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Hottie of the Year: Wes Ikeda 
Wrestler of the Year: Randy Orton 
Babe of the Year: Nicole Ikeda 
Female Wrestler of the Year: Trish Stratus 
Face of the Year: Wes Ikeda 
Heel of the Year: Randy Orton 
Newcomer of the Year: CM Punk 
X-Division Champion of the Year: Brian Kendrick 
No Limits Champion of the Year: The Rock 
Stable of the Year: The Family (CM Punk, Raven, Daffney, Dr. Stevie) 
Tag Team of the Year: Rated RKO (Randy Orton, Edge) 
Match of the Year: Wes Ikeda, Randy Orton (Wrestlemania 8) 
Storyline of the Year: Ikeda-Orton II (By Cory & Ashlee) 
Entertainer of the Year: Wes Ikeda 
Outstanding OOC Sportsmanship Award: Ben (Chris Jericho, Drew McIntyre) 
Lifetime Achievement Award: Lance Storm

The EBWF went live, as cameras panned around the outside of the Dodge Theater in Phoenix, Arizona. Fans and Press were lined up behind a velvet rope on the green carpet. They were cheering the arrival of their favorite EBWF Superstars. The camera focused on Michael Cole.


Michael Cole: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 8th Annual EBWF Slammy Awards! The EBWF Jauggernaut has taken off this year, with more press coverage than ever before! Entertainment Tonight is here. E! News. Headline News, and TMZ are all knocking down our door. Over the past year, EBWF has gotten more popular than ever! Joining me, near the entrance to the Dodge Theater, sure to have all of the exclusive interviews from your favorite EBWF Superstars, Lillian Garcia! Hey Lillian.

The camera view changed to another area of the Dodge Theater where Lilian Garcia was standing by.


Lillian Garcia: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the biggest party of the year! I'm Lillian Garcia, and I'm so excited to be on the Green Carpet once again this year! So many of your favorite EBWF Superstars have already arrived, and you'll notice a notable difference this year, the EBWF's Champions are CARRYING their title belts. A night to celebrate, but also a night to celebrate the best Todd. Joining me now, right here on the green carpet, one of those champions, the beautiful Melina! The Diva's Sky High Champion - Beautiful as always tonight, Melina...


Melina: Long time no see Lilian. We should catch up sometime. Oh and thank you, same for you.


Lilian gave a grateful smile, and began to move the microphone back and forth between herself and her and Melina.


Lilian Garcia: Are you excited for Wrestlemania?


Melina: Absolutley, I mean my first Wrestlemania with EBWF. It's going to be one hell of a night, I mean who wouldn't be excited to be featured on the 'Grandest Stage of Them All'. Cannot wait to face Michelle even though I'll be walking in and out of Wrestlemania as champion.


Lilian Garcia: You're nominated for a Slammy tonight. What would winning tonight mean to you?


Melina: Wow, it would be a huge relief since it will prove that the fans have believed in me and noticed that I'm not just a pretty face.


Being a champion, winning a Slammy and being in Wrestlemania, that would be just one of the proudest moments of 2010. The fact I'm in two categories means that I am doing something right and I'm going to show everyone why I was nominated. Good luck to the other ladies. Thanks Lillian!


Lillian Garcia: Thank You Melina. Now back down to the arrival area, where Todd Grisham has the latest update.


The camera scene changed back to Todd Grisham who was near the fans with a clear shot of the limos and chauffered cars that were arriving to the Dodge Theater. The screen moved to split screen, as the camera found the superstars Todd was talking about, as he spoke about them.


Todd Grisham: Just moments ago, EBWF Women's Champion Trish Stratus arrived with her husband Shane Helms, in her Hot Pink BMW Z4. She was of course carrying the EBWF Women's Championship, and now she works her way down the barricade taking photographs and signing things for fans. Christopher Daniels arrived just moments ago. Dr. Stevie, Daffney, Raven, CM Punk & Ted DiBiase are all walking the green carpet tonight, but they snubbed the fans, and Cody Rhodes arrived alone just moments ago, and he's taking care of every fan he can get his hands on. The fans is what Wrestlemania Weekend is all about, Lilian.

The screen went to a split screen of Lilian and Todd, as she replied.


Lilian Garcia: Absolutely Todd! I'm happy Cody Rhodes is here tonight, I'm going to try to get a word with him later. Right now, I'm being joined by the decorated No Limits Champion. He is Jimmy Jacobs. Thanks for stopping by Jimmy. Are you ready to take on John Cena tomorrow night?


Jimmy didn't need a second thought on his answer.


Jimmy Jacobs: Of course I'm ready. There isn't a doubt in my mind that I'm in the best condition I've been in years, and I'm ready to bring the downfall of John Cena.


Lilian Garcia: You're nominated here tonight, what would winning a Slammy mean to you?


Smiling a bit, Jimmy adjusted the blue tie he had on.


Jimmy Jacobs: Well, firstly, let me clarify that Tyler Durden doctrine does not explicitly prohibit me from receiving a Slammy Award.

Winning such an illustrious award...this would mean a lot to me. Years of working matches with only ten our fifteen people watching, late shifts at night eating only a few chips and sweat...all those years of being flat broke, you get the idea, Lilian. Tonight, Jimmy Jacobs wins the Slammy, and dedicates it to every single space monkey that supported our Conspiracy.


Lilian Garcia: If you walk away with two titles tomorrow night, who would be on your list of opponents going forward?


Now a smirk formed on the Conspirator's face.


Jimmy Jacobs: That's the thing about me, Lilian, I don't care who I have to hurt, how I have to hurt them, and where I get to hurt them. Being the Intercontinental Champion and No Limits Champion at the same time...that makes me alpha male in the EBWF. And the one person that I want to damage the most? That would be Edge. The man who didn't have the balls to finish what he started.


Jimmy glowered a bit and walked out of the frame as Lillian tried to continue smiling.


Lilian Garcia: The always interesting Jimmy Jacobs on the green carpet here tonight. You're watching the EBWF Slammy's pre-show.

The Awards Show will be getting underway before we know it. Excited about our next guests - Joining us now, they are the stars of the "Dirt Sheet", John Morrison & The Miz. How are you guys doing tonight?


John Morrison: Well Lilian, considering that the Shaman of Sexy didn't make the ballot tonight and Wes Ikeda is on the Hottie list, not so great. Still, that doesn't matter too much because being the wrestling gurus that we are, this doesn't matter to us. We are young and at the top of our game seeing that I get to throw this X Division Championship Belt over my shoulder tonight and like my partner here, I am very confident that next year we will be the only answer to every nomination that makes sense.


Miz looks right at Lilian with a very bored and upset expression going on and tilting his head ready to say his signature words.


The Miz: Really Lilian? Really? Are we glad to be here tonight at the Slammy Awards? Well why should we be? The Dirt Sheet is already the single most greatest addition to the EBWF company found on the website every week and we already have our own award show because we are just that AWESOME. So all of you who win tonight, just remember one little thing, you are all award winners on a second rate show. Be jealous.


Lilian Garcia: This is the biggest party of the year. Are you guys ready for the most important show of the year tomorrow night?


John Morrison: Well of course we are, tomorrow night is Wrestlemania! The show of all shows, the grandest stage of them all and you will all see the Palace of Wisdom in his very first 'Mania. I'm very excited that I'll be walking in as the champion and I plan to be walking out even bigger. In the past there have been people come and go, but not people equivalent to the Dirt Sheet Duo. There is nobody that is quite as large as us and that is larger than life itself. We're the greatest tag team and the greatest singles wrestlers in the entire company and the entire sport of professional wrestling. Let's all be honest here too, this show was made for us. Wrestlemania is the stomping grounds for people like us in the world.


The Miz: Right, there is a place for the winners and there are places for champions and obviously that is what we are and what we will always be in this place. But please John, walking onto red carpets, walking down a ramp in front of millions of screaming girls, this is just another day in the lives of two great superstars in wrestling. Another few hours that we live in, when you think of the qualities for Wrestlemania, it's hard to think of that has a special day. For me, that is just another Sunday Night for the Chick Magnet.


Lilian Garcia: Are you guys planning on working together as a tag team, or branching out for singles competition?


The Miz: I've been in both positions now in my career here and truth be told, I am so talented that I can do both unlike most of the unfortunate nobody stars on the roster. I have gone through tag matches while at the same time wrestling for the X Division Championship and then the next day wrestling again for the Tag Belts. There is no limit to what I can do because I am just that good.


John Morrison: For once, I agree with my counterpart, because since I've come to this business I have been a dominating factor in the Singles Division and I have been the greatest Tag Team Partner as well. So from the X Division to the Tag Championships, I have no limits to where I will go and you know something... I'm only getting started.


Lilian Garcia: Thanks a lot guys! Good luck tomorrow night, John. Michael, what's going on at your end of the red carpet? Who's arrived?


The scene once again moved to Michael Cole who was grinning from ear to ear.


Michael Cole: Well, Lilian... THE CHAMP IS HERE! John Cena is basking in the glory of his fans, signing autographs and taking pictures, and doing the same... The Chairman of the Board Wes Ikeda, hanging on his arm, his beautiful wife, Christy Hemme.


Lilian Garcia: Definitely on my interview list...


Michael Cole: Absolutely!


Lillian Garcia: Speaking of interview lists. So many of the EBWF superstars are stopping to talk to the media outlets that are here today. We mentioned Entertainment Tonight, The E! Channel - the list goes on and on, right now I'm pleased to have an exclusive interview with Cody Rhodes. Hi Cody, thanks for the quick word. You've been on the injured list, how is your rehab going?


Cody Rhodes: Rehab is going well, ahead of schedule actually. My knee was pretty messed up after what happened and I was worried. I've been working extra hard and I'm determined to get back into action as soon as possible.


Lilian Garcia: It's the biggest weekend in our business. What are your thoughts knowing you're going to miss Wrestlemania?


Cody Rhodes: It sucks. Really bad, to be honest. This is the biggest night in all of sports entertainment. Just a month ago, I pictured myself defending the tag titles here and then things went sour. I'll be watching closely and there's no way I'll miss this next year.


Lilian Garcia: I know the situation with Ted might not have you in the mood to celebrate, how are you feeling toward Ted right now?


Cody Rhodes: Everybody makes mistakes. Ted is going through a tough time in life right now. I'm not going to elaborate too much on the subject. All I'll say is that payback is a bitch. Thanks, have a good one.


Lilian Garcia: Thank you, Cody. The atmosphere is certainly an exciting one, and I for one am pumped up about the EBWF Slammy Awards Tonight. Joining me now, Maryse. Maryse, you'll face Michelle McCool and Melina for the Sky High Championship at Wrestlemania. Do you think you'll walk away with the victory?


Maryse: Do I think I’ll walk away with the victory? I’m certain I’ll walk away with the victory especially after being cheated out of the chance to fight for the Women’s Championship. This is a second chance for me and I won’t allow myself to be cheated again. So Melina start buffing my title because it’s coming home come Wrestlemania.


Lilian Garcia: This is your first EBWF Wrestlemania. How does it feel to be here at the biggest show of the year?


Maryse: It feels great to be competing on the grandest stage of them all and what’s even better is they’ll be a crowning of a new Divas Champion. So Lillian this is a great opportunity on the biggest show of the year, but I'll be me making the bigger impression.


Lilian Garcia: Thank you, Maryse. Michael, I'm being told you're covering an arrival on the red carpet. What do you have for us?

The screen cut back to the beginning of the green carpet, where Michael Cole was waiting. Production cut to a split screen, with Michael Cole talking on one, and a black stretch Hummer on the other screen.


Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am being told that the EBWF World Champion, Randy Orton is in that vehicle, about to arrive here at the Slammy Awards tonight. One can only assume that Edge is with him, and this crowd is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the world champion. Randy and Edge obviously nominated for Tag Team of the Year here tonight as well.

The crowd cheered as the door opened, but Edge got out by himself and the door closed again. He started walking the carpet, immediately going to the fan barricade as flashbulbs went off.


Michael Cole: As we watch Edge arrive, Bret "The Hitman" Hart arrives behind him on the green carpet. Lilian, I'll keep you posted on our world champion.


The split screen showed Lilian.


Lilian Garcia: Thanks Michael. I'm being joined now by everybody's favorite, John Cena! John, you look great. Thanks for taking a moment to talk to us. How does it feel to be the Intercontinental Champion?


John Cena: Well first off Lillian thank you. You are looking very stunning yourself. It feels awesome to be the Intercontinental Champion. Some legendary competitors have held this title before me and to now know that my name will be etched in history alongside theirs... it gives me an incredible sense of pride. And I can promise that I will represent this title and the EBWF to the fullest of my potential.


Lilian Garcia: You're nominated here tonight, what would winning mean to you?


John Cena: Winning would be an amazing honor. I would be very flattered especially considering the other men nominated alongside me. In all honesty, between the two of us, I'm a little nervous about the possibility of winning because I have no idea what I will say if I do win, and when you're me, that's never a good thing! But I do want to wish my fellow nominees good luck and good luck to everyone nominated tonight. I'm sure it's going to be a very memorable evening.


Lilian Garcia: Are you ready to be on the biggest stage of them all against Jimmy Jacobs tomorrow night?


John Cena: In all honesty I have never felt more ready for anything in my life. I think that both Jacobs and I are going to put on an amazing show that hopefully will blow everyone away. We have been blessed with a pretty awesome match. Granted, I'm sure once I'm in that ring it's not really going to seem like such a blessing! This will be my first Wrestlemania with the EBWF and I couldn't be more excited... or prepared.


Lilian Garcia: Thanks so much for stopping by and talking to me, John!


John Cena: Thank you Lilian! Enjoy the show.


John stopped out of the shot, and Lilian smiled into the camera.


Lilian Garcia: We need to get back down to Michael Cole who is standing at the arrival area on the green carpet.


Michael Cole: Thank you Lilian. So many EBWF Superstars taking the time to chat with fans, and pose for pictures. Wes Ikeda has managed to stop and chat with every media outlet on the green carpet. Lots of buzz around Wrestlemania. As you were interviewing John Cena, The Rock arrived much to the excitement of these EBWF fans.


Lilian Garcia: Michael, we've seen several arrivals. I've been promised a word with Randy Orton's opponent tomorrow night, Chris Jericho, in mere moments. Any word on the arrival of the EBWF World Champion.


Michael Cole: To be perfectly candid, Lilian. It seems Randy only wants to be interviewed by EBWF reporters - so we're trying to get that cleared before our champion takes to the green carpet and greets the EBWF fans.


Lilian Garcia: After signing over 1000 autographs in the last two days, I don't think I'd want to talk to anyone either, Michael.


Michael Cole: And Randy Orton is methodical, so prepared, that he knows even tonight at this event, he has to be completely focused on his match tomorrow night, against Chris Jericho.


Lilian Garcia: Speaking of Chris Jericho, Michael, we're going to go ahead and break away to interview the former EBWF World Champion and Randy Orton's opponent in tomorrow night's main event. With his wife, Jessica Jericho, Chris, isn't your wife gorgeous?


Chris Jericho: I sure as hell think so. I love it when there are rumors of me having an affair; I just send in a picture of Jess and go "really?"


Lilian Garcia: The dream came true at the Royal Rumble, you won, and going to headline Wrestlemania. How's that make you feel?


Chris Jericho: I'm both excited and nervous. It means a lot for me main eventing Mania again, and I'd love to walk out the new World Champion, but Randy's a tough opponent to be up against. Whatever happens, I can guarantee we'll steal the show.


Lilian Garcia: A lot of people have said that tonight is about celebrating the collective work of everyone at EBWF, but do you feel like tonight is sort of Jericho's night?


Chris Jericho: Not at all... I'm not THAT egotistical. It's an honor to be nominated for so many Slammies, and I'm confident that I'll get to go on stage to collect one at least once or twice, but tonight is about so much more than me. We've had a tremendous year, and tonight the guys that have been the driving force of that success will get recognized for it.


Lilian Garcia: Thank you Chris. Good luck tonight, and tomorrow. I'm pulling for you. Back to you Michael.


The camera rejoined Michael Cole.


Michael Cole: Lilian, the fans literally went crazy just moments ago, cheers echoing off of the nearby buildings as Edge ran across the green carpet, and picked up the EBWF Women's Champion Trish Stratus, and entered the crowd with her, deciding to be right in the middle of the action. These fans at the top of the bleachers, thought they were just going to get a glimpse. Now they're getting autographs, with two of EBWF's finest Canadian imports. Just a minute... I'm being told... that we have been given clearance and we are expecting the arrival of the EBWF World Champion... any minute now.


Lilian Garcia: I don't know Michael. If there's no music to usher him in, I don't think we can rely on that any minute business. Randy tends to take his time. Have you seen him walk down to the ring.


The two colleagues shared a laugh, as the fans cheered loudly when the door to the Hummer opened once again. Almost immediately, cameramen from EBWF and other media outlets were on the sidewalk next to the vehicle, as Randy stepped out World Title on his shoulder, sunglasses in place. Flash bulbs were going off as Randy reached into the backseat and grabbed the hand of Nicole Ikeda, helping her step down from the running board. Once she was firmly on the ground, they turned to face the gathered crowd and make their way up the arrival area. They were immediately blinded.


Michael Cole: And I believe ladies and gentlemen that was what the mainstream media was calling, 'the money shot.'


Randy and Nikki seemed to have a very well planned system, as they stood together for what seemed like a perfect ten count.


Michael Cole: That man will face Chris Jericho in just 24-hours, but for right now he boasts one of EBWF's most coveted prizes on each arm.


After the ten count, Randy and Nicole lessened the chaos by going to opposite sides of the aisle, swiftly signing autographs, and making their way up the barricade.


Michael Cole: Lilian, the World Champion and the Executive Vice President of Global Media making their way to you now, your thoughts on their arrival?


Lilian Garcia: As we wind down the pre-show, Michael... knowing Lynne McClinton like I do. Knowing Randy and Nicole, ultimately - they saved themselves the hassle and gave the people what they wanted tonight - they did it on their own terms. I say we let them and everyone else enjoy a few hours like this, and tomorrow - business as usual... "The Killer" Randy Orton and The EBWF Chairwoman Nicole Ikeda will be at odds once more.


Michael Cole: It's the beauty of our business, Lilian.


Lilian Garcia: Indeed it is, I do have to say, I like that the champions brought their belts tonight.


Michael Cole: It's been frowned upon in the past, but it's true - this is a night to celebrate the accomplishments of everyone in the EBWF, but at the same time - this is the best of the best in the EBWF - and they deserve the recognition.


The camera focused back on Randy Orton, who was signing autographs just paces away from Lilian Garcia. The EBWF handlers trying to hurry him along. Another across the aisle was trying to get Nicole to speed up as well. It was live television after all. Randy finally went toward Lilian, the camera focused only on him as he adjusted the world title, and turned to look back at the still rowdy crowd. He motioned with his hand, and Nicole held up an index finger, causing those around them to laugh. She posed for one more quick picture, and then high tailed it toward him, taking his arm as they turned toward Lilian. The interviewer was all smiles.


Lilian Garcia: They love their bad boys. I'm going to get the first interview, huh?


Randy Orton: That you are.


Lilian Garcia: Randy, your second EBWF Wrestlemania - your first as EBWF World Champion. How's the weekend treating you so far?


Randy Orton: It's been absolutely intense, Lilian. I've been doing interviews, autograph signings, talk show appearances, charities, you name it. I've been having a lot of fun.


Lilian Garcia: Nicole, your first year in EBWF... your first Wrestlemania, your initial reaction.


Nicole Ikeda: I am completely overwhelmed!


Lilian gestured between Nicole and Randy.


Lilian Garcia: This doesn't help.


Nicole Ikeda: No, I guess it doesn't. I'm having a complete blast right now, and I think the only thing I can do is continue to ride this wave for as long as I possibly can.


Lilian Garcia: I got to ask you, Nic... you love Chris Jericho like a brother... who's your pick for tomorrow night?


Nicole Ikeda: I plan to remain delightfully mum on that one.


The microphone was pointed back to Randy.


Lilian Garcia: Is she copping out on you?


Randy Orton: We have an agreement that she's allowed to lust after no more than three men in or close to their forties. She picked Chris as one of them.


Lilian Garcia: So Randy, I think there's a few obvious questions about tonight and tomorrow night, but I'd miss my being investigative journalism moment if I didn't ask how long you two have been back together.


Randy looked over at Nicole and made a mock face of confusion before looking back at Lilian.


Randy Orton: Who said we ever broke up?


Nicole Ikeda: Eat your heart out Meltzer!


Lilian Garcia: Well, then at least help the gossip mags who say you've been together for nearly a year now. Really, how long's it been?


Randy Orton: How long has it been or how long has it felt like?


Lilian Garcia: I'm not going to get a thing out of you, am I?


Randy Orton: Well, the fact that we're walking in together is something, right?


Lilian Garcia: Well, she's certainly not a bad date to have. I got to ask you one more thing before I let you go. Tonight could be the first night of one hell of a birthday week for you. You turn thirty on Thursday, nominated for every award concieveable for you tonight, and tomorrow night, arguably the definitive match of your career. How do you feel about your chances at Wrestlemania, tomorrow? Especially after only 15 months here in EBWF?


Randy Orton: Honestly, Lilian, I think the cards lined up this way for a reason, and you know I have no shortage of confidence. I might be a little biased, but I'm pretty certain that you're going to see me walk out of the University of Phoenix Stadium with this guy still in my hands.


Randy motioned to the World title on his shoulder.


Randy Orton: Nomatter what, though, I have the best date in the house tonight.


Lilian smiled at Nikki, and put the mic to her lips.


Lilian Garcia: Randy, Nikki, a pleasure. Thank you so much. Enjoy your night.


Randy and Nicole thanked Lilian again and left the camera frame, and Lilian's bright smile continued to grace the screen.


Lilian Garcia: And what a night it's been. Waiting patiently in the wings, as we are just moments away from the beginning of the 8th Annual Slammy Awards - he's been hanging out with the fans here on the green carpet. Joined by his lovely wife, Christy Hemme. He is the owner and CEO of the EBWF - the one, the only, the rebel without a cause - Wes Ikeda. Wes - you're first Slammy Awards were back in 2004, when you took home an award you have yet to lose, Hottie of the Year, you're nominated for that award tonight and many others. You think you'll take any Slammy's home?


Wes Ikeda: Thanks Lilian, you know... I don't want to jinx it. I'm just thrilled the fans nominated me for the awards that did. To be in the wrestler of the year category with Randy Orton and Chris Jericho - two men I consider phenomenal wrestlers - that is an award all on it's own.


Lilian Garcia: And CM Punk...


Wes Ikeda: No, no I atleast deserve to be in a class with him. Maybe slightly above him, but who am I to say?


Lilian Garcia: First Wrestlemania in recent memory where you haven't had a match. It's caused some speculation that you're not planning on getting in the ring again.


Wes Ikeda: Yeah, rumors like that get started. As the company gets into it's 9th year - we have a talent pool unlike any other. There was no need for me to have a spot on this card, these guys can carry it on their own, and I look forward to them doing it. I had a great match with Randy Orton last year, and I think it's still standing the test of time - had a great title run last year. It's time to make it about somebody other than me.


Lilian Garcia: So you're still planning on being in active competition?


Wes Ikeda: BCW is closing, I'm scheduled for their tribute shows. I have dates with Ring of Honor this summer. Still in active competition, absolutely. I love the action.


Lilian Garcia: Final thoughts on Wrestlemania tomorrow night? Which matches you're looking forward to?


Wes Ikeda: I think the ladies in the ladder match have a lot to prove tomorrow night. I know they can pull it off. As a fan, I'm really looking forward to Kendrick and Morrison duking it out. Nostalgia is calling for me to be foaming at the mouth for Rock and Austin. I think Rock versus Austin nearly spells Wrestlemania. Bret Hart versus Sting is going to be an instant classic. Cena versus Jacobs is right up my alley, so as a fan I'm waiting anxiously for that one. Honestly, I think Jericho and Orton are going to blow the roof off of Phoenix Stadium. This is a great Wrestlemania card, I think it would be a mistake to miss it.


Lilian Garcia: I agree with you. Thanks Wes, we better get you inside. The show is about to start.


Wes nodded, thanking Lilian and moving out of the shot.


Lilian Garcia: I'd like to thank my broadcast colleague Michael Cole. The excitement is in the air, the fans are ready. Wrestlemania is less than 24-hours away, I love Wrestlemania weekend. That wraps up a Slammy Pre-Show. Your EBWF Slammy Awards are NEXT!

After a commercial break the scene went live inside the Dodge Theater in Phoenix. The crowd was electric as music kicked up and an announcer's voice filled the auditorium.


Matt Striker and Justin Roberts walked out onto the stage to a rowdy crowd who was amped up for the Slammy Awards. They soaked up the applause for a moment - and then began the show.


Matt Striker: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the 8th Annual EBWF Slammy Awards.


Justin Roberts: We're set for a great show tonight, and we want to waste no time. Here to present the first award - Matt Hardy!

"Live For the Moment" hit the PA, and Matt Hardy came on to the stage, looking a little more dapper than usual. He stepped to the microphone.


Matt Hardy: No Limits means extreme. This year, three incredible men put their bodies on the line to go toe to toe for Extremes biggest championship. 


Matt struggled to open an envelope.


Matt Hardy: And the winner is... THE ROCK!


The camera found Rock in the crowd and he grinned almost mischievously as he approached the stage and took his award.


The Rock: Finally! The Rock has come back!! To the EBWF!!!! The Rock knows he Deserves this award... As he deserves every other award given out tonight! The Rock hates to be the rain on your parade! But The Rock has seen lots of jabronies coming up here and running their mouths! The Rock feels he needs to speak on this!


The Rock: The Rock has been away for a while, and what does he see? Ted DiBiase Jr., CM Punk, Bret Hart, and Lance 'bowel' Storm... The Rock can't believe these pieces of monkey crap are main eventing Warfare! Are main eventing pay per views! And for Christ's sake... THEY ARE MAIN EVENTING THE ROCK'S SHOW!!!! Aggression? Starting with EBWF's World champion there is Nobody! And the Rock means NOBODY!!!! Better than him! And if any of you here tonight think otherwise you can Go one on one with the Great One at Warfare! Or at Wrestlemania! The Rock isn't going to miss the grand stage of them all! So Wes Ikeda you better give the Rock a match or lace up your boots and bring it jabroni! Because the Rock is tired of earning his paycheck by scratching the people's nuts!!!! If ya smelalalalalalalalalalalalawwwww what the Rock is cooking!


The Rock raises his award and walks off the stage. The screen went back to Matt Striker who was waiting near another podium.


Matt Striker: As they say, kayfabe never dies.


There was laughter as Striker smiled.


Matt Striker: This guy knows a thing or two about X-Division Wrestling, please welcome... Jimmy Jacobs.


Jimmy Jacobs: This year EBWF got rid of the Heavyweight Championship, insuring that any man could be EBWF's World Champion - but even so, the X-Division is in a class all of it's own.


Jimmy Jacobs: And the winner is... BRIAN KENDRICK!


An instrumental version of "Bird and the Worm" by The Used played and out walked The Brian Kendrick. He stepped up to the podium and took a good look at his Slammy before holding it above his head.


The Brian Kendrick: Not only am I THE Brian Kendrick but now I am THE Slammy Award winning Brian Kendrick. And it is SOOO-OOOO much sweeter when you win one of these over Chris Jericho. Jericho! How does it feel to be my BITCH?!


He obviously savors this moment quite a bit as he laughed to himself. The crowd laughed too, the camera focusing on Chris Jericho who waved Kendrick off with a laugh.


The Brian Kendrick: I told everyone I could be successful on my own and I proved it. And let's not forget, I wasn't pinned when I lost my X-Division Title. So, I plan on getting that back. Or maybe I want to set my sights a little...higher. This..THIS is going to be the year of my ascension. All of the slobs dominating the top are going to have to make way for my giant, bright, omnipresent name! In 2010 the only name you need to remember is KENDRICK!


Taylor Wilde and Daizee came out on opposite sides of the ramp, dressed in a USA-styled bikini and a tye-dye one respectively, both

holding signs that read "KENDRICK" and holding sparklers. Then a series of images appeared on the screen.








Kendrick took a bow amidst the applause and took his leave with his new Slammy in tow.


The scene cut to the opposite side of the stage where Justin Roberts was still chuckling.


Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to three of the loveliest EBWF Divas... Maria, Torrie Wilson, and the EBWF Divas Sky High Champion - Melina!


The ladies looked lovely as they proceeded out to the stage. They went to the podium, Maria speaking first.


Maria: It's one of my favorite awards of the night! The four men in this category are phenomenal wrestlers...


Torrie Wilson: But occassionally, you just got to get down to the nitty gritty and admit that they're awfully, awfully nice to look at.


Melina: The winner is...


The camera found Wes at a table near the front of the stage, and he turned to look at Jericho, the camera clearly picking it up as he playfully said, "IN YOUR FACE!" Jericho and Wes did a fist bump and Wes chuckled as he went up to the stage and took the award, hugging all three ladies before taking to the microphone.


Wes Ikeda: Ummm... I always pretend like I'm not thrilled to get this, but uh, the fact that I've won it six years in a row now... wow... I'm not getting any younger, so this is really cool. I'm totally honored to know that people pay attention, and that after almost 12 years of being in this business, people still enjoy seeing me do what I do. I know it's just the Hottie of the Year Award, but I love that the fans give us these awards, and I will happily put it next to all my other fan given slammies. Thank you.


Keeping it short and sweet, Wes took his award and left the stage. The camera went back to Matt Striker, standing by.


Matt Striker: What an evening so far. Here to give out the Newcomer of the Year Award, former EBWF Tag Champion... Cody Rhodes!


Cody came out to a big ovation, and thanked the crowd with a wave. The entire crowd seemed to be elated that he wasn't on crutches as he stepped to the podium.


Cody Rhodes: Being new to the EBWF myself, I know what it takes to make an impression early on. The man who won this award last year, sits here with us tonight, The EBWF World Champion - and both of the men in this category - have already had that honor. And the winner is.... CM PUNK!


The winner emerged to the sounds of "Miseria Cantare" and resounding boo's. Upon reaching the podium, he gripped his Slammy and looked to it with an expression of indigence.


CM Punk: I want to use this time that I've been given, on a platform such as this, to further my message. Things like this are only possible when you allow Straight Edge into your life. If you do not you are DOOMED to live in mediocrity until you're underneath the ground. Your addictions will get the best of you and drag you into a bottomless pit. Choose Straight Edge and live! You don't have to be that ugly loser that nobody likes! You will never have to scrape for your next fix again! Put down your beers! Stamp out your cigarettes! See me as the savior I am and follow me down a path of glory!


Punk raised his right hand and lowered his head. With his eyes closed, he continued his diatribe and spoke louder to get above the booing.


CM Punk: I'm not done yet! Quiet down! You see, you're so agitated because your systems are drowning with illegal substances! The first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem. And you all have problems. As I am so much better than you, I can sense these things.


Offstage, someone tried to tell Punk to wrap it up and he shot him a nasty glare.


CM Punk: I will be heard! I'm not finished! I'm trying to save lives here! Worthless, insignificant lives, but lives nonetheless! I won't allow blood to be on my hands because these animals don't know the difference bet--


Some music, which had been growing increasingly louder in the background, finally began to drown The Second City Saint out. The crowd finally had something to cheer about as Punk snatched his Slammy and stormed off to the back.


Justin Roberts was at the ready to continue the show.


Justin Roberts: Heh, guess some people just aren't in the mood to celebrate. I think I know just how we can solve this.


"My Time is Now" hit the PA and the fans went crazy in the Dodge Theater. John Cena went down to the podium, envelope in hand, big smile on his face. He reached the microphone.


John Cena: The powers that be decided I could give one lucky babe an award for being... well... hot. Mirror, mirror on the wall... who did the fans choose as hottest of them all...


Cena tore open the envelope and threw in some playful theatrics as he turned the envelope around for the camera to see.


John Cena: NIKKI!


The camera found Nicole in the crowd as she put her hand to her forehead, slightly embarassed as Edge rubbed her shoulder in encouragement, she stood up and went to the stage. Cena hugged her, and handed her the Slammy trophy. Nicole looked down at the award in her hand.


Nicole Ikeda: It might be silly to feel excited about an award, that really, deep down, is sort of superficial. But I think what's special about this, is... well, it calms my worst fears. You fans have accepted me into this business so readily, and... I hate having my picture taken, and I hate it when people make a fuss over me. So, this award, means that you appreciate that work, even when I'm not one hundred percent confident in myself.


The screen behind Nicole was scanning the room for friendly faces. Landing on Wes, and then Chris Jericho, who was grinning from ear to ear.


Nicole Ikeda: My brother, Wes...


She paused for just a moment.


Nicole Ikeda: You have been so gracious, and patient with me, while I've been learning how to best do my job. You've encouraged me while I've been coming into my own on screen, and I just thank you, from the bottom of my heart for the way you've supported my professional life. Chris Jericho, your lovely wife, you and Jess have known me since before I could drive a car... and I just thank you so much for your guidance. Who else... Joanie Helmsley, Trish Stratus - teaching me about class, in a business full of trash... That's a Joanie quote, by the way. John...


She turned around to look at him as the crowd continued to cheer him.


Nicole Ikeda: You're a great friend to me. Thank you, so, so much, for ALWAYS being there when I need you. I did it! How cool is that?

Cena laughed and grinned at her, nodding his head. She stopped again, hesitating briefly.


Nicole Ikeda: I'm not going to accept another award tonight, so I wanted to say... Adam Copeland, you've taught me how to push the envelope without compromising my integrity, and...


The cameras had been consistently moving around the crowd, and had focused on Rated RKO.


Nicole Ikeda: ...and you've shown me that you can make real friends in a business full of enemies. I think...


There was a loud shout from somewhere high up in the rafters, as Adam and Randy were being broadcast on the large screens to the right and left of Nicole. One loud voice shouted out above the murmurs of the crowd, "I Love Randy Orton!" Nicole grinned, and spoke in jest.


Nicole Ikeda: No, no, sweetheart, I love Randy Orton, and I'll gladly tell you why. Everyday, I get up and go to work, and I try to be good at what I do. I do projects I'm afraid of failing at. I stand next to women I don't believe I have any right to be standing next to. And every single day, Randy, you answer that call, and change my life, with three words...


The crowd was expecting something a little more heartfelt, but Nicole looked down at the table where Randy was sitting, and held up a finger with each word.


Nicole Ikeda: We. got. this.


Randy grinned slightly, and her candor had gotten a laugh from the crowd, as she said 'thank you' once again, and left the stage.


Matt Striker: I think she's the true Billion Dollar Princess isn't she? Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome - an EBWF legend - the incomparable... Chris Jericho!


"Don't You Wish You Were Me" hit the PA and Chris Jericho came out to a standing ovation. He humbly thanked the crowd.


Chris Jericho: It wouldn't be possible for me to be nominated as Heel of the Year without the help of the incredible group of talent who played good guys this year. And the winner is..... WES IKEDA!


The camera focused on Wes just as he exhaled deeply as he stood up and looked at Jericho. The crowd cheered as he went up the steps and hugged Chris, before taking his trophy. He looked down at it and shook his head, before speaking into the microphone causing the crowd to laugh.


Wes Ikeda: I swear I didn't make Cena do the job. John Cena, you are a tremendous talent, and I'm honored to be in this category with you. I um, I typically play a bad guy - kind of true to life from time to time too.


He couldn't help but look at Nicole and then back into the crowd.


Wes Ikeda: It means a whole hell of a lot to me, that the stuff I did this year stuck out some how. I had a great time doing it. You'd probably be hard pressed to find a guy who enjoys every aspect of his work as much as I do. I really, really appreciate the nod, and I promise all you Cena fans that he'll get a fair shake at walking away with this one next year. Thanks!


Wes waved and walked off stage.


Matt Striker: We'll be right back, after a short commercial break. Lance Storm and Sting, still to come!




These are out of character awards as awarded by the members of EBWF!


OOC Award - Storyline of the Year 
"Ikeda-Orton II" - After ending their bitter feud in a match of the year nominated, Cage of Death Match at Wrestlemania VIII - Randy Orton and Wes Ikeda thought their dealings with one another were over. Orton received treatment for residual schizophrenia, silencing the voice of "The Killer", and returning to a life of normalcy. Past actions had ostracized Orton from everyone but his best friend Adam Copeland and Randy quickly became labeled as an Anti-Social Hothead. A set of unusual circumstances led Randy to be in the right place at the right time. He met and got to know Wes' sister, 24-year-old, Nicole. Nicole quickly fit in with Randy and Adam, and after initially fighting the inclusion of their new addition, and resisting their budding romance, the two finally agreed to a committed relationship. They knew, however, that their relationship would not be will received, and kept it secret for nearly 3 months. At Fanniversary, an on screen segment went horribly wrong, when Randy performed a back breaker on Nicole and dislocated her shoulder. Concerned for her well being, he demanded to be at her side, thus letting Wes in on what had been under his nose for weeks. An enraged Wes then plotted to take Randy off of the medication that had quieted the very dangerous voice in his head. Switching Randy's pills did the job, and within days the schizophrenia had manifested itself. After physically lashing out at Nicole, Randy broke up with her, leaving her brokenhearted. Her confidence destroyed, Nicole failed to realize she had most of the pieces to a very large puzzle she's only beginning to put together.


OOC Award - Sportsman of the Year 
Ben M. (Chris Jericho, Drew McIntyre)


Entry #14 - 
Name: Jon 
Characters: Many 
Accomplishments: Jon is one of the most loyal RPers to ever grace the EBWF. He's always willing to lend an ear or a helping hand, and has been with the EBWF for over six years. Jon boasts the longest No Limits Title Run in History - and historically - held it with a female character, his best character to date: The Lovely Lacey.




Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, Lance Storm!


Lance came out looking annoyed. He looked into the camera, and then at the teleprompter.


Lance Storm: And the winner is Chris Jericho. Thank you... come again.


The crowd laughed and Lance rolled his eyes.


Lance Storm: Fine, here's the nominees for some stupid award about being the bad guy. The Heel of the Year... WHAT?! Randy Orton... oh, you can't be serious... fuck beans.


The crowd was laughing as Randy stood up from his seat next to Adam. He folded his title belt up and handed it to Adam and walked casually up to the podium, as applause and some mock booing came from everyone in attendance. The look he had on his face gave off the vibe that he wasn't very impressed with his award. He took the Slammy trophy from Lance Storm and set it down on the podium.


Randy Orton: For the second year in a row, you've voted that I am the one person in the company most likely to piss you off. Is it because I am just a really mean guy? I don't think so. I don't go out there intentionally trying to make you people angry, because I don't care about you. I never have and I never will. We have John Cena to kiss babies and walk Grandma across the street.


The crowd laughed a little as the camera temporarily focused on Cena, who was shaking his head with a grin.


Randy Orton: The point is, I'm not going to change the way I do business because people don't like the fact that I don't shake hands and give high fives on my way to the ring. If that's what you want me to do, well...


He smirked.


Randy Orton: I guess I'm gonna be nominated for this award for many years to come.


Randy stepped down from the podium with his trophy and walked back to his seat.


Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, he is an icon, he is a legend, and last year he was the EBWF Wrestler of the Year... please welcome, Sting!


Sting walked onto the stage to a standing ovation. He was in full face paint, and grinned as he stepped up to the podium.


Sting: I was fortunate enough to be Wrestler of the Year last year, but I've also taken home the award for Stable of the Year. This year's nominees are...


A video featuring Fed-Ex and The Family began to play, showing off the nominees until Sting was ready to read the winner.


Sting: And the winner is.... THE FAMILY!


The entire Family of CM Punk, Daffney, Dr. Stevie and Raven came out in mass. Daffney, in a state of excitement, quickly rushed the podium and snatched the golden statue.


Daffney: WOO-HOOOO! We did it everybody, we did it! HI MOM! HI DAD! Look! I won an award! I'll always remember your words of encouragement. "NO! DAFFNEY! PUT DOWN THAT HAMMER! AHHH!"


Daffney screamed and laughed into the microphone as Dr. Stevie gently moved her away from it. Raven sat himself on a corner of the ramp, staring off into nowhere and choosing not to take part in the festivities.


Dr. Stevie: Well, I would like to say this is a surprise but I can't really do that now, can I? Better luck next year, FedEx. Oh. Wait. You probably won't have a next year, will you? More to the point, this Slammy award is a monument to not only our success but our resolve. With each passing day we grow stronger. And we will continue to make strides to improve the mental health of all the unfortunate souls around us. Thank you so much for acknowledging our hard, tireless work. We deeply appreciate it. From the bottom of our hearts.

CM Punk took his turn at the podium, to a chorus of boo's.


CM Punk: Let this be an example to all of you. You don't have to live such meaningless, pointless lives. We can help. Seek us out. Denounce your false icons and accept Straight Edge into your life. Give me your addicts, your junkies! Your filthy masses, yearning to breathe without the aid of nicotine. The wretched and broken, send these, the intoxicated, the lost, to me. With my guiding light, I will show them the way!


Punk raised his Slammy to the heavens and Dr. Stevie and Daffney mimicked his actions, raising their hands as well. The audience continued to voice their displeasure as the Slammy Award winning group soon migrated off of the stage.


Justin Roberts: Please give a warm round of applause to The Miz & John Morrison!


The Miz and Morrison stepped out onto the stage. Neither of the two men appeared to be thrilled to be there. They took turns speaking

into the microphone.


The Miz: Next year we will be nominated for this award.


John Morrison: Tonight, we will settle for giving it to a two men who don't deserve it.


The Miz: The nominees for Tag Team of the year are...


John Morrison: The Durden Conspiracy - Alex Shelley & Jimmy Jacobs.


The Miz: The Rock & Sock Connection - The Rock & Mick Foley.


John Morrison: Rated RKO - Edge & Randy Orton


The Miz: And The Thrillseekers - Chris Jericho & Lance Storm


John Morrison: And the winners are...


The Miz: ...RATED RKO.


Adam looked at Randy and said something that brought a grin to Randy's features. The two men walked up to the podium, and stared Miz and Morrison down until the reluctantly gave up the trophies and allowed Rated RKO to take to the podium.


Edge: I would just like to point out that Stephanie McMahon said we wouldn't work as a tag team. She was wrong. Let's see.... EBWF Creative... they didn't think the fans would like us as a tag team. You gave us this award.... so they were wrong! Wes Ikeda said, this would never work. He was wrong. In fact, if I look around this room. You were wrong. You were wrong. You were wrong. You were definitely wrong... every, single last one of you was 100% WRONG! And hey, Wes... guess what... when your kid grows up... he's gonna be WROOOOONG!!!! Randy... take 'em home brother...


Randy Orton: You have no idea... how long it took me to find someone that could not only tolerate my ego, but was talented enough to be my tag team partner.


Edge: The first isn't easy, but I am damn talented.


Randy Orton: You are not helping the rumors.


Adam laughed out loud, as did the audience.


Edge: Randy and I have a lot of fun working together, and it's probably because it's the one thing we know we don't have to take so seriously, because face it... as much as we rock as a tag team... we don't have to take it seriously because the rest of the teams suck. As is evident by the trophies that we're holding. We were the best on offer. We were the lesser of the evils. Chew on that Lance Storm! So I basically just got to thank me for being awesome, and Randy for being as awesome. No one else, because none of you totally reek of awesomeness like me. Now, my DX-like rehashing of every catch phrase I've ever had... will conclude, for the benefit of flash photography... after this 5 second pose.


Adam nodded at Randy and after three beats Randy threw his arms out to the side, trophy still in hand, as Adam did the over the top Hogan taunt and pointed at him, before the walked off the stage together.

Matt Striker: Oh, Rated RKO... you love them, even though you hate them. Ladies and Gentlemen, here to give an award they probably know a little something about... The Rock & Stone Cold Steve Austin.


The two living legends came onto the stage and Rock spoke first.


The Rock: The Rock knows that he's facing Stone Cold tomorrow night at Wrestlemania, but The Rock also knows a thing or two about the entertainment business.


Steve Austin: And even though EBWF is far more entertaining than any movie The Rock has ever made, we'll go ahead and let him give this little award.


The Rock: You can shut your mouth jabroni, The Rock saw The Condemned.


The crowd laughed and Austin grinned.


Steve Austin: The nominees for Entertainer of the Year are...


The Rock: Wes Ikeda.


Steve Austin: Nicole Ikeda:


The Rock: Fed Ex.


Steve Austin: And Rated RKO.


The Rock: And the winner is...


Steve Austin: ...that meely mouth bastard, DTA Son of a Bitch... Wes Ikeda.


Wes smiled and walked up to the podium once again, taking his award from The Rock, and nodding his head in thanks.


Wes Ikeda: First of all ladies and gentlemen, two of the greatest entertainers our business has ever seen... another round of applause for The Rock and Steve Austin.


The crowd responded in kind as he continued.


Wes Ikeda: I would be honored to be wrestler of the year, but I think that this sums me up a little bit better. I am not the world's most gifted technical wrestler. I think any man I've ever faced would tell you I'm a tough son of a bitch, but I um... have been accused of not knowing a DDT from a roll-up and I'm okay with that criticism. I am in this business because of my brother, who uh, didn't teach me everything I know about it, but he certainly taught me what not to do. I have some heroes. Ricky Steamboat, Bruno Sammartino - and I think I would be amiss if I didn't say that I still love Shawn Michaels with every fiber of my 12-year old heart. Joanie and Hunter Helmsley are both a couple of class acts - and if it weren't for the three of them, I don't think I ever would have gotten a real handle on what it means to entertain.


Wes looked at the trophy and continued talking. He managed to look over at his sister for a moment.


Wes Ikeda: I uh, I've let a lot of people down in my life, but if there's anything I do know how to do, it's how to jump from one post to the other - and make sure people never, ever forget that they were there to see it. Short of being daddy, there's absolutely nothing I put before the EBWF Audience - and I am once again humbled and honored by your recognition... thank you.


Wes left the stage once again.


Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor, and my dream come true, to introduce to you, for the first time together on an EBWF stage.... Natalya and EBWF Legend, Bret "The Hitman" Hart.


Bret's music began to play as the crowd immediately stood to their feet. Bret came onto the stage with his niece, Natalya on his arm. He stepped forward, as she moved to the side, holding her arms out to present her uncle who soaked in the admiration of the fans and his fellow wrestlers. They stepped to the microphone together.


Natalya: Uncle Bret, you were the wrestler of the year in 2002...


Bret Hart: I was Natalie, and I got to tell you it's great to be back here in the EBWF. I've had some remarkable moments on the Slammy stage, and even more in the ring with the likes of Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy and Triple H.


Natalya: Well, you're sure to have another Wrestlemania moment tomorrow night in your match with Sting. Speaking of great matches, this past year has seen some of the best matches in EBWF to date.


Bret Hart: The nominees for Match of the Year are... Wes Ikeda versus Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 8.


Natalya: Rated RKO versus The Thrillseekers at Summerslam.


Bret Hart: Wes Ikeda versus Chris Jericho at Destiny.


Natalya: ...and Randy Orton versus Wes Ikeda on the January 18th episode of Warfare.


Bret had the envelope in hand and opened it.


Bret Hart: And the winner is...


Natalya: For their Cage of Death match at Wrestlemania 8...


The crowd had already come undone as the cameras searched for Randy and Wes in the front row of tables.


Natalya: ...Wes Ikeda versus Randy Orton.


Wes had his elbow on the table in front of him, and his head resting in his hand. Chris Jericho had reached over from the table beside him and was shaking him by the shoulder. The scene was much the same from Adam and Randy at Rated RKO's table. Wes stood up to his feet, and he and Randy both walked up the stairs on opposite sides of the stage. The entire upper balcony was filled with raucous EBWF fans who immediately started an interchangeable "RKO - WES IKEDA" chant. They were each handed a trophy and Wes extended his free hand toward the podium and offered the microphone to Randy first.


Randy Orton: I have to say, I can't think of a better job to have. We're being given a trophy awarding us for how badly we beat the crap out of each other in a cage with weapons, lighters, glass tables, and thumb tacks. Honestly, the real award was being able to fight Wes on his own turf and take him to his total limit. If you ever doubt Wes Ikeda's ability to bring it in the ring, just take a look at the nominees for this award and ask yourself why Wes had a 75% chance to win Match of the Year.


Wes nodded thankfully, and took his turn at the mic.


Wes Ikeda: I won that match, but I didn't do it by myself. Randy is probably in my top 3 favorite opponents ever. I know you guys had more recent matches in your memories, so it's pretty cool that this match is still sticking out as one worthy of being called match of the year. I wouldn't have taken part in most of the matches I took part in last year if it weren't for Chris Jericho convincing me to put the boots back on - having a match with him nominated as well was also a big highlight this year. I'd like to thank Randy Orton, for what we knew would be an infamous match... and to be completely honest, I hope we got a couple more in us.


That set the fans cheering again as Wes stood back from the podium and the two men left the stage."Don't You Wish You Were Me?" hit and Chris Jericho walked onto the stage again, the crowd cheering. He took a speech out of his jacket pocket, then looked at it and shook his head. He threw the speech away and smiled.


Chris Jericho: I think I can do this one from the heart. 21 years ago, I took a chance on my dream. I drove from Calgary to Okotok, and enrolled in the Hart Brothers Wrestling Camp. It was there that I met the guy who would end up becoming one of my best friends - Lance Storm. When I say that Lance and I stood out at that camp, I'm not being arrogant; I'm simply being honest. We bonded because we were the two guys that cared the most about being there. We were the two that wanted to be stars the most, and looking back on what we've accomplished, I daresay we've achieved that. We've both done amazing things as singles stars, but teaming with Lance again in the EBWF has been the most fun I've had in a long time. Last year, he presented me with this award, and it's an honour to return the favour; in 2010, Lance Storm has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.


Lance appeared on the stage, looking rather uncomfortable in a suit. He gave Chris a look as if to say 'am I wearing it right?' Chris nodded, and Lance proceeded to the podium. He looked out to the attendees, then to Chris, and spoke.


Lance Storm: I don't really know what I've done to deserve this. Lifetime achievement? I felt a bit overwhelmed when asked to present this last year, but now I'm receiving it? I've held countless titles across the continent, and I've even been a World Champion. But for the first time since I joined this company, I feel important. I feel appreciated. And most of all, I feel accepted. I.. don't really know what to say. But alongside winning the Tag belts with Chris, this is the proudest moment of my career. And Chris, I simply couldn't have done it without you. You're my best friend, and the best partner I could ask for. And while I may come across as a complete asshole on-screen, I just want everyone in this company to know that they mean the world to me. And to all the fans around the world; the same. So how's about I achieve some more, huh?


There was hearty laughter from the crowd. Chris and Lance hugged, and the crowd applauded as they walked off the stage together.


Matt Striker: These two men won the EBWF Tag Team of the Year award earlier tonight. Ladies and Gentlemen, Rated RKO!


The tag team returned to the stage and stopped at the podium.


Randy Orton: This year the EBWF Divas have created a resurgence of Women's Wrestling that EBWF Fans have been able to appreciate and stand in awe of.


Edge: Someone wrote this for you didn't they?


Randy Orton: Yep.


Edge: Still, the sentiment stands. Nominated for Women's Wrestler of the Year... 4 ladies...


Randy Orton: Some I wouldn't want to run into in a Hart Dungeon, or the Grammy Stage...


Edge: Others, I would love to run into in the shower stall or my bed.


Randy Orton: You really should just stick with the teleprompter. And the winner is...


Edge: ...the lovely, the talented... the 100% Stratusfying... Trish Stratus.


Trish's smile was beaming as she kissed her husband and proceeded to the stage. She took to the steps, and hugged Randy and then Adam, before taking her trophy.


Trish Stratus: This is unbelievable! I've been doing this for a long, long time... and.. wow, just... wow! I love this business, and I LOVE BEING A DIVA. Not only do I play a Diva on TV, but I do my best to be the embodiment of strong, powerful, beautiful women everywhere. This is for every girl out there, and every girl in this room still unsure of herself. I'm right here in a male dominated business, and I promise you - I have learned from our matriarch - there is NOTHING you can't do. There's nothing I can't do.


Trish smiled.


Trish Stratus: I didn't know where I was going after tomorrow night, but this has given me a good guideline. Jillian, Melina, Nattie... you guys really, really deserved to be in this category. I believe you're some of the biggest talents to be in the Women's Division of the EBWF in a long time. Joanie Helmsley, you are my greatest inspiration, I love you. I miss having you out on the road with us all the time. I thank you for teaching me, for teaching all of us, that we can be really good wrestlers, really sexy women, and the classiest bitches who ever graced the ring. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Trish left the stage with Rated RKO as the camera went back to Justin Roberts on the stage.


Justin Roberts: It's been a great show. We're about to find out who the wrestler of the year is. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, the lovely, Nicole Ikeda.


Nicole came out to the stage to her theme music. She waved as she stepped across the stage to the podium. The crowd cheered her arrival.


Nicole Ikeda: In 2002 and 2003, my oldest brother, the late Tony Ikeda gave the EBWF Slammy Award for Wrestler of the Year. For the next three years, my brother Wes joined him on this stage and they presented the award together. Since 2007, Wes has given that award by himself. Since the beginning, an Ikeda has always given the Wrestler of the Year award at the end of the Slammy Awards. I am very proud of my brother Wes for being nominated in this category tonight, and as heir apparent to the Ikeda throne, it is my honor and privledge to give the 2010 EBWF Wrestler of the Year Award to one of these four, deserving nominees. The man you've chosen as EBWF Wrestler of the Year is...


Nicole opened the enevelope and read the name. Her eyes scanned the crowd until they fell on one person.


Nicole Ikeda: ...Randy Orton.


Randy stood up to the applause of the crowd in attendance, and walked up to the podium. Nicole smiled brightly as they hugged, and the cameras saw Nicole whispering something inaudible into Randy's ear before handing him the Wrestler of the Year trophy. She then walked off the stage as Randy adjusted the mic on the podium.


Randy Orton: As the third generation of my family to enter this business, it's sort of easy to say that it comes natural, but that is far from the case. You can ask anyone who performs in the EBWF, they hold us to a higher standard of wrestling quality, and that is really what separates it from the competition. It takes a lot of hard work to be successful here, and it's more proof to how amazing I am.


Randy smirked slightly as the crowd laughed.


Randy Orton: You can also ask just about anyone in the back how easy I am to get along with, and most people will just shake their heads and walk away. There are a few people who moderately tolerate me as a person, and they are the sole reason I can stand to work in a place with people less talented than myself. Adam, you are my brother and no blood test can convince me otherwise. Nic, we got this.


Randy grinned a little as he held up the trophy to the applause of everyone in attendance. He walked down from the podium and sat back down at his table.


The camera went back to Matt Striker and Justin Roberts, standing together near the opposite podium.


Matt Striker: It's been a wonderful night here at the Slammy Awards!


Justin Roberts: Matt, thanks for hosting with me tonight. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the Chairman of the EBWF... Wes Ikeda!


Wes got a standing ovation to end the night as he stepped from the backstage area. He stopped on the stage with a microphone in hand.


Wes Ikeda: Thank you. Thank you very much. Congratulations to Randy on being Wrestler of the Year. Congratulations to all of our other winners tonight. From the production crew, the superstars and myself thanks for a fantastic year. We’ll see you tomorrow night, live for Wrestlemania. Blaine... go to bed. Goodnight everybody.

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