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Hottie of the Year: Wes Ikeda 
Wrestler of the Year: CM Punk
Babe of the Year: Velvet Sky
Female Wrestler of the Year: Jamilia Craft
Face of the Year: Chris Jericho
Heel of the Year: Brian Kendrick
Path to Glory Champion of the Year: CM Punk
Alliance of the Year: The Chickbusters (AJ Lee & Kaitlyn)
Newcomer of the Year: Velvet Sky 
Tag Team/Stable of the Year: The Midnight Gang (Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Tiffany)) 
Entertainer of the Year: Brian Kendrick
Match of the Year: Wes Ikeda -v- CM Punk (Sacrifice 2011)
Storyline of the Year: The NBC Take Over (Ashlee & Ben)
Outstanding OOC Sportsmanship Award: Ben M

Television screens lit up with a view of the St. Louis Arch, and the Mississippi River. Saliva's "Make Me a Superstar" played from the speakers as the shot panned accross the city, down streets, and around buildings until finally scanning a frantic crowd outside the Scottrade Center where camera bulbs were flashing everywhere. Finally the scene settled on our hosts for the pre-show event.


Lilian Garcia: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the 10th Annual EBWF Slammy Awards. I'm Lilian Garcia.


Justin Roberts: I'm Justin Roberts, and tomorrow night we'll be across town at the Edward Jones Dome for the biggest event in 2012, our eleventh annual Wrestlemania, but tonight?


Lilian Garcia: Tonight is all about the Green Carpet, Justin. The EBWF Slammy Awards are the one night a year where EBWF's biggest and brightest stars come together to celebrate the achievements of the company this past year, and it has been one interesting year.


Justin Roberts: Yes it has, Lilian. EBWF Superstars and Divas have already arrived tonight. We've seen the arrival of Kelly Kelly and Daffney. Alberto Del Rio arrived moments ago, and the crowd was abuzz, Velvet Sky is here tonight and she is trending world wide on Twitter!


Lilian Garcia: Christy Hemme arrived moments ago, with her very reluctant date, and Total Recall co-host, Scott Stanford and provided me with a juicy piece of gossip. Turns out, Mr. Ikeda is bringing his girlfriend this evening.


Justin Roberts: And I also heard that Mr. Ikeda will open the show tonight with his good friend, EBWF's own, Chris Jericho.


Lilian Garcia: It is sure to be a night of suprises tonight Justin. It should come as no surprise that Brian Kendrick, Tiffany and Paul London have opted to skip the red carpet tonight and go through the back entrance to the arena. While we wait for more superstars to arrive, let's have a look at this weekend's EBWF Access highlights!


Highlights from the last few days began playing on the screen. There were highlights of superstars meeting the fans, Trent Barretta's gaming tournament, and a special emphasis on the Make a Wish events that surrounded all the activities of the weekend, When we went back to the red carpet we found Lilian Garcia alone, standing with Chris Jericho and his lovely wife.


Lilian Garcia: It's certainly been a wonderful and unforgettable weekend, and here with my now, the wonderful and unforgettable Chris Jericho.


Chris Jericho: Nice segway.


Lilian Garcia: Did you like that? Here tonight with your lovely wife, Jessica it's always so nice to see you. Chris this is your eleventh Wrestlemania. Your tenth Slammy Award Ceremony. You've watched this weekend go from a struggle just to put on a three hour show, to a global 4 day long phenomenon. Do you feel a sense of accomplishment having been a part of that?


Chris Jericho: How could I not? This has become the premiere wrestling event every year, and that's got a lot to do with the hardworking crew and the talent EBWF has.


Lilian Garcia: You know, lately you've been talking a lot more like a road agent than a wrestler.


Chris Jericho: Have I? I hadn't noticed.


Chris smiled, and Lilian quickly moved on.


Lilian Garcia: You've won surprisingly few Slammy awards in your tenure here in EBWF. How do you like your chances tonight?


Chris Jericho: I've learned not to assume anything. The Slammys have always been unpredictable. I just know that Wes and I plan on having a good time tonight. My family is here with me this weekend. Once you let go and learn how to enjoy the night this becomes a lot less nerve wracking and a whole lot more enjoyable.


Lilian Garcia: Thanks for your time Chris! Standing by with EBWF World Champion The Miz is my colleague Justin Roberts. Justin?


The camera switched to another area of the EBWF Green Carpet where Justin Roberts was standing with the EBWF Champion The Miz and Layla.


Justin Roberts: Miz, your second EBWF Slammy Awards, and one hell of a year for you. How do you feel tonight?


The Miz: Now that Ted and I have gotten rid of AJ Styles, and I get to show him up in the main event of Wrestlemania tomorrow night I'm feeling just fine. Any award I might take home tonight can only be icing on the cake.


Justin Roberts: You're here tonight with Layla, the ex-girlfriend of your former best friend. Don't you believe in the bro-code, Miz?


The Miz: The bro-code only applies if AJ had ever really been my friend, but let's face it, he was only looking out for himself. He didn't really, truly, fit in with the Trilogy and now we've got ourselves something a little nicer to look at than his ugly mug too.


Layla gave a smile, and Justin nodded knowingly.


The Miz: Now Justin, if you'll excuse us, I've got some Slammy Awards to pick up.


Justin Roberts: Of course, back to you Lilian!


Lilian Garcia was in front of a ruckus crowd at her end of the Green Carpet, with a huge smile on her face.


Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, the one, the only, CM Punk.


CM Punk: Thank you. It's nice to see you, Lilian.


Lilian Garcia: Look at you, all snazzy tonight. You seem to get a little slicker each year. Last year the blazer, this year the tie and blazer! Movin' on up.


Lilian chuckled and Punk shrugged.


CM Punk: My girlfriend came out of the hotel room, and I just... had to put on the tie. I looked like a hobo standing next to her, which is normal, I thought I might try a little harder tonight.


Lilian looked off camera, behind Punk.


Lilian Garcia: Jessica does look beautiful tonight. So, good man.


CM Punk: She does all right. Makes me have to work though.


Lilian Garcia: Speaking of work, you were one of the hardest working superstars in EBWF this year. You had a phenomenal year, the summer especially, some credit you with helping EBWF survive our troubles this year. Do you take credit for that?


CM Punk: In a way, yeah, in a way, no. There's a great team of administrators, love them or hate them, who will cut whatever throats they have to to keep this company on top. I'm just a guy doing what I feel I was born to do, and I was lucky to be a part of everything that happened last summer and over the course of the year. I think 2012 will be just as exciting.


Lilian Garcia: Miz seems to think he's going to walk away with Wrestler of the Year tonight. How do you like your chances?


CM Punk: Brian had a good year. Jericho's a dark horse in this thing. It was all fan voted. They decide, so I think we're just going to focus on having a good time tonight, and we'll go home with whatever hardware we get.


Lilian Garcia: Thanks for your time, Punk. I'm going to throw it back to Justin Roberts, standing by with our EBWF Women's Champion. Justin?


Justin Roberts: That's right, Lilian I am here with the stunning Torrie Wilson. Torrie you look amazing tonight! You step in the ring tomorrow at Wrestlemania with Kelly Kelly, but not nominated for anything tonight. You got to know the EBWF Fans are so happy to have you back.


Torrie Wilson: You know, Wes convinced me to do this, and I haven't regretted it at all. I'm presenting an award tonight, and there's no reason to get nervous. I get to just focus on walking away with my women's championship tomorrow night.


Justin Roberts: So, you're happy to be back then?


Torrie Wilson: Oh, definitely. How could I not be? The fans are great. Wrestlemania weekend is always great. The new ideas for the Diva's Division was just something I knew I had to be a part of.


Justin Roberts: Well, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us Torrie. I hear my colleague, Lilian Garcia is standing by with EBWF CEO


Wes Ikeda. Lilian?


Lilian Garcia: Thanks Justin! Joining me right now, the EBWF CEO Wes Ikeda - and your date?


Wes Ikeda: Yes, Natalie Neidhart.


Lilian Garcia: I... missed this one.


Wes Ikeda: We all did.


Lilian Garcia: Nat, heard you had a little accident earlier this week with your ankle. Are you ready to go tomorrow night?


Natalya: I've been staying off of it. I was supposed to find a pair of flats for tonight, but this guy is a whole foot taller than me, so I looked pretty ridiculous. I'm probably going to slip these off once we get to our seats.


Wes Ikeda: Barefoot Nattie. We'll get some screen caps. Nerd boys can keep searching for Natalie Neidhart Feet on Google all day.


Lilian Garcia: That's a thing?


Wes Ikeda: Google your name too sweetheart. There are some weird people out there.


Lilian Garcia: So, the whole world would make fun of me Natalie if I didn't get the courage to ask. How long have you two been together?


Natalya: Uh... about seven months I suppose.


Wes Ikeda: And to think Lynne told you to stand here and be quiet while I answered all the questions.


The three of them laughed, and Lilian directed her questions to Wes.


Lilian Garcia: You always say the Slammy's are about celebrating the year. This year is definitely a year to celebrate for you. It's been hard. Are you happy to be here tonight?


Wes Ikeda: The Slammy Awards are always a fun night, but I really didn't think I'd be here tonight as the owner and CEO of EBWF. This seemed really hopeless late last year, but I've been pretty fortunate, came out on top and EBWF just keeps moving forward. It takes hard work, but we always come out on top, you know?


Lilian Garcia: Well, we're glad you're here. I know you have to get inside and get ready for the show. Thanks Wes. Natalie.


Wes Ikeda: Thank you Lilian.


Wes and Natalie walked off camera, and Lilian turned herself to face the lens.


Lilian Garcia: And that's just a few of the EBWF Superstars you'll see tonight. We're going inside the Scottrade Center LIVE for the 10th Annual Slammy Awards. Join us tomorrow night for Wrestlemania eleven live, from right here, in St. Louis! Goodnight Everybody.


The Slammy Awards pre-show went to commercial.


A preview video for Wrestlemania played in the arena where fans and wrestlers were gathered for the EBWF Slammy Awards. Once it had aired, the cameras panned out over the audience and the tables full of EBWF Superstars as an announcer's voice filled the arena.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 10th annual EBWF Slammy Awards, with appearances by... Trent Barreta, Jamilia Craft, Alberto Del Rio, Jeff Hardy, Christy Hemme, Wes Ikeda, Chris Jericho, Kaitlyn, Brian Kendrick, Mr. Kennedy, AJ Lee, Paul London, Natalya, Nicole Ikeda-Orton, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Zack Ryder, Tiffany, Velvet Sky, Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson and more... Ladies and Gentlemen, your hosts for the evening, they are the only two superstars in EBWF history to have attended all ten EBWF Slammy Awards, please welcome Wes Ikeda & Chris Jericho.


The fans in attendance cheered as "N***ers in Paris" by Kanye & Jay-Z began playing over the PA and Wes and Jericho came down the stairs at the back of the stage, both matching in suits, Wes with a silvery green tie. Jericho with a nice steel colored blue one.


Wes Ikeda: Good evening, and once again, welcome to the 2012 Slammy Awards. This is our 10th such event, and for some reason, unbeknownst to us, people like to keep reminding me and Chris that we are in fact, the only two Superstars in EBWF to have attended all 10 of these things. Why... why do you think that is, Chris?


Chris Jericho: Well, ten years is a long time for a company that no one ever thought could take out the competition. And considering it's run by a spot monkey from Detroit, I'd say we've done pretty well for ourselves.


Wes Ikeda: Well, you would know. You've been here longer than I have. There's not one of us in the room, not even me, who can top tomorrow night's historic eleven Wrestlemania appearances.


Chris Jericho: Ten appearances at the Slammy Awards, eleven at Wrestlemania. That is a pretty good run, Wes. You’d think I’d have more than just two Slammies to show for it, wouldn’t you? Surely I deserve at least one Hottie of the Year Award, and I think tonight could be my night.


Wes Ikeda: It’s not hard to be in the match of the year when you’re fighting Shawn Michaels. Nor is it hard to win an award that was created for you, but... maybe tonight is your night. Stranger things have happened this year, haven’t they? I mean, we’re living in a time where Randy Orton wrestles two matches a year, and only gets nominated for awards because he’s pretty.


Chris Jericho: Isn’t that the only reason you still get nominated? Same goes for your sister.


Jericho winked at Nicole Ikeda, who was sitting in the front row next to Randy Orton.


Wes Ikeda: Hey, match of the year nominee right here, buddy. Let’s see, what else has changed in EBWF over the course of the last ten years?


Chris Jericho: Well we no longer seem to have a tag team division... it no longer has its own Slammy Award and you’ve got two former World Champions thrown together as a team just to get a match at Wrestlemania.


Wes Ikeda: It’s always got to be about you doesn’t it?


Chris Jericho: This coming from the guy that has won more Slammy Awards than any of his talent? Sorry, I’m sure I can point out something different that isn’t about me. Oh, here’s one... for once, Jeff Hardy isn’t the biggest pothead in the room! Brian Kendrick, take a bow.


Wes Ikeda: Now, wait a minute, wait a minute, there are some of us who can show up to ten Slammy Award shows and actually take some home. That’s not my fault. You blame the people. You know something else that’s different? Three of the four wrestler of the year candidates tonight wouldn’t have even been a twinkle in anyone’s eye this time last year. I for one thought that was pretty cool.


Chris Jericho: You cut me deep, Wes. You make a good point about the Wrestler of the Year candidates, but I think the divas deserve a shout out too. Who would have thought we’d see a Divas Elimination Chamber match just a few months after John Laurinaitis wouldn’t give them more than two minutes of airtime a week?


Wes Ikeda: These women, like the EBWF, are resilient. And speaking of the ladies, we’re going to kick things off with an award that is all about them. Here to present the Babe of the Year award...


Chris Jericho: … a couple of guys who’ve never seen a woman naked in their life...


Wes Ikeda: ...Trent Barreta and Zack Ryder.


Zack Ryder: Woo woo woo!


Oh Radio came over the PA and Zack Ryder and Trent Barreta came to the podium together.


Zack Ryder: I wanted to call this the Hoeski with the Most-ski award, but someone told me that was inappropriate.


Trent Barreta: I’m not sure any of these ladies deserve to be called Hoeski’s but they are definitely the Lara Croft’s of the EBWF!


Zack Ryder: You know it. The nominees for Babe of the Year, are...


Trent Barreta: Velvet Sky


Zack Ryder: Nicole Ikeda


Trent Barreta: ...and Christy Hemme.


Zack Ryder: And the EBWF 2012 Babe of the Year is...


Trent opened the envelope to find the winner...


Zack Ryder: Velvet Sky!


The camera panned the crowd until it found Velvet Sky seated at a table among other various superstars and divas. A look of complete shock came over her as her name was called. She stood up and made her way to the stage as the audience applauded her. She quickly thanked the presenter who handed her the award and gently placed it down on the podium before her.


Velvet Sky: Oh my... just, wow!


Velvet brushed some hair out of her face and exhaled happily. She looked down at the award and patted it with her hand before she spoke into the microphone.


Velvet: Forgive me, I'm not well seasoned at these type of things. I just want to say that I'm completely in shock, you really have no idea.


So please excuse me for being a bit nervous. I absolutely did not expect this, especially sharing the Babe of the year category with two other drop dead gorgeous women, Christy Hemme and Nicole Ikeda... Orton.. I still have to get used to saying that now.


Velvet let out a soft laugh and shook her head to keep her focus.


Velvet: To even be nominated for this award is beyond flattering, but to actually win... I'm completely blown away! I'm honored to be your Babe of the year! I want to take a moment to thank all my wonderful fans who have stuck with me through the years. To Layla, she's been one of my best friends on the road and has helped me out tremendously, so thank you Layla! Christy Hemme, she and I go back to our Indy days, and I'm so excited that I will get to work with her in the near future! Man... I have so many people to thank and not enough time to do it! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me, I'm absolutely honored!


Velvet held up her slammy award and smiled before she headed back to her seat. Across the stage, Chris Jericho stood camera side.


Chris Jericho: They’re three of the best and sexiest Divas in the business, please welcome, Natalya, Christy Hemme, and your EBWF Women’s Champion, Torrie Wilson! ZZ Tops “Legs” hit the PA and the girls came down the stair case at the back of the stage. They approached the podium.


Christy Hemme: You know there are some positives about being a woman in the wrestling business.


Torrie Wilson: You get to take pretty pictures all day.


Natalya: You ge to rummage through really nice outfits.


Christy Hemme: And there’s always some really pretty boys waiting to carry your bags.


Torrie Wilson: It helps that they’re always half naked, too.


Natalya: Your nominees for 2012 Hottie of the Year are... Randy Orton


Torrie Wilson: Wes Ikeda


Christy Hemme: Chris Jerico


Natalya: ...and CM Punk. The winner is...


The ladies opened the envelope, read it, and spoke in unison.


Torrie, Natalya & Christy: Wes Ikeda!


The camera found Wes Ikeda backstage, Chris Jericho playfully had him in a sleeper hold, and the two men looked to be in good spirits as Jericho released Wes and allowed him to the stage. He kissed Torrie on the cheek, took his trophy from Torrie and kissed her cheek as well. He then kissed Natalie on the lips, and the three women stepped back to allow him to approach the microphone.


Wes Ikeda: You people are spoiling me, let me tell ya. You know, it’s been a hard year for me and EBWF. I didn’t even get to accept this award last year because I was being kept off of television by the network. So, it’s very nice to be here, and it’s very nice to know that the EBWF fans still stand behind me. St. Louis is without a doubt, one of the best sports cities on the planet, and the EBWF fans are the best fans in wrestling. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of the night!


The camera returned to Chris Jericho standing at the side of the stage, shaking his head.


Chris Jericho: How have you people given him nine of those? It’s alright Ikeda, you’ll get old some day! Ladies and Gentlemen, here to give the newcomer of the year award, he won it two years ago and went on to become your EBWF World Champion three times... CM... Punk!


Cult of Personality filled the arena, and CM Punk came out onto the stage and took in the applause before leaning onto the podium to present the award.


CM Punk: The Newcomer of the Year award has set a precedent in the EBWF. The Newcomer of the Year award is voted on by the fans, as a display of who it is they want to see on their televisions every week. I won this awards two years ago, other winners, some guy named Alex Shelley, and of course the longest reigning EBWF Champion in company history... Randy Orton. The nominees for this award tonight are... Trent Baretta, Curt Hawkins, Justin Gabriel, and Velvet Sky. EBWF Universe your newcomer of the year is... Velvet Sky!


Velvet Sky stood up from her seat with her best friend at her side as her music played. Velvet hugged her best friend before she made her way up to the stage once more. She smiled at the presenter and thanked them as she was handed the slammy award. She turned and faced the crowd who applauded her. Velvet flashed a genuine smile and appeared to be glowing with happiness. She rested her hands on either side of the slammy award and leaned forward to speak into the microphone.

Velvet Sky: This past year has been full of many up's and down's, but I'd like to think I made the best of it. I want to take a moment to thank all the wonderful and talented women that work for the EBWF. It's such an honor to work with every single one of you, and you all inspire me in so many different ways. I couldn't have gotten this far without all my fans, who have been so loyal and supportive of me. Wes Ikeda... Of course a big thank you to Wes Ikeda, for having such faith in me and giving me the opprotunity of a lifetime! He really does take care of his own, and that's rare to find. I can't even begin to thank you enough for everything you've done. Paul Lloyd Jr, although things aren't the same, I owe a big thanks for all the tips and training to help me improve in the ring. Curt, Justin, Trent... you guys all deserve this just as much, if not more than I do.


Velvet looked up and took a moment for herself before she continued.


Velvet Sky: This is absolutely amazing, thank you so much! I'm proud I made enough of an impact to win this little golden guy. My year has been made already and I owe it all to each and every one of you. Thank you!!


Velvet looked down at the slammy and held it up in her hands. The audience applauded once more as she made her way off the stage, and found her way back to her seat next to her life long best friend. Wes was standing on stage, as the applause died down.


Wes Ikeda: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next award is for Tag Team or Stable of the Year... and here to present it, a tag team legend, and my very good friend... Jeff Hardy!


Hardy stepped out onto the stage with a smile on his face to loads of applause. He appeared grateful, and began to speak.


Jeff Hardy: I know a thing or two about being on a team, and this year the stables and tag teams compete against each other for the Tag Team/Stable of the Year. Three stables and one tag team are nominated this year, and they are... Elite, The Corre, Trilogy, and the Midnight Gang! Your winner is.... Brian Kendrick, Tiffany and Paul London, The Midnight Gang!


Brian Kendrick, Tiffany and Paul London took the stage to accept their awards. Brian paced around in the background while London stepped up to the microphone.


Paul London: Believe in yourself! Believe in your dreams! Thanks mom! Thanks Jesus! Thanks Ikeda's! You guys are so much better than Vince, I really can't wait until that guy dies.


Tiffany took London's place at the microphone.


Tiffany: PARTY! Let's party right now!


Brian Kendrick slid in over Tiffany's shoulder.


Brian Kendrick: They drug me here to this thing so I think I want to party right now. TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF!


London and Kendick gave to remove their suits and Tiffany began to slide out of her dress. A few security members could be seen getting onto the stage as the camera cut away before the at home audience saw any forms of indecent exposure. Once the commotion had ended, the camera returned to Chris Jericho on the stage.


Chris Jericho: Oh, the joys of live television. We all watched with anticipation earlier this year when these two took their wedding vows, and became wrestling’s greatest union, here to present the Alliance of the Year Award, Nicole Ikeda and Randy Orton!


The couple walked out onto the stage to a fanfare and applause, and Nicole waved to the fans in the upper balcony. They approached the podium happily.


Nicole Ikeda: Hi everyone! Wow. It’s so nice to be here at the Slammy Awards, with my wonderful husband.


The fan girls cheered and Randy chuckled lightly.


Randy Orton: When Nicole and I got married, now nearly 3 months ago, a lot was said about our union. Of course, there was those who said it was entirely unholy.


Nicole Ikeda: They’d be right.


Randy Orton: Others said it was a match made in heaven...


Nicole Ikeda: They’re strangely right too. But mostly Randy and I were hailed by dirt sheets as the couple who would forge a new path for sports entertainment. People called us the new first couple of the business. An alliance of the year in our own right... but that’s where they’d be wrong. There’s only one first couple in sports entertainment, and they are the picture of that I want my relationship to be.


Randy Orton: Ladies and Gentlemen, one of the greatest alliances I know... Hunter & Joanie Helmsley.


The crowd came to their feet as The Game, began playing and Hunter and Joanie Helmsley came onto the stage. Triple H was dressed in a dark grey suit. Joanie in a sparkly, long sleeved black mini-dress with her wavy hair hanging down. They waited for the crowd to quiet down, and Triple H began to sleep.


Triple H: Thanks Randy, Nikki. Joanie and I are here to give the award for Alliance of the Year.


Joanie Helmsley: And we’re happy to be here tonight for the EBWF Slammy Awards, we are forever in love with the EBWF fans, and I wanted to personally thank all of the superstars and fans who took part in the events that benefited the Make a Wish and Laurer-Helmsley Broken Wings foundation this weekend.


Triple H: The nominees for Alliance of the Year are...


Joanie Helmsley: Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks


Triple H: Zack Ryder and Trent Barreta


Joanie Helmsley: And The Chickbusters, AJ Lee and Kaitlyn.


Triple H: And your winners are...


Joanie Helmsley: The Chickbusters! AJ and Kaitlyn!


As their names were announced, Kaitlyn and A.J. looked both surprised and incredibly enthusiastic. A.J. sprang out of her seat and pulled Kaitlyn along by her hand. Once they reached the podium they calmed down a bit before speaking.


Kaitlyn: Uh, wow, thanks! We haven't been here very long soo...we're pretty hyped to win!


A.J. sprinted across both sides of the stage to get the different sections of the crowd to cheer and her friend laughed as the petite diva slid back in front of the podium.


A.J.: Thanks! We really, really, REALLY mean it! We'll keep doing cool stuff if we keep winning naked golden guys!


Kaitlyn: We love all the fans! Keep supporting us!




A.J. Pointed out Trent Barreta in the crowd.


A.J.: I won naked gold guys!


Kaitlyn and the audience laughed as the duo left the stage. The camera returned to Wes.


Wes Ikeda: Congratulations Kaitlyn and AJ. Wow, Velvet with the newcomer award, and the Chickbusters with the Alliance of the Year - the girls are dominating this year, huh? Ya hear that Jericho? Velvet Sky has been here 8 months and she already has more Slammys than you! Here to present the Path to Glory Champion of the Year Award.... Mr. Kennedy... Kennnnnnedy.


Turn Up the Trouble came over the PA, and the crowd greeted Kennedy with applause. He walked to the podium, and spoke about the award he was about to give out.


Mr. Kennedy: Five men held the Path to Glory Championship this year. Three were nominated for this award, and only one of them will be crowned the one who got you most excited about the EBWF’s newest title. The nominees for EBWF Path to Glory Champion of the

Year are The Miz, CM Punk, and Ted DiBiase. Your winner is... CM Punk!


CM Punk took the stage and accepted his award. He smoothed out his tie and leaned forward over the podium.


CM Punk: It's pretty fitting that I won this award since everyone knows that the PTG Title is still the "CM Punk Championship" of the world. Those months I carried it were great for my career and it took me to the World Title and the Summer of Punk that I hope everyone remembers fondly.


Punk tossed his Slammy into the air and caught it.


CM Punk: Path To Glory. That's the road that I took. There are some people out there who think they can make their own glory by taking a road to CM Punk. Some of those people, not naming any names, have an outdated schtick from 2004 and wear a big, dumb ass chains around their neck. People like that really seem to have trouble letting go of the past. I let go of the PTG Title so I could win the World Title. And for those other people, who I'm not mentioning but starred in a god awful piece of trash called Legendary that grossed like ten dollars worldwide, hanging onto the past leads it to eventually coming back and haunting you. Or in this case, knocking every last one of your teeth out. But..hey! Thanks folks!


Punk left the stage, leaving Chris Jericho on the screen.


Chris Jericho: With 8 nominations tonight, we might have the opportunity to see CM Punk again tonight. Our next award is going to go to the man who tried to beat my family mercilessly and then tried to set Nicole Ikeda on fire. The man that helped him do that, or a guy who is currently dating his ex-best friend’s ex-girlfriend... or as we call it, just another day at the office. Here to present the EBWF Heel of the Year Award... Alberto Del Rio!


Alberto came to the podium looking rather stoic. He simply read the words on the teleprompter without much emotion.


Alberto Del Rio: I’ve been asked here tonight to give the award for EBWF Heel of the Year, and the nominees are, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, and The Miz. Your winner is... Brian Kendrick!


Upon being announced as the winner Brian Kendrick rose up from his seat and sprinted towards a section of the crowd. He dove back first into them which caused many of the audience members to stagger backwards. Some cheered and some seemed annoyed by the sudden surprise. Kendrick rushed the podium and stomped his feet firmly onto it before grabbing his Slammy.


Brian Kendrick: I didn't want to come to this but they made me. I've won this two years in a row now. But don't worry I hate you all way

more than you hate me. Dolph Ziggler should start saying Hashtag Kendrick. I've got an after party tonight but none of you are invited. Unless you're a surgically enhanced female. Or a dealer. Bye.


Brian stuffed his Slammy under his arm and waves to no one in particular as he walks off stage.The crowd politely clapped, seemingly confused as the camera returned to Wes and Jericho at the opposite podium.


Wes Ikeda: I am so confident that Chris Jericho is not going to win this Slammy Award, that he and I are going to present it ourselves.


These guys were the good guys the year. Your nominees for the face of the year are...


Chris Jericho: Velvet Sky


Wes Ikeda: CM Punk


Chris Jericho sighed heavily.


Chris Jericho: ...and me.


Wes Ikeda: And the winner is...


Jericho opened the envelope and acted shocked as he read the winner, and he made the announced to the crowd.


Chris Jericho: The winner is... ME!


Wes Ikeda: Wait! What?! Let me see that...


Wes jokingly snapped the envelope away from Jericho and pretended to check it over. The audience cheered and Wes handed the Slammy to Jericho before stepping back from the podium. As the noise of the crowd died down, Jericho spoke once more.


Chris Jericho: Face of the Year... I don't suppose that means I have a hotter face than you, does it Wes?


Wes laughed and mouthed the words "you wish".


Chris Jericho: Just checking. You know, for a guy that's been a part of the EBWF for almost 11 years, I haven't won nearly enough of these. Last year, I think I had a pretty good year. So thanks to those of you who agreed with me and nominated me for this award. It's nice to be recognised for your success, and I am proud to be your Face of the Year.


Jericho held the Slammy up once more as the audience applauded. He then placed the award underneath the podium so he could continue hosting the show. Jericho stepped back from the podium, and Wes stepped forward.


Wes Ikeda: When we needed someone to present the entertainer of the year award, Shawn Michaels was the first guy on the list, he was unavailable... so Sting was the best we could do... EBWF Icon, STING!


Steve Borden came onto the stage sans makeup and glared at Wes as he approached the podium.


Sting: That guy always knows how to make you feel welcome. Each EBWF Superstar endeavors to entertain you each night they step into the ring. Three stuck out for the EBWF Universe this year, and only one will be the winner. The nominees for Entertainer of the Year are, CM Punk, Brian Kendrick, and Chris Jericho. The winner of the 2012 Entertainer of the Year Award is, Brian Kendrick!


Brian Kendrick stepped onto the stage with a large bottle of champagne in his hands. Tiffany and Paul London also accompanied him with their own bottles of bubbly. All three of them popped the bottles and spilled the liquid everywhere. Kendrick shook his into the air and London whipped some of his towards the crowd. Tiffany just seemed to drink hers straight from the bottle.


Brian Kendrick: I would like everyone to raise a glass and toast me right now. If you've ever been called an underdog, if you've ever been told that you can't do something..


Kendrick smacked his bottle against the podium and shattered it, noticeably cutting his hand as well. He shook it off and continued but it was obvious that he was bleeding.


Brian Kendrick: Well, you probably can't. I'm just an exception. Thanks? Stop voting for me. I don't want to keep doing this.

Kendrick wiped some of the blood off his hand onto his suit as he, London and Tiffany walked off stage. Wes and Jericho were back on the opposite side of the stage, staring as the stage crew tried to clean up the mess on the floor.


Wes Ikeda: The Parent Television Council and the FCC is going to love ya’ll for that one.


Chris Jericho: We have to take a break, we’ll be right back...



OOC Awards


Congratulations to the following winners of the 2012 Out of Character Awards.


You voted Ben M as our 2012 EBWF Sportsman of the Year! Thank you Ben for all of your hard work and dedication to EBWF. We could not do it without you!


Storyline of the Year: Ashlee & Ben M - The NBC Takeover - Dick Ebersol and John Laurinitis took over the EBWF, neutering it completely, and firing Wes Ikeda as CEO. While Wes remained chairman of the board, he stood to lose everything, and enlisted the help of his best friend, Chris Jericho, selling him nearly everything he owned and wanted to protect. Wes worked hard and won a legal battle to overthrow NBC, which resulted in Wes funding the EBWF out of his own fortune for over 4 months, until he landed a huge deal with ABC that put EBWF on top of the professional wrestling ladder.


2012 EBWF HOF Entrant - Cory K. - Every six months Ben and I discuss the possibility of an entrant into the EBWF Hall of Fame. Cory becomes our 13th entrant as the fed celebrates its 11th year. Not only is Cory dependable, writing results and helping to decide matches in EBWF, but he’s also been a consistent efedder, especially in the beginning of his EBWF career. Cory successfully ran an entertaining storyline on his own, pouring in countless amounts of research. Cory won Male Wrestler of the Year in 2010 & 2011 with Randy Orton, and is the only RPer to win that title two years in a row. He helped revive the EBWF Women’s Division by being the first RPer to hold the EBWF Sky High Championship with Natalya. Corry also had a very successful 2010, becoming the longest reigning EBWF World Champion in fed history with Randy Orton. Congratulations Cory on your induction into the EBWF Hall of Fame.



Chris Jericho: Welcome back to the EBWF Slammy Awards. Wes and I have had a fun time hosting tonight, and things are certainly winding down. It’s time for the match of the year award, and this young man is not the youngest world champion in wrestling history, but he is the youngest world champion in EBWF history. He’s pretty excited to be back here with us this weekend. Ladies and Gentlemen, Alex Shelley!


Shelley came out to the ring to a huge ovation, and he waved to the fans in the top balconies. He nodded his head approvingly before beginning to speak.


Alex Shelley: Three matches are nominated for match of the year, two of them happened one year ago today at Wrestlemania ten. The other, sent our CEO home for the Summer, and saw an unstoppable champion rise to success. The nominees for match of the year are Brian Kendrick’s 3 Stages of Hell at Wrestlemania Ten, Edge versus John Cena in the EBWF World Championship Match at Wrestlemania Ten, Wes Ikeda versus CM Punk at Sacrifice 2011. And the EBWF Universe you chose.... Sacrifice 2011 Punk versus Ikeda!


Punk leaned over to his girlfriend and whispered something into her ear, before giving her a large, playful kiss on the cheek, as he was announced co-winner along with the company's owner. He hit the stage from the opposite side of Wes Ikeda and quirked a brow at him before giving the audience the same expression. Punk stepped up to the microphone first. Wes stayed behind him, hugging Alex and taking his trophy as well.


CM Punk: Hey! Look at that! I beat John Cena just like I beat him in every universal aspect of life! What a surprise!


Wes Ikeda: It’s not like it’s hard, lately. Go on, you first.


CM Punk: Two years ago, you would have had to put a gun to my head to get me on a stage with Wes.


Punk looked over towards Wes, giving him a quick once over.


CM Punk: But I DID carry him to the match of the year and his little sister is pretty cool so I've mellowed my stance on him a tiny bit. Oh, don't get me wrong, hey can still be a douche. But so can I. So maybe that's why I started to, shocking myself that I'm saying this, respect him. But he's still a much bigger douche than me. So, thanks for this award, I plan to keep bringing you great matches for several more years...


Punk motioned toward the microphone and Wes stepped up.


Wes Ikeda: It’s cool, Punk, your little sister is pretty cool too.


The camera saw Punk mouth “You’re real funny”, as the crowd laughed.


Wes Ikeda: Wow. I can’t believe I’m holding another one of these. I won this award back in 2010 with Randy Orton.


Loud cheers came from the fans at the mention of Randy’s name.


Wes Ikeda: Yeah, Randy’s coming back to you all tomorrow night, so that is definitely something to be excited about. But tonight for me, this is insane guys, I’ve somehow become a promoter that so desperately still wants to put on his boots and do this thing, and I couldn’t have done that without three people this year. The first guy is standing right here behind me, CM Punk pushed me past my limit to a place I didn’t know I could still go, and that meant the world to me as a professional wrestler. Chris Jericho, really, truly is my best friend on the planet he signed up to go up in flames with me last year, and we took a gamble, and we won. And finally, she’s going to kill me for this, but Natalie Neidhart - you didn’t stop. You didn’t let me stop, when all I wanted to do was quit. And I wouldn’t be standing here still CEO of EBWF if it weren’t for the three of them. I won’t stop. I won’t quit. Nothing can slow us down.


The fans were clapping, encouraging the words of the chairman.


Wes Ikeda: And last but never least, to my fans, I’m not me without all ya’ll - so thanks for this.


Applause continued as the cameras found Chris Jericho on the other side of the stage clapping his hands together.


Chris Jericho: Congratulations Wes, Punk. We’re down to the last two awards of the night, and first up is the Female Wrestler of the Year Award. Here to present it is the woman we call the Quintessential Diva... Ladies and Gentlemen, my friend, the beautiful, Trish Stratus...

Trish proceeded out onto the stage sporting a huge smile. The crowd was happy to see her and she spoke into the microphone.


Trish Stratus: I’ve not been involved in much competition this year, which is why these three lovely ladies are even in contention for Female Wrestler of the Year...


She winked and the crowd laughed.


The nominees for the biggest award for the Divas tonight are... Natalya, Jamilia Craft and Velvet Sky. Your winner tonight is....

Trish opened the envelope and put her hand over her mouth, shaking her head with happiness.


Trish Stratus: You. Go. Girl... JAMILIA CRAFT!


Jamilia, who was wearing her trademark mask, slid her hands over her mouth and smiled sheepishly. She made her way to the podium and gave a fast wave to the crowd.


Jamilia Craft: I didn't know if I should wear the mask or not so I'm sorry if I look like a huge dork right now.


Jamilia cleared her throat as the audience laughed a bit.


Jamilia Craft: Wow. Um. I think I'm really lucky to be in this company. I really had to earn my spot in the locker room and I think I've done that. The Sky High title is the very first title I've ever won in my life. This will be my first Wrestlemania match. And this is my very first award. It's going to sound corny but if you want something bad enough you can get it. It doesn't matter what you look like or how old or young you might be. I'm proof. Thank you!


The crowd applauded Jamilia as she left the stage, and the camera found Chris Jericho on stage again.


Chris Jericho: And here with the final award of the night, once again, Wes Ikeda...


Wes was standing at the opposite podium, holding an envelope.


Wes Ikeda: As is customary, it is my distinct honor to present the award for EBWF Wrestler of the Year tonight. The four men nominated have done their best to make this an unforgettable year, and guys you really have succeeded in that. We’re going to tear the house down tomorrow night, and these four are going to be right in the thick of it. Ladies and Gentlemen, your nominees are... The Miz, CM Punk, Brian Kendrick and Chris Jericho! EBWF UNIVERSE... your Wrestler of the Year is.... C..... M..... Puuuuunnk!


CM Punk headed to the stage and looked over the award that was presented to him.


CM Punk: An actual World Title reign that meant something. A match of the year. A bad ass stable. Yeah, professionally, this has been a really good year.


Punk let the audience applaud before continuing.


CM Punk: To be honest, I think I'm the man of the decade but that's an entirely different award for an entirely different show. You might think I reached my peak but come next year I want everything I did in 2011 to be completely eclipsed by what I'm going to do in 2012. Big goals but I've never lacked confidence. Brian Kendrick, Chris Jericho and Wes Ikeda helped make this happen but this is all about me so let's stop giving them credit right this second.


Punk grinned a bit to some laughter.


CM Punk: I wanted this one for awhile and I want another shot to carry this company. If you want to see that..


Some applause and cheers rose up from the audience.


CM Punk: ..then stayed tuned. Thanks!


The cameras settled back in the center of the stage where Wes and Jericho were standing.


Chris Jericho: Congratulations on a well deserved award, Phil. That’s a wrap on the tenth annual Slammy Awards. Wes, thanks for the invite to host with you, I’ve had a great time.


Wes Ikeda: Thank you Chris, and thank you EBWF Universe, we will see you tomorrow night LIVE from right here in St. Louis at Wrestlemania eleven, oh, and Ash, Blaine... go to bed. From everyone here at EBWF, goodnight everybody!

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