy can we assume that what we’ve all been hearing is true. Are you and the infamous Wes Ikeda really an item?


Lita: *chuckles, and looks up at Wes.* Depends on who you ask, but I would like to think so. What about you Wes? What do you think about that.

Wes Ikeda: Ah, she’s mine. I’ll take her.


Maria: Wes, you won Hottie of the Year last year… and you’re nominated again tonight… do you think you’ll take home again?


Lita: He’ll always be hottie of the year in my book.


Maria: Well, I’m so glad you guys showed up together, and put the rumors to rest. By the way Wes… that was a nice shiner on Matt Hardy’s eye… Get inside. The show is starting any moment!


*Most people had filed inside, and every seat was packed as the camera went back to Lillian and Josh.*


Lillian: Thanks for joining us for the Slammy Award pre-show. All of the superstars have made their way inside. We’re going to do the same. Enjoy the show, and we’ll see you again, tomorrow night, at Wrestlemania 4!!


The screen faded to black, and came alive again moments later inside the Kodak Theater, and an announcers voice could be heard.*

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to the Fourth Annual EBWF Slammy Awards. Please welcome, kicking off tonight’s show. Jerry the King Lawler and Good ‘Ole JR!


*The King comes out in his robe and crown while JR is wearing a suit and his black hat.*


JR: Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to Hollywood!


King: Yes, Hollywood. It has more beautiful women, then Wes Ikeda’s little black book. More speed than Shannon Moore’s scooter, and more stars than the night sky…


JR: That’s true! It’s badder than…


King: We won’t go there JR. We’ve blabbed on long enough. It’s time to start the show. Ladies and Gentlemen here to give out the first award please welcome Team Canada Simon Dean, Petey Williams, and Midajah!


*The three of them come out to Team Canada’s theme music, and approach the podium.*


Midajah: Just like every year, the EBWF saw a lot of major storylines this past year.


Petey Williams: The EBWF started tabulating votes in December, and the results are finally in.


Simon Dean: *Way Cheesy* The nominees for Storyline of the Year are…


*Scenes of Raven begin to play, and we see Christians many attacks on the former world champion.*


Announcer: El Fine – Christian’s reign, and the end of Scott Levy.


*Still more scenes of Raven, this time fighting with the Badd Boy Tony Ikeda. Then more scenes of Ashlee Levy’s triumphant return to the EBWF.


Announcer: The Return – Ashlee Levy comes back with a vengeance.


*Scenes of Extreme Evolution begin to play and the crowd sees footage of their battles with DX.


Announcer: The Rise and Fall – Extreme Evolutions quick rise to power.


*The scene cuts back to Team Canada.*


Petey Williams: And the winner is… *Opens envelope.* The Return – Ashlee Levy comes back with a vengeance. Unfortunately, Ashlee Levy couldn’t be with us tonight so Team Canada accepts this award on her behalf.


*Team Canada leaves the stage.*


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen she is a Slammy Award winner, and a former light heavyweight champion, please welcome the Queen of Extreme, Lita!


*Lita’s music hits, and she walks out to the podium smiling.*


Lita: As a former lightweight champion I understand what it’s like to go out there and put your body on the line each and every night for the fans. The Slammy Award is the ultimate compliment for any of us who seek to entertain all of you. The nominees for lightweight of the year are…


*Clips of The Hurricane in several matches are shown*


Announcer: The Hurricane.


*Clips of Vampiro fighting are shown.*


Announcer: Vampiro.


*Clips of Jeff Hardy jumping from ladders are shown.*


Announcer: Jeff Hardy.


*The scene cut back to Lita.


Lita: And the 2005 Lightweight of the Year is… JEFF HARDY!!!


*Jeff’s theme music starts and he comes up to the stage area, he hugs his old friend Lita and accepts the statuette from her. Then approaches the microphone.*


Jeff Hardy: You know, as wrestlers we take a lot of pride in what we do, and the number one priority is to entertain all of you, the fans. I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for voting for me, and I can only promise that this year is going to see the same successes that last year brought.


*Jeff held the Slammy into the air, and then he and Lita left the stage.*


Announcer: He is the Cerebral Assassin and he is the Big Red Machine. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Triple H and Kane!

Triple H: You know, I’ve made a name in sports entertainment by being a heel.


Kane: And I’ve made a name for myself by choke slamming people to hell… either way it doesn’t make you very well liked backstage…


Triple H: The nominees for Favorite Heel are…


Announcer: Chris Jericho, Christian, and Randy Orton.


Kane: And the winner is…. Christian!


*Christian struts up to the stage, the World Champion slung over his shoulder. He takes his Slammy, and approaches the microphone.*


Christian: I’d just like to thank all the peeps out there. You know being hated never felt so good, and winning this Slammy award only proves one thing… I am the one carrying the torch for the EBWF, and I will continue to do so tomorrow night at Wrestlemania 4!


*Christian leaves the stage.*


Announcer: She is the current women’s champion, and arguably the best of all time, ladies and gentlemen please welcome, the beautiful Torrie Wilson!


*Torrie comes out onto the stage waving to those in the crowd.*


Torrie Wilson: It’s nice to be the most well liked guy in the locker room, and this year saw three extraordinary talents emerge as the best faces the business has to offer. The nominees for favorite face are…


Announcer: The Hurricane, Sting, and the Undertaker.


Torrie Wilson: And the winner is… The Hurricane!


*The Hurricane gets up from his seat, and walks to the stage, taking his Slammy, and approaching the podium.*


The Hurricane: I would just like to thank all of the fans, because you are the reason why I have done what I am doing for so long. This Slammy means everything to me, because I have worked so hard for so long to make this happen for me, and for all of the people who said that it couldn’t be done, I hope this leaves you saying, WHATSUPWITDAT?!!?


*As the words rolled off Hurricane's tongue all of the lights went out in the building. The tolling of bells was heard. Some gasps could also be heard through the audience. After 3 tolls of the bell the lights returned. People seem confused, and after a few seconds the announcer was heard again. Picking up as if nothing had happened.*


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the tag team known as The Gangstas New Jack and Ron Killings.


*The crowd offers a scattered applause.*


Ron Killings: You know 3LK wasn’t even nominated in this catergory.


New Jack: And I am not down with that, but I guess we had better announce the nominees for Favorite Stable of the Year.


Announcer: Extreme Evolution, The Peep Crew, and Degeneration X!


Ron Killings: And as if anyone cared the winner is… Extreme Evolution!


*The crowd went crazy as Randy Orton took the stage accepting the Slammy Award.*


Randy Orton: Jeff, Punk, The Hurricane and I all had a blast in Extreme Evolution, and considering that we were able to break out after the fantastic year that Scare Tactic had last year, we are absolutely honored to accept this award. Thank You.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, here to present the Babe of the Year Award, two guys that know a few things about babes, Captain Charisma Christian, and the Reflection of Perfection Mark Jindrak!


*The Peep Crew struts out to the podium, each smiling.*


Christian: The Babe of the Year award has been given the last two years.


Mark: And both years it was won by EBWF President Ashlee Ikeda – Levy, and everyone is wondering if she can hold on to her title for a third year in a row, the nominees for Babe of the Year are…


Announcer: Lita, Torrie Wilson, Ashlee Ikeda-Levy


Christian: And the winner is… Ashlee Ikeda-Levy. Ashlee couldn’t be here with us tonight, but she is joining us live via satellite from the Staples Center. Hey Ashlee…


*Ashlee appears on a large screen!*


Ashlee Levy: Hey Christian, hey everyone. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there tonight, but unfortunately we had a few things to iron out to make your Wrestlemania the best that it could be. I thank everyone so much for voting me as their Babe of the Year for the third year in a row! It really is an honor, and I am loving every minute of this wild ride here in the EBWF. Enjoy the rest of the show, and I will see you tomorrow night, at WRESTLEMANIA… the biggest show of them all! Bye now. *She winked at the camera, and the screen went black.*


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen here to present our next award please welcome Tracy Brooks and Christy Hemme.


Christy Hemme: Really, who doesn’t enjoy a really, really good looking man?


Tracy Brooks: One, that by definition could be considered a hottie?


Christy Hemme: For the second year in a row the fans honor the man who they think is the hottest man in the EBWF. The nominees for Hottie of the Year are…


Announcer: President Tony “The Badd Boy” Ikeda, The Legend Killer Randy Orton, and EBWF CEO Wes Ikeda.



Tracy Brooks: And the winner is… Wes Ikeda.

*Wes smiles, and gets up from his seat at the table and walks to the stage. He grabs the Slammy, and thanks Tracy and Christy.*


Wes Ikeda: Good, with this years award, and last years award I could make book ends. I really, really appreciate the fans of the EBWF voting for me. You know, it makes me feel liked, and all that stuff. It’s hard in this business to feel appreciated sometimes. However, sometimes I would like to think that I might not only be remembered for winning the Hottie of the Year award a couple of times, but also I would be remembered for the legacy I carried on. Let’s face it, beauty fades, legacies live on forever. Thank you for this… and atleast Matt Hardy didn’t win it…


*Wes held it up, and nodded, before leaving the stage with Christy and Tracy. *


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome The Prince of Punk… Shannon Moore!


*Applause and cheers were heard as Shannon went on stage.*


Shannon Moore: Wes Ikeda winning the Hottie of the Year award? That’s like The Beatles getting together for a reunion tour. Not likely to happen. *He winked at Amy.* Anyway… the nominees for favorite tag team of the year are…


Announcer: The Peep Crew: Mark Jindrak and Christian, Extreme Evolution: Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy, and Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy


Shannon Moore: And the winner is Extreme Evolution!


*Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton take the stage and each accept a Slammy Award. Jeff takes the microphone.*


Jeff Hardy: Thank you. Extreme Evolution came to an end but it's really nice that the fans remember us and what we did for this company in the last year.


Randy Orton: I on the other hand wish all of you would forget Extreme Evolution . It's all about the Peep Crew now, and I think Mark and Christian were robbed in this catergory. Extreme Evolution is dead.


*Randy, seeing Extreme Evolution win an award for the second time tonight, seemed very pissed and stormed of stage with the others following behind.*


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the EBWF CEO and Blaine's Daddy, Wes Ikeda!


*Cheers came from all over the room, and Wes mouthed the words thank you, and began to speak.*


Wes Ikeda: You know, it usually takes a lifetime to gain the respect of your peers. In this business people either love you, or they hate you. The man who will be accepting or next award is genrally loved by all. In just thirty short years, my brother has made an impact on this business that no other person has ever been able to dream of. He's done it with style, grace, and charisma... even in the toughest of times. When The Badd Boy is up, happiness abounds. When the Badd Boy is down, well that could be bad as hell as we all found out last year at Wrestlemania 3. There's no way to put it. The man loves wrestling, and can you blame him? It's in our blood. The Ikeda's have been a staple in the wrestlling business for nearly 8 years. He's won championship after championship, accolade after accolade, and he's even a member of the EMF Hall of Fame. The Board of Directors decided that they wanted to present someone with a Lifetime Achievement Award, and when we sat down to come up with nominations there was only one person worthy of the award. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have never been so proud of anyone, as I am of my brother. The Winner of the EBWF Lifetime Achievement Award is Tony Ikeda.


*Wes smiled, and Tony got up from his table. Completely suprised, he took the award from his brother. They hugged for a quick moment, and Tony took to the podium.*


Tony Ikeda: Thank you. Being the president of this company is one of the most rewarding things that has happened to me in my life. You know, I've achieved a lot in my eight years in this business. It's nice to see my peers and coworkers appreciate what I try to do in this business everyday. I try to come up with new innovative ways to present our sport every week, and I appreciate everyone recognizing that. So, let's continue to make this the best fed in sports entertainment, and make Wrestlemania 4 our best PPV ever.


*Tony said thank you once more, and walked off the stage.*


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, here to present the Favorite Female Wrestler of the Year award, please welcome Chyna and Sunny!


Chyna: I paved the way for many women in this business.


Sunny: And I defined sexuality for diva's everywhere. I'm sure that the winner of tonight's award will be the epitmy of strength and sexuality. The nominees are...


Announcer: Lita, Torrie Wilson, and Christy Hemme.


Chyna: And the winner is... Torrie Wilson.


*Torrie looks suprised, and she gets up and goes to the stage.*


Torrie Wilson: Wow, thank you. I wasn't expecting to win this, and it means a lot to me. I have worked really hard this year, and I think the fact that I have the women's championship proves that. Thank you for voting for me, and I'll try to continue the same caliber of work this year.


*Torrie walks off stage.*


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Eric Bischoff.


Eric Bischoff: It's true the EBWF couldn't happen without the hard work and dedication of the people who work in the office everyday. The nominees for your Favorite Authority figure are...


Announcer: Ashlee Ikeda-Levy, Wes Ikeda, Tony Ikeda.


Eric Bischoff: And the winner is... Wes Ikeda!

*Wes walks up to the podium and takes the Slammy.*


Wes Ikeda: Wow, now this one... this means something. Wow, thank you. Despite the teasing I get from my brother, and others. I work really hard to make your cards every week, and keep everything runnin smoothly. I make sure everyone has everything they need, and everything gets from point A to point B. Occasionally, I like to get on TV, and raise a little hell too. Just hang tight, this has been a wild ride, and I am sure that things are only going to get better.


*He held up the Slammy Award and left the stage.*


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen here to give the final award of the night, please welcome EBWF President, Tony The Badd Boy Ikeda.


*Tony walks out and the crowd stands. He smiles, as he walks to the microphone, and everyone is seated.*


Tony Ikeda: We now come to the award that everyone has been waiting for. The coveted Wrestler of the Year.

Announcer: The nominees are.. Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, and Randy Orton.


Tony Ikeda: And by the opinion of the fans, the number one wrestler, the Favorite Male Wrestler of 2005 is... Jeff Hardy.


*Jeff looked suprised, and walked up to the podium.*


Jeff Hardy: This wasn't supposed to happen, but... this is amazing. I've worked really hard for a long time to get to where I am today, and I know that I couldn't have done it with all of the fans from around the world. Who would have thought a kid from Cameron North Carolina could ever be this good? I can only promise to continue doing what I do best. Keep it 2 Xtreme. Thank You!


Jeff Hardy walked off stage, and the camera panned back over to center stage where Tony and Wes Ikeda were waiting.*


Wes Ikeda: Well that brings our show to a close. We'll see you here next year for the fifth annual EBWF Slammy Awards!


Tony Ikeda: More importantly we'll be here tomorrow for Wrestlemania 4! Thank You and Have a Badd Night!


Wes Ikeda: Party at Pinky's!!!





OOC Sportsmanship award winner: Doug (Raven) 
A few words from Doug: You know guys this really means a lot to me. I haven't posted a roleplay in a long time but I feel honored that you still consider me the best sportsman in the EBWF. I really pride myself on being friendly and I think I get a long with just about everybody. I have won my fair share of Slammy awards and this will probably be my last Slammy Award. I want all you guys to keep up your great work. I still look at the RP's and they just keep getting better. I am glad I am not around I don't think I could compete with this new group of wrestlers. So thanks again guys and Tony and Ashlee keep up the good work as well. You two really do run the best fed on the internet.



Special Congratulations to Larry (Undertaker, Christy Hemme, Ultimate Warrior) for his dedication and commitment to the EBWF. We welcome him to his well earned spot in the EBWF Hall of Fame!


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