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Hottie of the Year: Wes Ikeda/Jeff Hardy 
Wrestler of the Year: Alex Shelley 
Babe of the Year: Lita 
Female Wrestler of the Year: Trish Stratus 
Face of the Year: Alex Shelley 
Heel of the Year: Syxx 
Lightweight of the Year: Syxx 
Stable of the Year: The New World Order (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Syxx, Triple H, Hollywood Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Taz, Jeff Hardy, Paul Heyman, Kristal Marshall, Ryan Shelley, Lacey, Konnan) 
Tag Team of the Year: D-Generation X (Triple H, Shawn Michaels) 
Storyline of the Year: The nWo Invasion (Almost the entire roster participated...led largely by Ben Nichols and Ashlee Schenke) 
Entertainer of the Year: Wes Ikeda 
Outstanding OOC Sportsmanship Award: Ben Nichols (Alex Shelley, Syxx, Scott Hall) 
Lifetime Achievement Award: Jeff Hardy

The Slammy Awards began with a preshow that was sure to capture everyone’s attention. The camera focused on Lillian Garcia and Justin Roberts on the stylish black carpet. Fans lined behind a barricade hoping for a glimpse or an autograph from their favorite EBWF superstar. The fun started when the cameras went live and Lillian, with her spunky attitude began to speak.


Lillian Garcia: Helllllo EBWF fans! Welcome to the 5th annual EBWF Slammy Awards coming to you LIVE from the Joe Louis Arena here in Detroit, Michigan! I’m Lillian Garcia…


Justin Roberts: And I’m Justin Roberts. Tonight the EBWF celebrates a year of the best in wrestling. The one night of the year where everyone comes together, throwing feuds aside, and gives a toast to the accomplishments of their peers.


Lillian Garcia: Many of the EBWF Divas have already arrived. Colt Cabana, John Cena, Randy Orton, many people for the UCW Roster, and more are already inside! We’re ready for a big night… but here with us on the red carpet the #1 Contender for the EBWF World Title, set to face Alex Shelley tomorrow night at Wrestlemania 6… Kenny Doane!


Justin Roberts: Kenny, you weren’t nominated for anything tonight, but you’re sure to be nominated next year as tomorrow night is the biggest night of your still young career.


Kenny Doane: You’re right. I wasn’t nominated for anything tonight, but tomorrow I take on Alex Shelley to become the youngest EBWF World Champion in company history… see that will be two titles I steal from Alex! The Slammy Awards are a time of celebration, and tonight we’re celebrating my future win over Alex Shelley!


Kenny walked off and a dumbfounded Justin Roberts looked at Lillian.


Lillian Garcia: Tomorrow night UCW will crown its World Heavyweight Champion, and they have graciously sent a few representatives to be represented tonight at the Slammy Awards. On the black carpet getting all the access to the superstars as they arrive is UCW Interviewer, welcome her back, Ms. Christy Hemme.


The scene changes as the signal changed locations. Christy Hemme was in the shot wearing a black tight cut off UCW T-shirt, and a lime green longer skirt. She got excited for the camera.


Christy Hemme: Hey! I’m UCW Diva Christy Hemme, and you’re watching the EBWF Slammy Awards! I’ve seen Vampiro, Carlito, and Carmella DeCesare make their way into the arena, and Carmella wants everyone to know that you shouldn’t worry, that while she arrived alone, she will be sitting with Alex Shelley tonight. Speaking of Alex…


The crowd irrupted and the camera panned to the end of the carpet where Alex was getting out of the back seat of a black SUV. He was dressed in a casual suit, no tie, and he opted not to carry the world title, because face it – everyone knew who he was. He strode up the aisle and ran right into Christy Hemme, which in his mind was a pretty unfortunate accident.


Christy Hemme: Alex Shelley, you’re the world heavyweight champion, and we just heard Kenny say he’s going to take your title tomorrow. Are you feeling confident going into Wrestlemania?


Alex Shelley: Christy, let me tell you something. I’m not the world champion for any other reason, other than I’m the hottest thing the EBWF has going right now. Anyone can see that. But, it’s not about any of that. Tonight is the Slammy Awards, we’re supposed to be having a good time, and I have to just say that it’s an honor to be nominated by the fans for awards tonight, and I think I’m going to go home with my first Slammy Award tonight. Thanks Christy.


Alex walked away from her, and she sent it back to Lillian.


Lillian Garcia: All I have to say is this… The Mohawked One has arrived!


The camera panned over to where the cars were arriving and a white Hummer pulled up, the car and it’s driver was familiar to the EBWF fans, who may have just popped louder for the man than they just had for Alex Shelley. Shannon Moore stepped out of the Hummer and took to the black carpet. He was wearing a pair of black Tripp bondage pants with silver studs up the side and a deep red short sleeved Dickies work shirt that showcased his full sleeve tattooed arms. His Mohawk was covered by a backwards black ball cap, and the bull ring in his nose only accented his half hoop barbell earrings. He went to the barricade and squeals eminated from the females in the crowd as he began to sign autographs and pose for pictures as EBWF security tried to sway him toward Lillian Garcia. He spotted Lillian and grinned as he walked up to her offering her a hug.


Shannon Moore: As beautiful as ever.


Lillian Garcia: Shannon, you’re looking like you’re in ring shape.


Shannon Moore: I am continually working on it. *A Shannon, Shannon, Shannon, chant went up, and Shannon turned around and played to the crowd for a minute.* We’ll just see what happens.


Lillian Garcia: I hate to take the time to ask you this, but there’s rumor that Wes and Amy might not be here tonight…


Shannon Moore: *He grinned* Well, I certainly hope that’s not the case, because I was really looking forward to hugging my sister tonight. Lillian, dear you know I have a special place in my heart for you, but I would really rather be with them right now. *He motioned to the crowd.*


Justin Roberts: Shannon, real quick, when are you coming back?


Shannon Moore: When me and the boss think the EBWF can handle the return of Shannon Moore…


Justin Roberts: How’s the baby?


Shannon Moore: He’s great, thanks.


Lillian Garcia: Shannon, one more before you go, why are you alone tonight? Where’s Candice?


Shannon Moore: She’s in Wisconsin with her family… really no more questions… I got to go hang out with the fans… *He leaned forward and kissed Lillian’s cheek and then walked off.*


Lillian Garcia: Shannon Moore… always a pleasure. Shannon is set to present an award tonight with his friend and Imagipunks partner Jeff Hardy tonight. Speaking of Jeff he’s coming up the aisle now, Christy Hemme you’re on with Jeff!


Christy Hemme: Thanks Lillian, I am standing here with EBWF Hall of Famer, former World Heavyweight Champion, and a man who is looking to be Mr. Money in the Bank, Jeff Hardy. Jeff is here with his girlfriend Beth. Jeff, tomorrow night could be a potentially big night for you. Are you ready for your specialty match?


Jeff Hardy: *He looked down at her slightly disgusted. Not because of what she asked, but because of who she was.* Christy, the Money in the Bank ladder match has the potential to put any one of our legendary superstars in the world title chase. With Raven, Jericho, and Triple H, as well as myself, we’re the four guys who have been here since the beginning. Vampiro and SJK are lucky they get to be a part of the match, but believe me this isn’t the place to cut promo against the guys I’m going to be facing tomorrow night. It’s a night to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments, and Beth and I are very happy to be here to celebrate with everyone.

Christy Hemme: You excited about reuniting with Shannon Moore tonight?


Jeff Hardy: Hanging out with Shannon is always a good time, so yeah… thanks Christy…


Christy Hemme: Thank you Jeff! That was Jeff Hardy… Justin, Lillian, who’s arriving now?


Lillian Garcia: We just saw Shawn Michaels and Triple H go into the arena and not far behind them… wrestling’s most unlikely couple… Chyna and Syxx.


Justin Roberts: Syxx, how do you feel about crowning the new UCW World Champion tomorrow night at Wrestlemania?


Syxx: I think it’s a step in the right direction. All three of those guys are hard workers, they know how to put each other over and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.


Lillian Garcia: It could be a great night for you; you’re nominated for several awards. Any award you particularly want tonight?


Syxx: I’m just glad to be here with Joanie in recognition of the work she has done with the administration this year. Anything else that happens will be up to the fans…


Lillian Garcia: Chyna…


Chyna: No questions for me Lillian. I’m just here to support Sean. Thanks…


Lillian Garcia: There you have it! Chyna and Syxx are making their way inside. Other superstars are arriving. Raven came in, Sting is here, Chris Hero, Rene Dupree, The Rock… The Filthy Animalz… it’s all coming together and… wait a minute… wait… THERE HE IS… just arriving EBWF Chairman of the Board Wes Ikeda with his wife Amy.


The camera panned to Wes who was already signing autographs for people at the barricade, unlike last year Amy was signing with him. Wes was dressed in a suit, no tie. Amy was dressed in a pinstriped black business suit, with green accents. They walked over toward Lillian and Justin.


Justin Roberts: You haven’t been on TV in two months; we’re in Detroit, Michigan… Mr. Ikeda, welcome home.


Wes Ikeda: It’s good to be here. It’s a long road to recovery… but I’m rehabbing the knee, and I hope to be back to work as soon as I’m able. I’m excited to be here tonight.


Lillian Garcia: Amy, how are you enjoying retirement?


Lita: I’m loving it. It’s good to be a stay at home mom and be there for my family.


Lillian Garcia: Wes, are you the Hottie of the Year tonight?


Wes Ikeda: It doesn’t matter if I am or not. *He smiled.* We’re all just here to have a good time, and show appreciation to our fans for sticking by us.


Justin Roberts: Sir, will you be at Wrestlemania tomorrow?


Wes Ikeda: I wouldn’t be anywhere else. Thanks for the time guys!


Lillian Garcia: That’s right! Wes Ikeda is here. We’re going back to Christy Hemme, Christy?


Christy Hemme: It’s time to start the show! The 5th annual EBWF Slammy Awards will be coming to you live, right after these messages! Thanks for watching the pre-show, and join us tomorrow night for Wrestlemania 6 live on PPV!!! I’m Christy Hemme, and from all of us with the EBWF… goodnight.


*The Joe Louis Arena was filled with Fans, Superstars, and EBWF Administrators. The packed place would also host Wrestlemania tomorrow, so the set up crew had a lot of work to do, but for now that didn’t matter. The lights dimmed slightly and an announcer spoke.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the 5th Annual EBWF Slammy Awards with appearances by… Stone Cold Steve Austin, Carlito, Chyna, Rene Dupree, Edge, David Flair, Ric Flair, Scott Hall, Jeff Hardy, Bret Hart, Paul Heyman, Chris Jericho, Ken Kennedy, Lita, The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels, Shannon Moore, Kevin Nash, Raven, The Rock, Triple H, Alex Shelley, Syxx, and the Chairman of the Board Wes Ikeda! Please welcome, David Flair…


David walked onto the stage to a nice applause, and spoke.


David Flair: It feels nice to be back with the EBWF tonight, and it feels even better to introduce to you the father of wrestling, and my father as well… Ric Flair.


Ric came onto the opposite side of the stage and the camera focused on him.


Ric Flair: Thank you David. It is my great honor to give the first award of the evening. The nominees for Light Heavyweight of the Year are… David Flair, Syxx, Shannon Moore and Alex Shelley. The winner of the Light Heavyweight of the Year is…


Some generic music began to play as Syxx didn’t have new music yet, and he walked up to the podium to accept the award.

Syxx: You know I pride myself on being one of the pioneers of the X-Division. I promise that I will proudly represent the X-Division heading into WrestleMania but by the end of 2007 you will all remember Syxx as much more than just one of light heayvweight greats.


Syxx left the stage and the announcer began to speak.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Paul Heyman!


Paul Heyman: I'm here to give the award for Hardcore Wrestler of the Year. The nominees are... Jeff Hardy, Rene Dupree, Raven and Chris Hero. The award goes to...


The crowd applauded as Rene's music started and he walked to the stage.


Merci, merci, merci. Well, we will keep this short. We truly deserve to be the most hardcore wrestler in the EBWF, even if we do not like it, as we still currently hold the Iron Man Championship, a title more prestigious than just about any other title out there, and coming up to being worth even more than the EBWF Heavyweight Championship. For that, we have to thank a few people. First are ourself and our family for making us great. Next would be Shawn Michaels for giving us a second chance, because if he did not, we would not be holding this title. Next is Christopher Daniels for helping us train and improve greatly. And last but definitely not least, the man who made this possible, Wes Ikeda. If we had an actual owner who was creative enough to come up with a different match type here and there, we would not be wrestling so many times in a hardcore match. Merci, Au revoir.


The Slammy Awards went to commercial.




At this time let us take a moment to remember those we have lost! (LOL) 
Torrie Wilson 
Sting - The Sane One 
Steve Borden - The Crazy One. 
Christian... Christian... AT LAST... YOU'RE GONE!!! 

Christina :( 
Jeff Hardy - The Face 
Jeff Hardy - The Heel 
Montanna Bischoff! 
David Flair Version 2.0 
A couple Batistas 
A Gazillion CM Punks 
Three Chris Sabins 
Three Count 
Evan Karagias 
and of course 
Tony Ikeda... may he RIP


The show returned from commercial.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome... Edge, Carlito, and Ken Kennedy!


Carlito: Carlito and these two jerkoffs are here to represent UCW.


Ken Kennedy: And to give the award for Babe of the Year.


Edge: And if anyone knows a few thing about Babes it's me! The nominees are... Lita, Kristal, Trish Stratus... and Christy Hemme... the winner is...


Carlito: Lita!


She planted a soft kiss on Wes' lips and headed to the stage. She took the award with a smile and held it up for a moment.


Lita: I could... I could get used to this. I'd like to thank all the fans who voted for me, and I'd like to thank my brother for always reminding me that I was a strong independent woman, and I'd like to thank my Husband for making me feel like a million bucks every single day. I love you Wes, and I love all of you! Thank You!


Amy left the stage area.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the team formerly known as Team 3:16, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin!

If Ya Smell... hit and the two men walked out to the stage.


The Rock: Finally... the Rock has come back... to Detroit! Ladies and Gentlemen the Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin are here in the Joe Louis Arena...


Stone Cold: And we're here to give the award to the stable who stomped a mudhole this year, and walked it dry...


The Rock: The nominees are... It doesn't matter who the nominees are...


Stone Cold: Actually it does...


The Rock: Oh... well they are... Borden's Horsemen, Omega Factor, The nWo, and DX...


Stone Cold: And the winner is the nWo! 


Scott Hall and Syxx approached the stage, throwing recent events to the side to accept the award.


Scott Hall: Hey yo. When we brought the nWo into the EBWF it was all about taking over, and over the course of the last over 9 months we have done just that. As far as us being named the stable of the year, that's a given, you all knew it was coming so I'm just up here to say "I told you so." I would just like to take this time to personally guarantee that as far as the nWo goes, you ain't seen nothing yet. You know why? Because we are just 2 sweeeeet!


Syxx: I would just like to say that for the record, despite everything that has happened in recent weeks I am very proud of everything we have accomplished here in the EBWF. My blood, my sweat, and my tears has gone into making the nWo what it is for the better part of the last year...and despite the fact that I am no longer affiliated with the group there is nothing anyone, including Hogan, can do to take this away from me.


They exited together and the announcer spoke again.


Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome... Lita!


Amy came out to a partial standing ovation, and she smiled as people got seated.


Lita: So they usually make people give awards based on their experience with the subject matter. Which is probably why I have the honor of giving out the Hottie of the Year Award. The nominees are... Alex Shelley, Wes Ikeda, Shane Helms, and Jeff Hardy. The Winner is... and we have a tie. (OOC - with 13 people voting the results were 6-6-1) Wes Ikeda and Jeff Hardy! 


Wes and Jeff laughed as they got up to the stage walking to Wes' new theme music. Jeff went first, walking to the microphone.


Jeff Hardy: Are you kidding me? I guess it’s true what they say-A bad boy is hotter than a good one and this year Wes I was just a bit badder than you, which is probably why we're both standing here right now....


Wes Ikeda: The Badd Boy has never been hotter than me ever... especially now...


Jeff Hardy: That was just... in poor taste. *The crowd laughed* But seriously, thanks to all you ladies, and the Coach, who made this little award right here possible. I’ll do whatever I can to keep the sexy right here where it is and we’ll never again worry about having to bring sexy back!


Wes Ikeda: Thanks again for the fourth year in a row that I've taken this awards home. You all are great. I love this business, because only in wrestling are our looks awarded before everything else! Thank You!


The show went to commercial.




It is now time for the OOC Sportsmanship Award. This Years award goes to the ever elusive but always helpful Benjamin  Nichols

Benjamin I want to thank you for your efedding return, and look forward to what 2007 will bring you!


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome... Jeff Hardy... Shannon Moore... The Imagi-Punks!!!


The two of them came out together and looked at each other.


Jeff Hardy: Nice to see you got dressed up... you know you look like this guy that used to work here.


Shannon Moore: I do?


Jeff Hardy: Did you win the "Give Away an Award with Jeff Hardy" contest?


Shannon Moore: 'Fraid not. You must have won the "Be in Shannon Moore's presence" Contest.


Jeff Hardy: Shannon Moore? Aren't you that girl from three count...


Shannon Moore: Okay... the nominees for Tag Team of the Year Are... Me and Wes Ikeda... guess we didn't win... *The audience laughs.* Vampiro and Raven, DX, Syxx and Jeff Hardy... guess you guys didn't win either... and the Outsiders...


Jeff Hardy: And the winner is... DX!


Shawn Michaels and Triple H took to the stage.


Shawn Michaels: Well, it just goes to show that you don’t always need gold for everything. *he caught Sean Waltman’s eye and winked, smiling* Hunter and I thought long and hard…for about five minutes… before making the decision to give this DX thing another shot. I gotta be honest, most of the time the sequel never quite lives up to the original, but this award makes me think we did a pretty decent job of living up to your expectations of us. Thanks, all of you… and thank you to Hunter for convincing me to do this, and to Joanie for making this even more fun and worthwhile. *He stepped aside to let Hunter speak*


Triple H: What Shawn forgot to say is the reason most sequels suck is cause the two of us didn’t write most of them. But seriously, I had some reservations about this idea at first, and before going to Shawn with it I asked myself if I really wanted to go into the future building my career off nostalgia. The conclusion I came to was that Shawn and I could make the new DX about a whole lot more than that…we could make it the same but new. Familiar but different. I’d like to say it was difficult, you know, be humble and everything…but that’s just not me, and really it was easy as hell. It came so naturally that I had to ask myself why Shawn and I waited so long to team up again. Whatever the reason, that doesn’t matter now, because the boys really are back. And behind every good man there’s a good woman, so Joanie…thanks for not smothering me in my sleep on one of those road trips. I really appreciate it.


DX walked off to their theme music and the announcer spoke again.


Announcer: Please welcome to the stage, Eric Bischoff!


Eric Bischoff: While not literally, I've been a heel of the year a time or two, and it is a priviledge to be able to give the heel of the year award to this years winner. The nominees are... Raven, Kevin Nash, Syxx, and Jeff Hardy... the winner is...


Syxx approached the stage...


Syxx: So I'm the best bad guy? That's awesome. I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has chanted "X-Pac sucks" since I came back to the EBWF, because all your hatred has fueld my fire and helped make me who I am today. And if you're not down with that...I've got 2 words for ya, FUCK OFF!


Announcer: *As Syxx was walking off* Please welcome, EBWF Legend... Bret "The Hitman" Hart!!


Bret Hart: It is my honor to present the face of the year to the most deserving good guy of the past year. The nominees are... Jeff Hardy, Alex Shelley, Shawn Michaels, and Shane Helms. The Winner is... Alex Shelley! 


Alex smiled and walked up to the stage.


Alex Shelley: Thank you all very much. I've never been much of a face before but in the EBWF I just figured I would be myself and see how it got over. Apparently it went over pretty well and I can't thank you all enough for your continued support over the past year I have been employed with the EBWF. Thank You!


The show goes to commercial.


The Storyline of the Year goes to The nWo Invasion!


Congratulations to Ben, Mike, Kevin, Rob, Jon, Shev, Joey, and anyone else who was involved in the nWo storyline! Thanks for making this a great year for fueding!


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome...


Joanie, Hunter, and Shawn all came out to the DX theme, and the crowd was cheering. They walked hand in hand, Joanie in the middle, and when they came to a stop Joanie slipped her arms around both men's waists. They stood for a minute, soaking in the applause, and then Joanie began to speak.


Chyna: Hunter was right, behind all these good men are a few good women, and tonight we honor one of them with the female wrestler of the year award... The nominees are... Trish Stratus, Lita, Kristal, and Christy Hemme... and the winner is...


Chyna: Unfortunately, Trish's flight was delayed and she was unable to be here with us tonight. DX accepts this award on her behalf.

DX exited the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome... Chris Jericho!


Chris Jericho: I consider myself quite the entertainer. In fact that's why the EBWF asked me to give the award for entertainer of the year. The nominees are... Alex Shelley, Syxx, Jeff Hardy, and Wes Ikeda... and the winner is... Wes Ikeda! 


Wes walked up to the stage and shook his head as he accepted the award.


Wes Ikeda: You know... after twelve years in this business... you have no idea how much this means to me. I'd like to thank... my entire family... Mama, Fred, Shannon, Alex, Jeff and Beth, McKenzie and Blaine... especially you Blaine because when I feel like I can't go on you lift me up like you have no idea. I'd like to thank all the fans who have been their since the very beginning, you're all very special to me, and I love that you still enjoy what I'm doing with the wrestling business. I'd like to thank Jarred Carthallion and Angelus Archer for bringing out the best in me every time, for many years.I'd like to thank my assistant Lynne for keeping me straight for all this time. I'd like to thank that haters, some of which are sitting in this room, for making me stronger than ever. And finally, to my life, my breath, and my reason for living... Amy Ikeda... here's to two wonderful years, and looking forward to a lifetime more. *He smiled.* Thank you.


Wes walked off stage and the show went to commercial.



It is my honor to announce that our newest Hall of Famer is Benjamin Nichols! Please visit the Hall of Fame page for more information on Benjamin and the Hall of Fame.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the Chairman of the Board Wes Ikeda.


Wes Ikeda: Thank you. I'd like to take this time to thank everyone for tuning in tonight as I prepare to give the award for Wrestler of the Year. The nominees are... Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, David Flair, Syxx, and Alex Shelley... the winner is... Alex Shelley! 


The crowd erupted in cheers and Alex Shelley went to the stage. Wes gave him a pat on the back as he handed him his award.


Alex Shelley: Wow, I would have never dreamed that when I made my first appearance in the EBWF at WrestleMania 5 last year that I would be standing here the day before WrestleMania 6 as the wrestler of the year. I would like to thank my mom, my dad, my brother Ryan, Shane Helms for all the great trips up and down the roads, Shannon Moore for the good times in the hotel kitchen, my former tag team partner and good friend Nelson "Homicide" Erazo for the most fun I have ever had in my career, Harter...most of you know him as Chris're a pain in the ass but I love you like a brother, thank you, Scott D'Amore for teaching me so much, Amy Ikeda for being a good friend and putting up with me all the time I spend at her house, Carmella...I love you, Sean Waltman for always being so tough on me for all the right reasons, the guys in D-Generation X for all the inspiration, the nWo for the great feud, Jeff Hardy for what could possibly be considered the greatest match of my career, Raven for my first big feud and the words of encouragement, David Flair, Vampiro, Sting, Trish Stratus, and the rest of Team EBWF, Edward Kaufman for labling me a degenerate, Fred Durst for being a fan, Kevin Nash for all you taught me even if you are now a douchebag, and of course my boss and good friend Wes Ikeda. Don't think for a second I forgot about all the fans...without you none of this would be possible. Thank you all so much.


The crowd applauded more, and Wes stayed on the stage.


Wes Ikeda: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome one more time... Amy Ikeda and Shannon Moore.


He was joined on stage by Lita and Shannon, and the three of them stood together.


Lita: It takes a lot to achieve every dream you've ever had. But that's exactly what the man we're here to honor tonight has done. Take a look.


A tribute video began to play on the screen.


Lita: Jeff Hardy is my big brother, one of the few men who was patient enough to teach me how to wrestle, and even more so one of my wrestling heroes.


Wes Ikeda: Jeff Hardy is a one in a million entertainer. The nWo was lucky to have him, and the EBWF is even luckier to get him back, without him wrestling wouldn't be what it is today. Jeff has given more to this sport in 9 years than most people could give in a lifetime.


Shannon Moore: The EBWF has only given one Lifetime Achievement Award since the Slammy Awards began, and that award went to Tony Ikeda in 2005. There is finally another man deserving of such an award. The 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award goes to... Jeff Hardy.


Jeff looked surprised and he stood up and walked to the stage. He hugged Shannon and Amy, and smiled when Wes offered him a handshake that he accepted.


Jeff Hardy: Hell yea! You know, it’s true that we bust our asses in the ring each and every night for the fans-Whether we’re heel or face, or willing to admit that or not, we live to entertain and make the shows special for everyone watching. So to win this, it’s really gratifying. I live to entertain you, and I hope that video proved that. I'd like to thank the Administration for seeing fit in giving me this award and... and I'd like to... give a shout out to my brother Matt... I wouldn't... I wouldn't exactly be here without him. *A thank you Jeff chant went up* No, no, thank all of YOU... and don't thank me yet, because I ain't quite done! *He smiled, and walked off with Lita and Shannon.*


Wes Ikeda: After six years of EBWF Entertainment, I find myself standing here alone. And while it's bitter sweet I have to say it feels pretty good. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to watch Wrestlemania 6, live from Detroit, Michigan tomorrow night on PPV! From my family to yours, thank you, and goodnight!

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