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Hottie of the Year: Wes Ikeda 
Wrestler of the Year: Shannon Moore 
Babe of the Year: Lita 
Female Wrestler of the Year: Torrie Wilson 
Face of the Year: Shannon Moore 
Heel of the Year: Christian 
Authority Figure of the Year: Wes Ikeda 
Lightweight of the Year: Shannon Moore 
Stable of the Year: Four Hoursemen (David Flair, Ric Flair, Sting, & Triple H) 
Tag Team of the Year: Imagi-Punks (Shannon Moore, Jeff Hardy) 
Hardcore Champion of the Year: David Flair 
People's Champion of the Year: Shannon Moore 
Light Heavyweight Champion of the Year: Shannon Moore 
Tag Team Champions of the Year: Imagi-Punks (Shannon Moore, Jeff Hardy) 
European Champion of the Year: Jeff Hardy 
IC Champion of the Year: Taz 
Women's Champion of the Year: Torrie Wilson 
World Champion of the Year: Christian 
Storyline of the Year: Lost & Found (Ashlee Ikeda & Sunny) & Career for Career (Phil & Sunny) 
Outstanding OOC Sportsmanship Award: Sunny (Shannon Moore, Scotty 2 Hotty, Lita)

It was still daylight on a mildly cold day in Chicago, Illinois. The red carpet was rolled out at the Rosemont Ballroom as fans and media from all over the country gathered to greet the EBWF Superstars as they arrived at the 4th Annual Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation Slammy Awards. Lillian Garcia and Michael Cole stood by as the camera focused in on them. An announcer told the audience that they were about to go live and when a big red light went off above all the production equipment signaling that they were the fans behind the barricade went wild.


Lillian Garcia: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen I am Lillian Garcia!


Michael Cole: And I am Michael Cole, and welcome to the 4th Annual Slammy Awards Pre-Show!


Lillian Garcia: We’re here to greet all of the EBWF Superstars as the enter the Rosemont Ballroom tonight! Arik Cannon, Ann-Thraxx, Montanna Bischoff, Mark Jindrak, and Leyla as well as a host of others are already inside.


Michael Cole: There is absolutely no telling what will happen here tonight! We’ve already seen the Women’s Champion Carmella greet the fans as well as Scotty 2 Hotty. Kurt Angle and his entire cabinet have gone inside. It’s going to be one monumental night.


Lillian Garcia: We’re going to send it down to the lovely Maria at the front of the red carpet, where she is getting the latest scoop with all of the superstars before anyone else! Maria?


Maria: Hi Lillian! I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be at the Slammy Awards again this year! I mean, being at the Slammies has to be the highlight of my career! There is so much going on here in… ummmm… the Windy City! Yeah that’s it! And of course what a better way to start the Pre-Show than arriving right now on the red carpet the man who is facing Jeff Hardy tomorrow night for the World Heavyweight Title, Captain Charisma, Christian! Christian… so you were fired there for awhile!


Christian: It’s all water under the bridge Maria. I won the Royal Rumble, and now I’m facing Jeff Hardy at Wrestlemania, and I’m going to walk away World Heavyweight Champion.


Maria: But like the only reason you won the Royal Rumble was because Wes Ikeda screwed David Flair.


Christian: The reason I won the Royal Rumble Maria is because I’m Captain Charisma. That’s the same reason I’m still working for the EBWF. See, I may have been beaten in a career for career match, but the Ikedas know what has buying power, and a Wrestlemania with a main event of Christian versus the World Champion has way more drawing power than David Flair in the main event at the biggest show of the year. Now excuse me Maria, Captain Charisma is expected inside!


Maria: Thank you Christian! Wow! I just spoke to The leader of the Peeps! That makes me… a member of the Peep Crew?! *She giggled* Let me tell you Lillian and Michael I’m having a great time out here. I’m just wondering who’s going to be next out here in this star studded crowd! Oh Cameraman! Look, over there! Getting out of that limousine! It’s the FOUR HORSEMEN!


The cameras focused on a stretch limo. The camera bulbs flashed before Sting, David Flair, Ric Flair, and Triple H can all get out. They pose for the cameras together for a moment before a small figure, Megan Flair, gets out of the limo, grabbing Hunters hand and walking the red carpet with him. The Horsemen sign a few autographs for the fans at the barricade and Maria can hardly contain her excitement by the time they get to her station on the red carpet. Megan Flair stands off to the side out of the way as the four men give Maria her interview.


Maria: Ric Flair, you’re the only member of the Horsemen who has a match tomorrow night at Wrestlemania? Are the Horsemen losing their steam?


Ric Flair: Of course not Maria! In fact, we’re only picking up steam. The reason the Horsemen have been kept off the card is because they’re gearing up to push the Horsemen big time!


Maria: And I see we found David! David, you were missing! You were hard to find. I looked everywhere for you. In my closet, under my bed, but I had no luck! Are you okay?


David Flair: Maria, I am just glad to be back to work, and with the EBWF fans.


Maria: Can I see it?


David Flair: See what?


Maria: That Bronze Medal you won at the winter Olympics while you were away! Everyone, including the president has been bragging about it!


Sting and Hunter snickered.


David Flair: Maybe some other time Maria.


Maria: Thank you Horsemen for stopping by to talk to me! You guys are awesome. Good luck tonight!


Maria heard the crowd give a loud pop and she turned to look.


Maria: Oh my goodness. I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but President The Badd Boy Tony Ikeda has just arrived… with the Blonde Bombshell Torrie Wilson, and the fans are going absolutely insane.


Tony and Torrie got out of the automobile that they had arrived in and posed on the red carpet together. Everyone cheered, and then after the media had gotten all of their pictures they walked straight over to Maria.


Maria: Oh my gosh! Like Tony Ikeda AND Torrie Wilson! This is a dream come true for me Torrie you’re so beautiful.


Torrie Wilson: Thank you Maria, you look lovely as well.


Maria: Tony, everyone can’t wait to see you tomorrow night at Wrestlemania!


Tony Ikeda: Tomorrow night is the biggest night in EBWF History. I know we say that every year, but that’s because each year Wrestlemania gets bigger and better.


Maria: Are you excited about your part in the show?


Tony Ikeda: I’m excited about the whole show. I think it’s going to be good fun. I think the whole weekend has gone well so far, and everything is going smoothly, so I can only hope that the show is going to be the most successful one that we have ever had. Thanks Maria.


Maria: A few words from our EBWF President Tony Ikeda.


Tony and Torrie walked away.


Maria: And who in the world is this arriving on the red carpet? Is that?! It’s Hollywood’s Finest MNM and Trish Stratus! Trish, Mickie, Johnny! Joey! Can I get a word with you?!


Trish Stratus: You want to get a word with Hollywood’s Finest?! You think you can come up to us and just get an interview just *she snaps her fingers* like that?! *She smiled* Well, lucky for you we’re feeling generous tonight so I guess that’s okay, isn’t it Mickie?


Mickie James: Well, Chicago is Hollywood tonight, and WE ARE Hollywood’s finest! So would your little pre-show be complete without us. Probably not! Maria you do know that Joey Mercury is the future Light Heavyweight Champion of the EBWF! In fact Maria, we’re not even going to give you the pleasure of talking to the boys of MNM. They have to save their strength and look beautiful for the Slammy Awards tonight, because next year you can bet they will be the ones nominated for Favorite tag team of the year!

With that Hollywood’s Finest walked past Maria and she smiled into the camera.


Maria: Well apparently Joey Mercury is the next Light Heavyweight Champion! That is if he can get past Krazy-K tomorrow night at Wrestlemania. Speaking of Krazy-K, oh my goodness ladies hold your breath. It’s the men of Omega Factor, Shannon Moore, Krazy-K, and The World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy!


The three men were posing on the red carpet in stylish undone suits that were untucked, unbuttoned and desheiveled, but very stylish. Shannon’s Mohawk stood tall, and Jeff’s hair was pulled back. Kirby’s hair was a laid back mess. They made their way toward the fans and signed as many autographs as possible, before making their way over to Maria.


Maria: So, Omega Factor! Look at all of you!


Jeff Hardy: Hey Maria!


Maria: Shannon, big change from last year, you’re nominated for awards, and you may actually be let into the venue.


Shannon Moore: This has been a long time coming, and I’m sharing it with my best friends. I couldn’t be more excited to be here tonight.


Maria: Krazy-K, how are you adjusting to the celebrity being around such huge superstars like Shannon Moore and Jeff Hardy. I mean they are the Imagi-Punks!


Krazy-K: These guys make me feel at home, so there’s really no problem. I live for this. This is one of the coolest nights of my life, and I absolutely love it.


Jeff Hardy: Now if you don’t mind Maria, we’re going to get back to the Imagi-Nation and sign some more autographs before we head inside.


Maria: Not at all Jeff. What a crazy night this has been! We’re almost ready to go inside. The remaining superstars out here are signing autographs, others are inside, drinks are already being served we’re getting ready to get started.


Maria heard the crowd cheer again. The camera switched to the area where the Superstars were unloading and caught the arrival of Wes Ikeda and Lita. They went to the barricade and signed autographs for quite awhile the camera following them. Wes was wearing a pair of vintage torn up blue jeans with an old school Ric Flair T-Shirt that had a picture of Flair pointing on the front and said “To Be the Man You Have to Beat the Man” on it. Lita was by his side, wearing a black pantsuit with pink pinstripes, and a low cut neckline. Her red hair was in loose curls. They walked over to Maria.


Maria: Wes and Amy Ikeda! You… you like weren’t Amy Ikeda last year. That must be great. I mean… I would love to be Mrs. Wes Ikeda.


Wes Ikeda: And so would half the women in Chicago *He smiled.* Hello Maria.


Lita: It is good to be an Ikeda. *She grinned.*


Maria: So Amy, are you excited about your match at Wrestlemania?


Lita: I can’t wait to get in the ring at Wrestlemania. My feeling is the same as everyone else’s. It’s the greatest show of the year, and I’m ready to help make it the best one yet.


Maria: And Wes, a lot of work must go into this weekend. You have to be really hyped up about all of this! What are your thoughts?


Wes Ikeda: I think Jeff Hardy and Christian are going to put on the best main event we have ever seen. I can’t wait to be a part of this show. We had better get inside Maria, the Slammy Awards are about to start.


Maria: Right you are! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Ikeda! And thank you World for Watching the Slammy Pre-Show. I’m going to send it back to Lillian and Michael before we go into the Rosemont Ballroom to see who wins the Fourth Annual Slammy Awards this year!


The camera goes back to Michael Cole and Lillian Garcia.


Lillian Garcia: It’s time to go inside and see who the winners are this year. It’s been fun hosting this years Slammy Award Pre-Show with you Michael!


Michael Cole: Yes it has Lillian. We’ll see you tomorrow night, live from the AllState arena for Wrestlemania 5!


All of the Superstars are in there seats. The fans that were lucky enough to get in are in the upper level of the ballroom. After a few minutes the show goes live and an announcer’s voice fills the auditorium.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the 4th Annual EBWF Slammy Awards! With appearances by: Ann-Thraxx, Eric Bischoff, Montanna Bischoff, Arik Cannon, John Cena, Christian, Chyna, Carmella Decesare, Edge, David Flair, Mick Foley, Jeff Hardy, Hunter Hurst Helmsley, Scotty 2 Hotty, Amy Lita Ikeda, Krazy K, Shane McMahon, HBK Shawn Michaels, Shannon Moore, Ric Flair, Sting, Sunny, Tazz, and Torrie Wilson. And a special appearance by Tony and Wes Ikeda. And now to kick off tonight’s show, please welcome the man everyone has been talking about, he is the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation’s World Heavyweight Champion. The Charismatic Enigma! Jeff Hardy.


Jeff Hardy came out to the sounds of his 2Xtreme music, and the fans went wild. There was a nice applause from superstars and crew who were sitting at the tables in front of him. He was wearing the same outfit from earlier, and he had the World Heavyweight Title slung over his shoulder. He looked straight ahead into the camera.


Jeff Hardy: We gather together every year in memory of all of our hard work, and in celebration of all of our achievements. Each award given tonight is voted on by the fans of the EBWF. After all the fans are what we’re here for. We work each and every single night to put on the best show possible for each and every single on of these fans, and that’s why every year the powers that be allow them to give back to each one of us with the Slammy Awards. The Slammy Awards are a tradition that will remain in the EBWF for many years to come. It is my honor to give out the Light Heavyweight of the Year Award. 


Jeff Hardy: And the winner is… *He opened the envelope and a grin came on his face.* …Shannon Moore.


Shannon smiled and stood up. Even though he and Wes were kind of at odds with each other they played it up for the camera and gave each other a fist pound as Shannon turned and walked toward the stage. He took the Slammy Award from Jeff and then gave him a hug, whispering something in his ear. Then he approached the podium.


Shannon Moore: All my life I have been looked at as sort of a small shrimp of a guy. During 3 Count, it was then that I got the plagued reputation for being the smallest of the cruiser wieghts. I am happy to announce that I now stand at 5'9 and weight a total of 220 pounds and yet I am still dwafted by most of you out there but eh at least I got this nifty little award right?! Plain truth though I have to say that my light weight history has proven very useful to me. I have had to struggle in life and in the sports world to be taken seriously. I think this has helped me become very stead fast and hard working which I am grateful for. I am always constantly always having to prove myself and its mainly due to my small stature. So thank you for choosing me for this award. I will never forget my light weight background for its one of the things that Im most proud of. So thank you again. I will cherish this one for its got a special place in my heart.


Shannon and Jeff gave a knowing smile to each other and exited the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Arik Cannon, Ann-Thraxx, and Montanna Bischoff!


Arik Cannon: We’re here to present the Hardcore Champion of the Year Award.


Ann-Thraxx: Past Hardcore legends include, The Hurricane Shane Helms, Tommy Dreamer, and Cactus Jack.


Montanna Bischoff: The winner of tonight’s award is sure to be making a name for himself in the hardcore wrestling division. Tonight nominees were: Rob Van Dam, Shannon Moore, David Flair, Petey Williams, Rob Conway, Sean O'Haire, Mark Jindrak, John Cena, and Scott Steiner.


Arik Cannon: And the winner is… David Flair


David looked humbled as he stood up from the table and walked toward the podium to take the award. He took it from Arik Cannon, and then spoke into the microphone.


David Flair: Standing up and giving speeches has never been one of my talents, so I'm gonna keep this one short and sweet. I may have only held one championship belt this year, but hell *he gave a casual little shrug and held up the slammy* at least I did it well. Thank you guys so much. I wouldn't be standing here right now if it weren't for my beloved little cult following. And guys… *he gave a little grin* …the bronze medal feels absolutely fan-fucking-tastic. Thank you.


David, Arik, Montanna, and Ann-Thraxx all left the stage area.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome to the stage…


An eerie music began to play, and Sting’s entire intro played before he came out onto the stage. The fans cheered and he walked up to the podium.


Sting: We gather here on the eve of the biggest night in our industry. It’s my honor to give the award for People’s Champion of the Year. The first people’s champion was Kane in April of 2002. The nominees for this years award are: Kurt Angle, Kane, Mark Jindrak, Shannon Moore, John Cena, HHH, The Rock, AJ Styles, and Hulk Hogan. And the winner is…


The fans gave a loud cheer as Shannon smiled at Jeff, Wes, and Lita who were sitting with him. He stood up and walked toward the podium.


Shannon Mooore: This award means alot to me for the simple fact that my fans were the ones that were patient during the years that I was jobbing in the WWE. I want to thank all the Ginkgo Bilobians who have extended their love my way. At my wedding I really wanted to make a powerful statement to the fans who have impacted the very essence of my life. This is why I had the first 250 fans come to my wedding in an open invitation. I try my hardest every day to be a Champion and an entertainer that the real people of the world can look up to as well as relate to. Im not a flashy guy nor have I ever lived the rich and fancy life of the entertainment world. I come from a simple hard working upbringing and I latch on to that every time I step through those curtains and am bathed in in all the fans cheers and flashes of camera's. I know that the people as well as my co-workers to the crew men in the back all want to see the same thing in an Superstar and that is realness. I hope and pray that I have brought that element to the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation. I want the fans to know that they can always be honest with me and I will always listen. I may not always be perfect but I struggle very hard to be as close as possible to that mark that the people set for me.


He held the awards up for the fans to see and then he left the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the EBWF Women’s Champion, Carmella Decesare!


The fans went crazy as Carmella came out looking stunning. She walked up to the podium and began to speak.


Carmella Decesare: It takes a lot to be a great Face. You have to do everything right, and you must always be on your best behavior, not to mention that you have to get the fans to fall in love with you week in, and week out. And the winner is…. *She paused and opened the envelope, and she chuckled.* …. Shannon Moore!


He smiled again looking slightly embarrassed at having to go up there again. He accepted Slammy from Carmella with a thank you and took to the podium again.


Shannon Moore: You know its funny standing up here and thinking back to my carreer. I can honestly say that the only time I have been a heel was way back in the day when I was Matt Hardy's little MFer. That gimmick really left a sore taste in my mouth when it came to being a heel. I mean come on, who really wants 10,000 screaming fans booing you during an entire match? It just wasnt my thing. I want to thank The Ruby Hardy for setting the standard for what a good person is sopossed to embody. You may not longer reside on earth but your influence has not been ignored. This is why I wish to dedicate this award to her. I love you Ruby and I want everybody in the wrestling world to know that though your time in life was not long enough, you have left much needed truths in everybody in the Hardy family and associated with the Hardy family including myself.


He gave a nod of thanks and left the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome, The Game, Triple H!


Triple H stepped out and approached the microphone.


Triple H: Earlier tonight the fans chose their favorite lightweight of the year, but to be eligible for that award you did not have to be Light Heavyweight Champion. So, in order to honor the best light heavyweight champion of this year the fans also voted their favorite champion. The men eligible for this award were: Scotty 2 Hotty, Austin Aries, Shannon Moore, Vampiro, Jeff Hardy, and The Hurricane. And the winner is… Shannon Moore. 


Shannon bit his bottom lip and looked up at the stage. The fans cheered loudly as they had chosen him again, and he gratefully nodded his head. He walked up to the podium again at took his award from Triple H.


Shannon Moore: Dam, tonight just keeps providing more and more shiny nice paper wieghts for my office at the School of Punk. I didnt know you all liked me this much. *audience chuckled* This time I would just like to thank and dedicate this here "Light Weight Champion of the Year" award to all the cruiser weights out there that wont ever get to hold an award like this for whatever reason whether they be stuck in WWE or TNA. Shark Boy, Chris Sabin, Spike Dudley, and we must not forget good ole Zack Gowen who I personally think could kick my ass all up and down the squared ring. This one's for you boys!


Shannon smiled again at his family sItting at the table, and took his award.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome your new addiction, Krazy-K.


Krazy K: You know I’ve learned a lot of things since my debut here in the EBWF, but one thing I have learned is to stay out of the way of the heelish of the heels. The three men nominated tonight are the best at being mean and at times even obscene.And the winner is… Christian!


Christian stepped up on the stage to accept the heel of the year award.


Christian: You know a lot of people think that just because you do a lot of bad things to people in the wrestling business that it makes you a bad person. I tend to disagree. I believe I deserve this award, just like I did last year when I won it. Nobody works harder to make other wrestlers lives more miserable than I do. From the time that I broke into Raven's house and stole his world titles, trying to get him to face me, to the time I went on national television and mocked Shannon Moore's family to get him to face me. The thing is, sometimes you have to use tactics that are considered below the belt to get what you want in this business. But, I thank you fans for choosing me as your heel of the year. Maybe one of these years, I'll change my ways, and you'll vote for me for the face of the year. Thank you!


The fans cheered for Christian, and he left the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the one and only Shane McMahon!


Shane McMahon: Stables make up one of the best establishments in our best. Going out to the ring every night with some of our best friends can be what makes or breaks our careers. This year’s stables have made a considerable contribution to the EBWF. And the winner is… The Four Horsemen!


The Horsemen got up from where they were sitting together at the table, and made their way to the stage.


Triple H- For the majority of my career I selected my allies not out of friendship but out of selfishness. I used people for my own gain rather than letting myself become part of a team. Well, the Horsemen are a team, but much more than that, we're a family. And I'm thankful that I let myself believe in that concept. When we interact it's not because our boss has decided that placing us together is good for business. It's not because we're exploiting each other. It's because there are real bonds between us, and those are bonds that we won't ever allow to be broken. *He passes the mic to David*


David- Broken, no. Strained? Yes. It's been a hell of a rollercoaster ride for us. This year has seen the Horsemen take lots of ups and downs. We've been torn apart at the seams, and through the love and friendship we feel for one another we've allowed that tear to be repaired. For us, being a Horseman isn't something we turn on when there's a camera in front of us. We don't peel of this disguise the moment we step out of the spot light. This *he held up his four fingers* is real, and something as real as this cannot be kept apart. Whatever fate has in store for us, we're going to face it as one. That's what a family is… and that's what being a Horseman is all about. Thanks for this one guys. Really, when I stand here and hold this in my hands, I realise that I'm not in a shadow at all. What I am, is basking in the love of my brothers, and even in company as impressive as theirs, I don't feel even the slightest speck of insignificance. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.


Ric Flair: Wow, well thank you, thank you very much. *he hands the trophy off to Sting* I guess we've had one hell of a year, huh? In spite of everything Wes Ikeda has done to try and destroy us, here we are, standing before you, the Four Horsemen, your Stable of the Year. And why wouldn't we be? We're the best thing going today! WOOO!


Sting: *steps up to the mic* But I have to say, without the fans, we wouldn't be anything. It's the fans that throw out those four fingers in every city we go to, and I tell you what, I never stop getting chills every time I see it. So to the fans, thank you.

The Four Horsemen leave the stage together with their Slammy awards.




Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Wes Ikeda, Tony Ikeda, and the EBWF at this time request a moment of silence in memory of Ashlee Ikeda-Levy and the other wrestling legends that we lost this year. As Ashlee’s theme music plays may we remember those that we have lost this year.




Marc Mead 
Brandon Smith (again) 
Doug Kidwell (again) 
10000 Trish Stratuses 
Petey Williams 
Ryan Cruz 
John (CM Punk) 
Brandon Smith (Again) 
Amy (Candice Michelle) 
Larry (The Undertaker) 
A Couple of Randy Ortons 
Melina Perez – Death by Limo Accident 
Brandon Smith – Again 
David Flair V 1.0 
Matt Hardy Crazy Version 
Brandon Smith (Again) 
Bachelor Wes Ikeda – May he RIP.



Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Edge.


Edge: You know I know a thing or two about Babes! That’s right I do! We’ve got quite a few running around the EBWF. Ashlee Ikeda-Levy won this award the last three years, and three stunning women are nominated tonight. And the winner is… Lita!


She smiled and looked over at her husband and gave him a kiss on the lips. She walked up to the podium and smiled warmly out to the audience of her co-workers, fans, family and friends* I dont really know what to say. *she blushed* I’ve never really considered myself as a babe but it means alot to me to get this award. I have worked all of my life to get to where I am today, and I know that I could not do it without the continued support of the great wrestling fans around the world. I want to thank my husband Wes Ikeda for constantly making me feel beautiful every second of every day. This one’s for you Ike.


She blew a kiss aimed in his direction, and he smiled up at her. Then she left the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Torrie Wilson and back to the stage, Amy Ikeda!


The fans were on their feet as the two lovely ladies walked to the podium.


Torrie Wilson: Well it looks like I’m standing here with the Babe of the Year.


Lita: Well, Torrie you know you’re pretty hot yourself.


Torrie Wilson: Speaking of hot, the four guys in this next catergory, according to the fans, are the hottest guys the EBWF has to offer.


Lita: Well, considering I’m married to one, and related to the other three… I think I’ll let the fans be the judge. And the EBWF Hottie of the Year is… Wes Ikeda…


Wes smiled in his seat and looked at Jeff, Shannon, and Tony who were all sitting at the table with him. He raised his eyebrow at them and then ascended the staircase to the stage. He grabbed Torrie Wilson roughly and laid a wet kiss on her which caused her to laugh and delighted the crowd, then he did the same to Amy which caused the crowd to applaud. He took the Slammy, and approached the podium.


Wes Ikeda: I’ve won this award now three years in a row, and while I think it’s kind of funny what it stands for I appreciate the fact that all of the EBWF fans think of me. I work as hard as I can to bring you the best show possible each and every single week. This means the world to me, more than you can possibly know, and hell I guess looking this damn good should be a crime. Shannon Moore may have won every other award tonight, but we all know who the best looking man in this family is don’t we Shan. *He winked at the table.* Thanks again guys!


Wes exited the stage with his Slammy.


Announcer: The EBWF Slammies will return after this commercial break!



It is now time for the EBWF Out of Character Awards! First Award is the Storyline of the Year Award. The nominees were. Career 4 Career – Shannon Moore and Christian duke it out to see which one leaves the EBWF. Lost and Found – Ashlee Ikeda-Levy goes insane which ultimately leads to the love story between Wes and Amy. And finally Good Boy Gone Bad – The Shannon Moore Candice Michelle Affair.


There was a TIE! The winners of the award are: Career 4 Career & Lost and Found!


Sunny Thanks: I want to thank my husband Phil for forcing me into the Career for Career storyline even though I was hesistant to do it at first. I must admit that even though our characters hate each other's guts, I have utter respect for Phil as a fellow rper and seperatly as his wife. I want to extend many thanks to Ashlee and Tony who watched the whole storyline go down and at the end of it all told us both that they appreciated us being in thier federation. I think having my character fight to keep his job really strengthened me as a role player and I have to say that my husband really pushed me to a new level because he was just that freaking good.


Phil Thanks: Well thank you all EBWF-ers for voting for one of my storylines for story of the year. As little as it seems like I do in the rp world, especially for those of you that are newer here, I have had quite a few top of the line story lines. Granted I'm not sunny or ashlee who busts a new one out every other day, when I do decide to get on it and write a nice storyline rp, I'd like to think it usually turns out well. This particular storyline was a joint effort between my wife and I. I came up with the idea for a career for career match and my wife hated it. Of course we had plans to make our comebacks at the Royal Rumble either way. It all culminated from her stubborness of not wanting to face me for the world title. She had her plan to win every other belt before the world title. My issue was, and reason for wanting to do this was at the time, there was SUCH a big buildup and rivalry between the two that it would make zero sense to wait until summertime to have a match. So I pushed and pushed, and ashlee pushed and pushed and finally my wife gave in and did this with me, causing both of us to write 270+K rps against each other, which to my knowledge is almost unheard of in the rping world. I'm glad all of you liked the career vs. career storyline. I was hoping it would be a shocker for everybody when they saw that. Hopefully I'll bust out a few really nice storylines this year that you all will be impressed with as well.


Ashlee Thanks: I want to thank everyone who voted for my storyline for best storyline of the year. However, there is no way that that storyline ever would have happened without the other half of the almighty and powerful SunAsh. Sunny, thank you so much you mean the world to me, and I do not know what I would do without you or your characters. It’s amazing how one huge fight about EBWF Lita’s sorted irreversible past turned into an awesome storylined marriage and an awesome real life friendship, and the freaking storyline of the year! I strive to be the best writer I can be, so the fact that you guys would vote for me to get this award means a lot to me, even if I do have to share it with Phil. He thinks he’s better than me, but I’m not bitter. *smiles.* I plan on giving you all more storylines you will be impressed with in the coming years, but it’s the little things I cherish. Like Sunny, do you remember the time Ashlee Ikeda came out and told the Anti-Divas they were facing the whole divas locker room because she was the Queen Diva and she said so… didn’t it make you cry when I wrote that? I’m so good I make people cry. I also wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my first wife Christina. Girl, you mean the world to me. Oh, and last but not least, Tammi… he’s real, no matter what they say.


The Nominees for The Out Of Character Sportsman of the Year Are Phil, Tammi, Sunny, and Shev.


And the Winner is Sunny!


Sunny Thanks: I want everybody to know that this award is what means the most to me on a personal level and was the only one that I really desperatly wanted to win. Ive always wanted to be known as the one who rpers can point to when anybody needs help in and outside of rp world. I try very hard to be a good friend to everybody in the fed and go out of my way to build lasting relationships with everybody involved. I want the whole EBWF roster to know that I love each and every single one of you down. Dont ever be afraid to hit me up on messenger with a request to rp with me as well as just telling me about your life. If there was no EBWF, I would still be your friend and I really do mean that. I want you all to know that I read each and every single one of your rps down to the very last period and I get no bigger kick and pleasure than when someone messages me and sends me the link to thier match rp with the request that I read it and tell them what I think about what they have writtened thus far. Im in the EBWF as a hobby that I love but most importantly I am here because of the relationships and friendships that keep me coming back for more. I love you all! Thank you so much for giving me this award!


EBWF Hall of Fame Induction



When Joey Blanco told me a couple of days ago that he planned on retiring at Wrestlemania my first thought was: “Oh great, that means Christian is going to be World Champion again.” But the truth of the matter is this isn’t an Eddie Guerrero induction because Joey is leaving us. This is a long time coming. We had been planning to induct Joey for sometime, and we always make an induction at Wrestlemania. He has been here for several years, starting out as Chris Jericho and then picking up Jeff Hardy as he matured as an RPer. He has been one of the greatest people to work with, never causing any problems (except that one time… what lol) and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Tony and I have been honored to have him, and Joey Blanco is welcome in the EBWF whenever he would like. As long as he doesn’t pull a Brandon Smith… my one regret is that all Joey ever needed was the People’s title to Grand Slam. So buddy if you get bored this summer. My door is open.

I Love You and Your Sexy Voice 





Announcer: Welcome back to the 4th Annual EBWF Slammy Awards. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome John Cena.

John Cena: In order to be the favorite tag team of the year you didn’t have to win the tag team championships. Lucky, considering that the Imagi-Punks held the belts nearly all year. *The audience laughed* And the winners are… The Imagi-Punks!


The crowd was going insane as Jeff Hardy: smiled as he and Shannon were announced the winners. He got up with Shannon, and whispered to him, 'I was real scared we wouldn't get this!'


Shannon Moore: *he chuckled and then playfully slugged him in the arm* Aww hell Jeff. Come on man. Dont get all emotional on me now!


Jeff laughed in return as they both stood up and walked to the podium. They were handed individual awards and stood behind the microphone. Shannon looked out to the audience that was hooting and hollaring. The fans were on the upper levels and were screaming and clapping as loud as possible. Jeff chuckled at the ovation they were recieving as Shannon leaned in and spoke into the microphone.


Shannon Moore: You know last year, I was the one that actually handed out this award so it feels really awsome to be the one on the recieving end of things this time around and I could not have wanted a better brother by my side to share in it than Jeff Hardy.


Jeff Hardy: Last year was crazy when it came to me and tagging-There was the Hurricane, Shannon, Scotty and some more Shannon. I mean it was crazy so I'm real glad that you guys chose me and Shannon, my personal favorite partner, to be Tag Champs of the Year. We busted our asses to bring these belts back to prestige, and I hope we did!


Shannon Moore: *he grinned that sarcastic smirk* Yeah with our all but two title defenses let me tell yah! Naw for real. Thanks for the award. I will never forget the time that I have had in the tag team circuit. Its really helped me become a more loyal friend and brother to those around me. There's nothing like the knowledge of having that special connection with another wreslter inside of the squared circle. Some of my favorite times have been in the front lines battling with Jeff by my side.


Jeff Hardy: I may have been a veteran when it comes to tagging, but you always learn something new from your partner. Shannon got me to open up a bit and really wrestle from my heart, as cheesy as that sounds. You know it's a good tag team when you learn about yourself from it.


Shannon Moore: You said it best Jeff and I agree with you 100 percent. You have taught me about myself in more ways than you know and the most important thing I have come to learn is that with us, there's no end. We will always be the Imagi-Punks and I want to thank the fans and the boys in the back for seeing this and responding to it.


Jeff Hardy: It looks like the Tag Team ranks are really picking up around here, and honestly I couldn't be happier about that. This division has been sorely missing competition, and I can't wait to see how it heats up in the next few months!


Shannon Moore: That may be the case but there will never be a tag team as close knit, grateful to the fans nor as wonderful as The Imagi-Punks!


They stepped back from the podium as the crowd cheered some more and the fellow wrestlers applauded. Jeff and Shannon hugged real quick and walked back towards their seats, whispering to each other as they sat down.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Captain Charisma, Christian.


Christian: There were several women with the strength and beauty to capture the women’s championship this year. The Nominees for Women’s Champion of the Year are: Midajah, Torrie Wilson, Lita, Stephanie McMahon, and Carmella Decesare. The Women’s Champion of the Year is… Torrie Wilson! 


Torrie stood up with a smile on her face and proceeded to the podium.


Torrie: I'm honestly shocked and honored that all of you fans out there consider me to be the Women's Champion of the Year. Though I may not be holding it now, not to worry cause tomorrow night, I get the opportunity to face the current Women's Champion, Carmella getting the chance to regain the Women's Title! And thanks to this win, now I've got that little extra incentive to go out there and take back something that I hold in the highest regards, the EBWF Women's Championship. I'd like to thank all of you who voted for me, and my family and friends who have given me their constant love and support, especially Tony. Thanks and I hope to prove worthy of this by working hard and once again becoming your women's champion.


She took her Slammy and returned to her seat.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Scotty 2 Hotty!


Scotty 2 Hotty: I am to present the award to the European Champion of the Year. The men eligible for this years award were: Kurt Angle, Petey Williams, Ric Flair, Tyson Tomko, Kane, Jeff Hardy, & Arik Cannon. This European Champion of the year is…


Jeff smiled at Shannon almost to say “Hey I can win some too!” and walked up to the stage.


Jeff Hardy: Now here's an award I really feel I deserve. It's true that Kane is the longest reigning, but I made this title mean something that it hadn't before. This is easily one of the most respectable belts in the EBWF right now, neck and neck with the Intercontinental Champion. I hope the level of competition for it stays as high as I put it, but we all know with Shannon as champ, whoever gets it will have to have gone through hell! But really, thanks, especially all the European fans!


He then took his Slammy and held it toward the fans in the seats, before leaving the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome EBWF Board of Directors member, Eric Bischoff!


Eric Bischoff: This award is for the favorite Tag Team Champions of the year, and funny enough the nominees were slim. The teams eligible for this award were: Jeff Hardy & Shannon Moore, Jeff Hardy and Scotty 2 Hotty, and Jeff Hardy & Shane Helms. And the winners are…


The Imagi-Punks name was read out loud and they recieved the same reaction from the audience as before. Jeff stood up and looked down as Shannon just shook his head in amazement at how the night was proving to be very gratifying one. He stood up and followed Jeff to the podium. They were handed awards again but this time thier attitudes were not as seriouse as last time. Shannon had his trademark smirk while Jeff had an onrey grin.


Jeff Hardy: I swear Shannon, didn't we just get this award a few minutes ago?


Shannon Moore: *he shrugged cutely* Aww well lets not tell them that cause then they might want it back and I really do need another paper weight.


Jeff Hardy: In that case, thanks everyone! I mean I really don't know who else you would've voted for, given just how freakin' awesome the Imagi-Punks were and are. Sure, me and Scotty were good. But really now, Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore-That's a fantasy team if I've ever heard of one.


Shannon Moore: *he looked at Jeff suddenly* Hey dont I know you from somewhere?


Jeff Hardy: Folks I apologize. Shannon has been downing wine coolers like they're Kool-Aid and seems to have forgotten some things.


Shannon Moore: Wine coolers that were supplied to me by none other than The Charismatic Enigma thank you very much.


Jeff Hardy: I cannot deny this, but we all know people are much friendlier tipsy!


Shannon Moore: Which is something that I do have to admit this geeser has taught me in the tag team. Being friendly has wonderful benefits.


Shannon paused as the audience snickered loudly. They were all very much thinking back to the Candice affair. Shannon looked blankly and glanced back at Jeff innnocently.


Shannon Moore: What? Did I miss something here? Jeff?


Jeff Hardy: I think we've done enough talking and wasted enough TV time. Thank you everyone for this-It really does mean a lot to me and Shannon.


Shannon Moore: *he noded* Well stated. Thanks guys. We appreciate being picked.


They both waved out to the audience and as they were walking back to thier seats, Shannon's loud whisper to Jeff, "What did I say?" could be heard amongs Jeff's sarcastic, "Yea, just try not to talk buddy".


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Board of Directors members The Ninth Wonder of the World Chyna and the Original Blonde Bombshell Sunny!


Chyna: As a former IC Champion I know the importance that the Intercontinental title brings to a federation.


Sunny: We’re here to give the award for Intercontinental Champion of the year.


Chyna: The nominees are Ric Flair, Taz, Sting, Carlito, and Randy Orton.


Sunny: The winner is… Taz!


Taz walked up to the podium and accepted his Slammy award.


Taz: I’ve never been too good at this kind of thing so please bare with me. Guys like me, Dreamer, Raven… we all started from nothing and we worked or way to the top, and the fact that I’m still here and those guys are gone, but you all would think enough of me to vote for me, and give me this award that means something. Thanks a lot, and I know it’s only a matter of time before I’m back on the top of this business. (Rob, I never got the email you sent. It got lost in Cyberspace. Everyone seemed to be pretty kayfabe on their speeches. So I hope this one is okay. If you want to rewrite it for history’s sake do so.)


Taz left the stage with his Slammy.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Professional Wrestling Legend Mick Foley.


Mick Foley: It is my great honor to present the award for World Heavyweight Champion of the year. The nominees for this prestigious award are Christian, Chris Jericho, Shane Helms, Taz and Triple H. The winner is Christian. 


Christian stood up with his usual cocky smirk and accepted his award.


Christian: Well, if there was any award possible that was a no brainer for you the fan voters, this is the one. Four times I won the world title in 2005, holding the belt cumulatively longer than any other champion, and coming days from breaking Chris Jericho's longest title reign record. I plan on winning this award for the next several years to come. Thank you for voting me as your world champion of the year.


He took the award, held it up for all to see, and left the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the Wrestler’s Wrestler, HBK Shawn Michaels!


Shawn Michaels: Women’s wrestling is a spectacle. We often wonder how women can be so beautiful and so mean at the same time. All three of the lovely ladies nominated for this award tonight are very deserving, but only one can take home the prize. The winner is… Torrie Wilson!


Torrie got a huge smile on her face and she walked up to the stage. She took her Slammy and held it close to her.


Torrie: Oh my God, I can't believe this. Wow! Thank you, it is such a pleasure to just be nominated yet alone win this award for the second year in a row. It brings me great joy and pleasure in knowing that all of you, the loyal adoring EBWF fans consider me to be your favorite female wrestler; making all of the hard work that I put forth in trying to give all of you the best show possible all the more gratifying. I'd like to thank Tony for encouraging me to strive to be the best that I can be. My fellow divas who make me a better wrestler by pushing me to be better every time I step into the ring. My brothers for being my best friends and confidants, and Luke for being my biggest supporter and number one fan. I love you all. Thank you!


Torrie blew a kiss out to the crowd and left the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen they are wrestling legends, brother, and the Presidents of the Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, together live on stage for the first time in over a year Tony and Wes Ikeda!


The brothers came from opposite sides of the stage and as they walked across for the first time that night the entire audience rose to it’s feet giving them a standing ovation. Wes in his tshirt and jeans, Tony in a very classy suit and tie. They met in the middle and exchanged a hug, before turning to the audience.


Wes Ikeda: The EBWF is our life’s work.


Tony Ikeda: Tonight we celebrate that work.


Wes Ikeda: Tomorrow night, we build it up, tear it all down, end and begin another year of fueds, memories, friendships, triumphs and heartaches.


Tony Ikeda: It is our esteemed honor to give the final award of the night. The award for 2006 Extreme Best Wrestlers Federation’s Wrestler of the Year.


Wes Ikeda: This award may not be going to the man who won the most belts, was involved in the most angles, or had the most camera time, but was deemed by you, the fans, as the man who represented the EBWF in the best possible form this year.


Tony Ikeda: And since this is my little brother’s first year as President… we’ll let him open the envelope…


Wes Ikeda: The wrestler of the year is… *He opened the envelope.* wow… ummm… Shannon Moore…


Shannon's eyes got big when his name was called out. He put his head down and looked at the floor so shocked about getting the award. Jeff Hardy nudged his arm and he finally looked up. Shannon stood up and then noded for his tag team partner to get up. Without caring that there were hundreds of eyes on him, the normally stand offish Shannon, wrapped his arms around his best friend and buried his head into Jeff's shoulder. Everybody saw the Tag Team Champions whisper in each other's ears. Finally after a long moment, Shannon broke up the embrace and rolled his shoulders back as Jeff slapped his back hard. Shannon walked out of the aile and began the treck up towards the stage. He passed many of the EBWF roster on his way up and alot of them slapped his back and called congratulations out to him. Shannon tipped his head to them and made his way to the stairs. He climbed them and walked over to the podium where Wes and Tony Ikeda were standing. Shannon noded to Tony and shook his hand. Tony Ikeda stepped back and Shannon walked right up to Wes Ikeda's personal space. The two friends looked at each other for a long moment and then Shannon suddenly broke out into a smile. He held out his hand to his boss and Wes shook it firmly. They never broke eye contact as those attending the Slammys were still cheering strong. Shannon was seen saying, "Thank you for bringing me to the EBWF." to Wes as he turned around. Wes never had let go of the hand shake and suddenly he pulled Shannon back to him. Wes was seen saying back, "Thank you for being what I couldn’t be", before pulling Shannon to him and the two exchanged a hug. Wes Ikeda went and stood by his brother Tony as Shannon stepped up to the podium. Everyone in attendance calmed down as Shannon spoke into the microphone.


Shannon Moore: *swallowing hard* I *he paused* your going to have to excuse my lack of words right now cause I really did not see this coming. *chuckle was heard from the audiance* I know, its hard to believe right? Me not having anything to say? *he smiled* I guess this is the time that Im sopossed to thank everybody and thier moms right? Well, I will get to that dont you worry just yet. I promise to make this as shorterst as possible since you all have to hear me blab on and on in my promos, I will spare you the torture. *another chuckle from the audience* I really have to say that I was not expecting this. I was sure that someone who's been multiple time World Champion would get it like Christian or the fan's favorite my boy Jeff Hardy or even the dominate Triple H but certainly not me. Not Shannon Moore. Not the man who's known more for his personal life being thrown all over the media than his wrestling talent. Im just very taken aback by it all. I wish to thank you all. Each and every single one of you that have anything and everything to do with the EBWF along with the fans for never booing my ass even though they most likely should have. *snickers from the audience* You all are greatly appreciated in my life. Now, with those generalities out of the way, I do have a little list of sorts. Oh and dont worry, its not like the Shit List was last year nor is it as long. *loud mock clapping from the audience to which Shannon chuckled* Yeah yeah. *he pulled a small peace of paper out of his pocket and put it on the podium, only glancing down at it once before speaking into the microphone again* Okay. I want to thank many people who have had an impact small or large in helping mold me into the wreslter that I am today. The only reason I am who I am today is because everybody has taken differant parts of my pride away from me in my life. Lets start off with me thanking the big man himself. Mr. Vince McMahohn. I would like to thank this guy for taking my pride away back in the day when you looked me dead in the face and told me that I would never get over with the fans. *he grinned* Hell, I might as well dedicate this award straight to you but eh, I would rather watch the EBWF kick your federations ass all over the place! I want to thank opponents like Rob Van Dam, who took away my pride by stealing my Hardcore Title without ever pinning my ass. Thank you RVD. I appreciated it. It made me real humble let me tell you. *auduience laughed* I want to thank Amber Perez for taking away my pride when she teamed up with my biggest rival Christian and ruined my life on national television all for the your viewing pleasure. *he pointed into the audience* Yes Reso, even you get some gratitude. I want to thank 3 Count for taking away my pride when you made me do those idiotic dance moves and forced me to put up with the bitchyness of Shane Helms. Im sure that ability will come in handy if I ever have kids so thank you. *audience laughed again and Shannon flashed a perly white trademarc smile* I wish to thank my sister for breaking my pride when she got me in trouble with our Mother over the stupidiest things. Yes Amy, just remind the lovely Lita that Im the one that taught you how to punch and hit like a warrior mind you. Shannon paused and looked out at the audience that was chuckling with humor. He then put the paper away and spoke into the microphone. Shannon Moore: You know, I could go on. I could be clever Shannon who makes you laugh with his wit and humor. Hell, I had a whole list of sarcastic remarks like those that you have just heard but Im not going to do that. I cant really. There's about four people that are the backbone of Shannon Moore who deserve thanks. Jeff Hardy, Mama Moore, and the man who signs all our pay checks Wes Ikeda as well as my wife Alyssia Moore. Starting with my main bro, Jeffrey Nero Hardy. I grew up with you man and there's not even enough time to say everything that needs to be said to you. Im really honored that last year you won this very same award and now I am. Seems fitting that last year also, I presented you with the Tag Team Award remember? Thanks for always being on my side and no matter how many stupid fights we get into, we are brothers and nobody can break that. My mother is next and she is someone that I feel does not get enough thanks. You always were a godly women and some day I hope to have as much peace as you do. Thank you Mama for always allowing me to pursue my dreams and for telling me to be patient during the hell the WWE put me through. Your an angel and Im blessed to have you in my life. I gotta say that its been an intresting ride with the second man I hvae to thank. Alot of you out there have openly critizized my relationship with him. In fact, as I recall you Jason Reso went as far as implying that I do sexual acts to him to get to where Im at in the EBWF. *the audience chuckled* Now, despite my previous flamer reputation that Im sure Candice Michelle proved to every one of you as false, I gotta only say this to all the haters out there. *he grinned* Your just jelouse cause you cant live with the name! *he winked* Naw for real. To Wes Ikeda, *he turned and looked right at him* I bid you many thanks. Your federation believed in me at a time in my life when I didnt even believe in myself. So thanks for taking a wild gamble on me. I only hope to have been a smart bet in the long run. You and I almost died together in a car crash and I must say that if death couldnt kill us then everything else has no chance in hell of seperating us. The last person on the list that my heart goes out to is the women who holds it within her very hands. Alyssia Moore, my wife, is the one that has been there through thick and thin during the good times and the bad times holding me up. I want to say a warm hello to her if she is watching. My wife is visiting with family right now and so couldnt be here but I know her thoughts and happyness are right by me. They say that every man needs a women to make him strong and in my case it is very much the truth. I love my wife and she has always supported me and my carreer in wrestling so I dedicate this award to her. I love you Alyssia Marie Kidman! You have been the one who has kept me in check all during the crazyness of the Superstar life. *he gave a grateful smile and tipped his head low before taking the award and walking back to his seat*


The camera returned to Wes and Tony Ikeda who had positioned themselves back in the middle of the stage.


Tony Ikeda: Well that’s our show. Wes did you have a good time?

Wes Ikeda: I did have a good time! Tony, it’s been a pleasure as always.


Tony Ikeda: No, no the pleasure is all mine. Thank you EBWF fans for tuning in. Thank you everyone for tuning in. I am Tony Ikeda…


Wes Ikeda: I am Wes Ikeda… we will see you tomorrow for Wrestlemania 5! Until then…


The brothers smiled at each other and nodded before looking into the camera.


Both: Have a Badd Night.

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