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Hottie of the Year: Wes Ikeda/Chris Jericho
Wrestler of the Year: CM Punk
Babe of the Year: Nicole Ikeda
Female Wrestler of the Year: AJ Lee
Face of the Year: CM Punk
Heel of the Year: John Cena
Breakout Champion of the Year: Trent Barreta
Alliance of the Year: AJ Lee & Trent Barreta
Newcomer of the Year: Dean Ambrose
Tag Team/Stable of the Year: Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins 
Entertainer of the Year: John Cena
Match of the Year: John Cena-v- CM Punk (Summerslam 2012)
Storyline of the Year: It's Still Real to Me (Ashlee & Ben)
Outstanding OOC Sportsmanship Award: Juan 

The screen faded in from black as a hype video for EBWF Wrestlemania 12 began to play. As the video finished Madison Square Garden lit up to the EBWF fans in the upper bowl and they were electric as the camera panned the tables of EBWF Superstars and an announcer's voice filled the arena.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 11th annual EBWF Slammy Awards, with appearances by... Trent Barrta, The 9th Wonder of the World Chyna, Christian, John Cena, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, Kelly Kelly, AJ Lee, Angelina Love, Maryse, The Miz, Paige, CM Punk, Nicole Ikeda-Orton, Randy Orton, Zack Ryder, Damien Sandow, Trish Stratus, AJ Styles, Velvet Sky, Brooke Tessmacher, Triple H, Torrie Wilson and Dolph Ziggler! Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome CHRIS JERICHO!


The crowd cheered the arrival of EBWF legend Chris Jericho as he stepped onto the stage in his typical smart looking suit and tie. He took to center stage, stopping at the podium and waited for the applause to die down, flashing a smile.


Chris Jericho: Welcome everyone to the 11th annual EBWF Slammy Awards. This is my 11th Slammy Awards, and I am absolutely honored to be here tonight as we celebrate a remarkable year, and remember all we've accomplished and all we've lost. While the tragedy our EBWF Family suffered has been in the back of our minds all week, we still look ahead to tomorrow night and to the rest of this year and tonight we celerate what the men and women of the EBWF, not just the superstars and divas, but our crew who work so hard every single day to literally put our show on the road, do for us. So, with that in mind, lets have a good time tonight, let's not put this off any longer, and let's actually give out some trophies! These two ladies are definitely loved around these parts, they've been hanging out with us all weekend, and they are most definitely some beautiful people. EBWF Universe, your own Angelina Love and Velvet Sky!


Velvet and Angelina came onto the stage to a huge ovation from the EBWF fans. They waved up into the stands of Madison Square Garden and took to the podium.


Angelina Love: We're here to give the Babe of the Year Award. My girl Velvet won this award last year.


Velvet Sky: I did, and you see being Babe of the Year is about being more than being ridiculously good looking.


Angelina and Velvet gave their best "Blue Steele" from the Zoolander movies and got a laugh from the crowd.


Angelina Love: Being Babe of the Year is about being strong, being empowered, and about rising above.


Velvet Sky: This years nominees for Babe of the Year are...


Images and video of the women played behind the Beauiful People as the names were read...


Velvet Sky: AJ Lee, Eve Torres, Maryse and Nicole Ikeda...


Angelina Love: And the winner is....


The ladies opened the envelope.


Velvet Sky: Nicole Ikeda!


The camera panned to find Nicole sitting at a table with Randy Orton, John Cena, an unknown brunette, The Miz, Maria Menounos, AJ Styles and Trish Stratus. She leaned over and kissed Randy before standing up and taking the stairs. She hugged both Angelina and Velvet, taking her Slammy and smiling.


Nicole Orton: Thank you very much, and thank you Angelina for those kind words about what it means to be Babe of the Year. This is really unexpected and it might be a sort of silly award, but it means a lot to me that there are people out there who care enough about me to see that I'm nominated and to vote for me, so I think that's sort of cool. So thank you. My brother Wes, you're still the most amazing big brother I could have ever asked for, thank you for sharing some of those good genes with me. 2 years ago I stood at this podium and I thanked Joanie Helmsley and Torrie Wilson for teaching me what it means to be a lady in this business, they still do that, every single day. John, Chris and Punk - you are my road warriors, letting me know when it's too much, and when I've had enough, and I just can't thank you enough for your friendship even when it's not cool to be my friend. And Randy, four years ago I just swooped into your life, and never would have imagined just how much we would have changed each other for the better. We've still got this babe, you mean the world to me. These last two days at fan access have been so incredible. My family is so incredibly blessed. Thank you so much. So, so much. Thank you.


Nicole left the stage as the announcer announced the next presenters.


Announcers: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome EBWF Diva Paige!


Paige entered from the steps at the back of the stage and proceeded to the podium.


Paige: Maryse and I have been called something of an alliance. Which is probably why I was asked to give the alliance of the year award. The nominees are, Randy Orton and Edge, Trent Barreta & AJ Lee, & Curt Hawkins & Maryse. And the winners are...


Paige opened the envelope...




A.J. quickly sprung from her seat after hearing the announcement and half pulled, half drug Trent along by the hand and onto the stage. She hopped around in complete happiness, quickly sliding over to snag Trent in a huge hug, before stepping in front of the mic. She did this all with alarming speed.


A.J. Lee: Hi!


The Diva waved to the audience, still very giddy.


A.J. Lee: Uh, well, I guess you can't keep very much a secret these days. But I'm really, really, really, REALLY happy to have won this award. And I'm even happier to have won it with this guy.


A.J. squirmed her way underneath one of Trent's arms.

Trent's lips were curved up in a smile as the queen gamer of EBWF snuggled under one of his arms.


Trent?: You know... Last year A.J. won one of these and I still remember how happy she was about having naked golden people to put on his shelf... I'm proud to accept these naked golden dudes and protect them as our sons... As for Alliance of the year... A.J. I've been wondering...


Trent looked at her, he paused and gulped.


Trent?: You know... You're a girl... You're pretty... You're smart... People use the C-Word often to refer to you... To us... But I would really feel like a crazy fool if I didn't do this...


Trent dropped to one knee for a massive pop of the audience.


Trent?: April Jeanette Anastasia Fiona Hermione Lee... Want to make the alliance of the year an alliance for a life time?

He reached for her hand.


Trent?: I guess... What I'm trying to say is... I'm ready... Ready for us to merge out videogame collection.

A.J. gasped audibly.


A.J. Lee: Oh Trent Question Mark! You've made me the happiest girl in the world! The answer is YES!


She sprung into his arms after expecting such a monumental and life changing proposal. Trent held her in his arm and reached over for the Slammy statue.


Trent?: Come on... Let's take our new golden naked sons Sonic and Tails home... Speaking of sons... A.J. do you know where do babies come from?


A.J. Lee: We'll...have a chat about that later.


A.J. turned her head in the direction of the audience and winked. The two of them left the stage as "Just Close Your Eyes" began to play.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome 8x EBWF Champion, Christian!


Christian came onto the stage and stepped up to the podium, envelope in hand.


Christian: I am a former EBWF Slammy winner for heel of the year, and that is the award I've been asked to present tonight. Heel of the

Year is the award for the bad guys who stole our hearts, and were the men we loved to hate this year, for better or for worse. The nominees are John Cena, Curt Hawkins, Dean Ambrose and The Miz. EBWF Universe your 2013 EBWF Heel of the Year is...


Christian opened the envelope...


Christian: JOHN CENA!


When he heard his name Cena’s eyes grew wide in obvious surprise and for a moment he didn’t move at all except to look around him at the others at his table: Mike and Maria, Randy and Nicole, AJ and Trish, and a pretty, petite woman just to his right that viewers at home did not recognize, and then for some reason he glanced over at another nearby table just beside theirs before he finally flashed a quick smile into the camera and stood, making his way up to the stage as his friends and coworkers continued to clap and cheer. He accepted the award from Christian with a shake of the hand and stepped behind the podium, his eyes locked on the trophy for a long moment before he faced the audience.


John Cena: I…


He stopped and turned because right then Christian had stepped forward and beside him, so close his shoulder was touching John’s. He had a huge smile on his face as he looked out into the crowd, nodding arrogantly with one hand on the Heel of the Year trophy, as if sharing in the glory. John raised an eyebrow, addressing him.


John Cena: Uh, can I help you with something? I can take it from here man. Your five seconds of Slammy significance is over. Don’t you have some complaining to do or something?


For a second it looked as if Christian were going to argue with John but as soon as he opened his mouth John put one arm around his shoulders and spoke to him in an amusing, condescending tone.


John Cena: Listen, you did a great job of handing me my award. We won’t discuss your mic skills. I’ll save that for another day seeing as you’ve already embarrassed yourself enough for one night. For now why don’t you go backstage, bitch about something on twitter, try to talk your way out of another match, and remember that time you were relevant because of a fluke World title win for about a second. Yeah, see, this Heel of the year Slammy right here in my hand says I can get pretty mean when I want to be. I’ve won Face of the Year too and I bet now you were wishing that was the award you were giving me instead, huh?


There were cheers and applause and Christian flashed John a look that could kill and stormed off the stage. John watched him go and leaned down to speak into the mic, his eyes still following Christian’s progress.


John Cena: I think he’s going to cry.


After another moment and some more chuckling from the audience John turned back around, clearing his throat and shuffling his feet.

Though he still wore a small smile he looked a little uncomfortable.


John Cena: I can honestly say this is one Slammy I never thought I would ever even be nominated for, let alone actually win. I didn’t even uh, prepare a speech. This year… well I went a little crazy didn’t I? This past year took me to a pretty dark place and you all witnessed it. People have always said I am good at being the good guy. Now I guess this award means I’m pretty good at being the bad guy too. And it’s funny because I used to joke about how I never got this particular award. I mean, whose bright idea was it to reward the bad guy for being, well, bad? Wes Ikeda ladies and gentlemen, he’s one hell of an enabler!


He smirked.


John Cena: Some great men have won this award in the past and it is an honor to have my name alongside theirs in the history books so thank you all. And just in case I’m not up here again tonight I’d like to go ahead and say thank you to a few people who have kinda stuck around, even when I’ve been a bad, bad boy.


When he heard a definitively feminine catcall come from the audience John’s face cracked into a good-natured grin.


John Cena: Yeah… not THAT kinda show or THAT kinda award, but thanks!


He chuckled and became a little more serious once again.


John Cena: Without Wes Ikeda there would have been no heel storyline so I have to give credit to him for coming up with that and thank him for being more than just a boss to me but someone I consider a very good friend. Thanks to my little brother Danny for keeping things amusing and having my back just like he’ll soon have everyone’s when he starts his new job as head of security for EBWF headquarters… may God have mercy on us all… but I guess if he managed to get such an attractive woman to date him its proof he can do a few things right. Thank you to the EBWF crew members who, night after night, make us all look good and don’t get nearly enough credit for it. Thanks to Richard for keeping me out of trouble, Lynne for covering it up when I still find it, and Hope for fixing me after I inevitably realize the hard way why it’s called “trouble” and not “peace.” Thanks to CM Punk for giving me someone to hate, fate for giving me someone to love, circumstance and a Little Bit more to help me forget, and last but certainly not least thanks to destiny for my northern star, and my best friend, Nicole. You’re my psychologist, my confidant, my conscience…


He glanced down at the trophy and raised an eyebrow with a nod.


John Cena: You’re apparently slippin’ in that department…


He shrugged, continuing.


John Cena: … and every now and again you are the pebble in my shoe but it always ends up being for my own good. You have never left me and I love ya, babydoll. I’ve gone on long enough. Christian’s probably back there still rolling around on the ground having his little hissy fit and I really don’t want to miss that, so once more thank you for this new memory. Here it is…


He held up the Heel of the Year Slammy.


John Cena: Proof that everyone loves a good bad guy!


John smiled again and left the stage.


Announcer: Please welcome The Sequel, Miz and AJ Styles!


The crowd cheered as Miz and Styles came onto the stage from the stairs.


AJ Styles: It feels good to be back here at EBWF.


The Miz: It feels good to be back here at the Slammy Awards. We're here to present the award for Breakout Champion of the Year.


AJ Style: The nominees are Zack Ryder, Tensai, Trent Barreta and James Storm.


The Miz : And the winner is... Trent Barreta!


Trent stood up and shared a hug with former Breakout champions and friends Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins before heading on to the stage... He lifted the Slammy and leaned into the microphone.


Trent?: Wow, this is turning into some night isn't it? The Breakout Championship gave me my reputation and my six month streak... We could say that I owe it all to my Breakout Championship! That triforce title belt I had was also pretty damn cool... 2012 was about being a breakout star and this award confirms it... We will see what 2013 brings for me. Thank you!


The Sequel and Trent left the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome, Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler!


The EBWF Universe erupted for the three classic blonde Divas as all three of them proceeded to the stage. They smiled and waved to the outer bowl of the arena before taking to the podium.


Torrie Wilson: We are here to give the EBWF Hottie of the Year Award.


Trish Stratus: Wes Ikeda has won this award an impressive 10 times, in 10 tries, and only once has it gone to another EBWF Superstar.

Stacy Keibler: Yes, EBWF Universe, in 2007 you voted Wes Ikeda and Jeff Hardy in a tie for Hottie of the Year. So, can Wes do it again and take home an unprecedented 11th Hottie of the Year Slammy Award or will one of three other men take home the Hottie of the Year Crown?


Trish Stratus: The nominees for Hottie of the Year are...


Torrie Wilson: CM Punk, Wes Ikeda, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton.


Stacy Keibler: And The Winner is...


Trish opened the envelope.

Torrie Wilson: EBWF UNIVERSE WE HAVE A TIE!!!!!!!!! Your first EBWF HOTTIE OF THE YEAR is WES IKEDA. Wes couldn't be here with us tonight but the girls and I accept this Slammy on his behalf.


Trish Stratus: Your other Hottie of the Year, CHRIS JERICHO!


The camera cut to Chris Jericho, who was sat at a table right by the front. Jericho had a big grin on his face as he walked onto the stage, and when he picked up the award he held it above his head, doing his best Daniel Bryan impression.


Chris Jericho: Yes! Yes! Yes!


There was a laugh from the audience. Jericho placed the Slammy back down on the podium and began to speak.


Chris Jericho: I've been trying to win this award for 12 years... and even when I finally win one, I still have to share it with Wes. I'm not sure if this is a sign that you people find power hotter than anything else, or a sign that Wes and I really do have to share everything! In all seriousness, thank you for finally allowing me to cross this award off my bucket list. And Wes, after everything that has happened over the last 12 months, I'm really glad that the EBWF fans still think you're one of the hottest guys in the EBWF. Although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled that they've finally admitted you're not hotter than me.


Jericho winked into the camera, picked up his award. He was just about to exit the stage when he was surprised to see John Cena coming up the steps. John made a motion as if to ask if he could come up to the podium.


Chris Jericho: Are you about to Kanye me? You weren't even nominated.


John stepped up to the microphone.


John Cena: I have a text message from Wes. He told me I should read it on air. I just want to make sure the guys in the truck have their fingers on the censor button cause it's a little salty.


The room laughed and John shrugged his shoulders.


Chris Jericho: He can never just let me have my moment can he?


John Cena: 'Fraid not. And I quote... "Go up there and tell everybody this year, I had to be clincally dead for five minutes for that motherfucker to be even as hot as me."


It felt somewhat inappropriate to laugh but the room did, including Jericho as Cena gave a playful shrug and went back to his seat.


Chris Jericho: For that, Ikeda? I'm taking this other trophy too! You don't need 11!


Chris took both trophies off the podium and left the stage to laughter and applause.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Brooke Tessmacher and Kelly Kelly!


Brooke and Kelly came to the podium.


Kelly Kelly: The face of the year award goes to the EBWF Universe's favorite good guy.


Brooke Tessmacher: And this year's nominees are John Cena, Wes Ikeda, CM Punk and Trent Barreta.


Kelly Kelly: And your winner is...


Brooke Tessmacher: CM PUNK!


The camera found Punk as he got up from the table. He proceeded up the stage and took his Slammy Trophy from Brooke Tessmacher.


CM Punk: Wow, you guys are stupid.


Punk tried to hold back some laughter but failed miserably. The crowd laughed at the his blunt first words.


CM Punk: It's a joke. Or I'm just that great of a mastermind. Because I've fooled all of you into think that I'm a decent human being. Wow.


He began to lightly polish the trophy with one of his elbows.


CM Punk: I've got so many of these now. But this I didn't really ever expect to nab. But, ya know, hey, great. I guess I'm going to do what I always do and thank myself. And I should also thank everyone who bought those ugly ass yellow t-shirts this place produced earlier this year. That really is an absurd amount of dedication on your part and I'm appreciative of it. Enjoy the show. I'm just going to heroically stroll back over to my seat and bask in my own heroic glow.


As Punk left the stage, the announcer's voice introduced the next presenter.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight's Heel of the Year, John Cena!


Cena came onto the stage.


John Cena: I'm here to present the 2013 award for newcomer of the year. The nominees are, Maryse, Tensai, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. EBWF Universe you chose... DEAN AMBROSE...


Ambrose gave a slow nod from his seat and stood up, proceeding to the staircase he stepped up to Cena and took his Slammy Award.


Dean Ambrose: Ya know, I kind of like it here in the big leagues. I get to go to fancy parties. I get gold statues. No one tries to break light tubes over my body or carve into my forehead with gardening tools. I don't bleed every match or get thrown off of high places. I see celebrities running around. It's nice.


Ambrose slowly spun around to take in his surroundings.


Dean Ambrose: Good past few months, right? Yeah. Cool. I don't know about anybody else but I want to see what an EBWF after party is like. I'm kinda more interested in that than standing up here rambling to all of you. So I'm gonna sit back down and drink some more and see if Miz has any more celebrity friends that are available.


Ambrose left the stage with his award.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome back to the stage, Chris Jericho.


Jericho returned to the stage with a smile.


Chris Jericho: The next award is the Tag Team or Stable of the Year Award. And here to present it are three people who have won this award three times. They've been named entertainer of the year. They are legends in this business, and I think the EBWF Universe here in Madison Square Garden and some of the Superstars too are going to come out of their seats just because they're here... ladies and gentlemen... you know, you love 'em, maybe you hate 'em, but you damn sure know what they've done for our industry and EBWF... Triple H, Chyna and the HEARTBREAK KID SHAWN MICHAELS...D-Generation X!


"BREAK IT DOWN!" The EBWF Fans and some of the EBWF Superstars gave the original three members of DX a standing ovations as Shawn Michaels and Hunter & Joanie Helmsley stepped out onto the Slammy stage. They greeted the fans in the upper bowl with waves as the DX theme continued to play before finally taking to the podium.


Triple H: As Chris said we are here to give the Tag Team or Stable of the Year Award.


Shawn Michaels: You nominated four groups this year, one stable and 3 teams, those nominees were...


Chyna: The Coalition, BarRyder, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, and The Sequel.


Triple H: And the winner is...


Shawn Michaels: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose!


Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose both headed up to the podium after the announcement and it looked somewhat odd to see both of them wearing suits. Rollins leaned into the mic while Ambrose seemed to keep his distance with his hands in his pockets as if he were in his own world.


Seth Rollins: Neither one of us have been here for a very long time but we had always heard that the EBWF is the place to be if you want a real opportunity. If you're hungry enough.


Rollins holds his Slammy above his head.


Seth Rollins: I think we've proven that there's some actual truth behind that theory. You haven't seen anything yet. Thank you.

Rollins heads off of the stage while Ambrose follows along behind him with his head down. He does manage to briefly throw up a piece sign to the audience, however.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Damien Sandow, Mark Henry and Dolph Ziggler!


The unlikely trio headed to the stage.


Mark Henry: We're here to give the award for entertainer of the year.


Dolph Ziggler: This award is given by the EBWF Universe to the EBWF Superstar who they are most entertained by.


Damien Sandow: I don't know why I wasn't nominated, but the nominees are... AJ Lee. John Cena, Wes Ikeda, The Miz, CM Punk and

Chris Jericho.


Mark Henry: And the winner is... John Cena!


When he heard his name John stood up and quickly ran around his table in an amusing display of laughing, pointing, and general gloating right in fellow nominee Mike’s face, the camera’s picking up John’s words.


John Cena: Ha! I TOLD you I’m more entertaining than you! Now I have validation!


Mike simply grinned, and shook his head, pie facing a laughing John who then made his way up to the stage to accept his award. He

was still smiling as he stepped up to the microphone.


John Cena: I’d just like to thank all the little people… for giving me so much material to work with and being such good sports about it. Never sell yourself short guys! You too can make a big difference! Don’t worry Mike, I know I’m not perfect because if I were perfect I’d be boring and we just can’t have that, now can we? How could I be boring and win ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR!


He chuckled, his obviously all-in-fun joking being put aside, at least for a brief moment. Very brief.


John Cena: In all seriousness guys, thank you for this award. I am honored especially considering the individuals who were also nominated along with me. What we do is called sports entertainment for a reason. We are athletes but we are also entertainers and the fans have given us all the opportunities to do what we do for a living so every time we put a smile on someone’s face, make people laugh, boo, cheer, or clap we are giving back and saying thank you. It’s a really great feeling to know that my natural born stupidity can entertain and amuse and actually serve a purpose. We can’t all be serious all the time like Randy Orton now can we? Someone’s got to offset the brooding a little with some humor or else we’d all just be downing Paxil like tic-tacs. What got me in trouble as a kid has become a profession as an adult so in your face Principal Harrison! I told you back in fifth grade that there’s ALWAYS a time and place for a good bad dance move. Now, a couple years later and I’ve proven myself with a little something called a Five Knuckle Shuffle and a couple wild nights out with…


Suddenly “For Your Entertainment” by Adam Lambert began to play and for a moment an obviously unsuspecting John went with it, hesitating for a only a moment before stepping out from behind the podium to do a funny little spin on his heel, brush off his shoulder as he would before the aforementioned finishing maneuver, and deliver a hilarious version of “the sprinkler” before he was shaking his head “no” as he laughed and walked back to behind the podium. The music faded to the applause, whistles, and laughter from the audience.


John Cena: Seriously, I don’t know how I won this award. I’m so boring. But, all joking aside, thanks to everyone for this amazing recognition. It means a lot. So now, with this actual award acknowledging and most importantly, ENCOURAGING my behavior, you can all look forward to the year to come. A year where the jokes will get cheesier, the shirts will get brighter, and the surprises get even more… surprising.


John left the stage and the lights slowly dimmed. The screen above the stage lit up.


After the video played, the EBWF Slammy Awards went to commercial.




This year's EBWF OOC Sportsman Award went to Juan aka Dohko! Congratulations!


Ben and I thank you very much for voting our storyline "It's Still Real to Me" as Storyline of the Year! It means a lot to us that you still vote for our storylines after all these years!


The EBWF Slammy Awards returned from commercial to applause from the crowd in the arena.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Stephanie McMahon.


Stephanie proceeded to the podium with a bright smile.


Stephanie McMahon: It is my honor to present this evening the Match of the Year Award.


A video package of the nominated matches began to play.


Stephanie McMahon: AJ Styles versus The Miz at Wrestlemania Eleven. John Cena versus CM Punk at Summerslam. Cody Rhodes versus CM Punk at King of the Ring. Chris Jericho versus AJ Styles with Wes Ikeda at Death Before Dishonor and Randy Orton versus Brian Kendrick at Wrestlemania Eleven. The winning match is... CM Punk versus John Cena at Summerslam!

Cena approached the stage first, going to the podium and taking the Slammy from Stephanie.


John Cena: Wow, yet another award where hatred is awarded. We’ve got quite a system here in the EBWF, don’t we? Let’s give an award to two guys for basically wanting to kill each other. We live and work for a company that not only encourages homicide but awards you for failing just so one day maybe they can see that same attempt carried out again. We officially work for sickos, you guys all know that, right?


He gave a slight grin and shook his head. He hadn’t looked at Punk once and he kept that up as he continued.


John Cena: It’s hard to talk about a match you don’t really remember too well… damn concussion. But after watching the tapes I can admit that maybe that’s a small blessing. It was the kind of match that physically reminded me that I’m 35 and not 25.

It was a match that is the very definition of a fight, a possible career ender, and a war. We took each other to hell and back that night. I can’t say that I will ever be a fan of Punk, and I think it’s definitely safe to say the same goes for him, in fact if we were ever trapped in a room together… forget the medics, just go straight to a Crime Scene cleanup team, but I have to say I have to respect him as a competitor and that I’m glad that on that night we could show the world something great and something people remember, even if it stemmed from a pretty dark place. So thanks for this guys. Maybe one day Punk and I can give you another match worth remembering!


Punk moved to the stage after Cena exited, taking the second trophy from Stephanie.


CM Punk: Yeah, that was about to get real awkward, real fast. Last year I threw a lot of not so thinly veiled insults at the guy I just won this award with. But I think I would rather try and forgot the circumstances that led to that match if that's OK with the rest of the planet. If I'm going to be real square, I don't think one Slammy is enough for what I had to go through in that match. I'm also not talking about the physical abuse either. I'm talking about having to somehow grasp some sort of unholy power to enable people to consider any match with John Cena "good" let alone MATCH OF THE YEAR.


Punk gave one of his condescending smiles and looked as though he would rather be anywhere else at the moment.


CM Punk: Whoops. There I go again. I'm sure we're all aware that John and I will never be friends. But when his head is screwed on right, and I can't believe I'm about to say this, he's good for the company and he's good for pro wrestling. That's about as close as compliment as you're going to get from me. I won this last year with a guy who's not even a semi-regular wrestler and this year I won it with guy who can only semi-wrestle. Imagine what's going to happen when I work with someone who can GO! Thank ya.


Punk left the stage to applause.


Announce: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome.... EBWF's 2011 Female Wrestler of the Year Natalie Neidhart!


A standing ovation for the anvilette, Natalya who had been through so much with the Ikeda family and who herself was just six weeks removed from giving birth to her son CJ. She looked fabulous, and stepped onto the stage to the delight of the EBWF Universe. She smiled at her colleagues, waved to the upper bowl of fans and stepped to the podium.


Natalya: Before I give the Female Wrestler of the Year Award, I wanted to tell you that Wes sends his love, and thanks you for his Hottie of the Year Slammy tonight and his other nominations. He looks forward to seeing the fans at Fan Access during Fanniversary in October.


That was greeted with another loud ovation, and Natalie stepped back and smiled, before continuing.


Natalya: The nominees for Female Wrestler of the year are... AJ Lee, Maryse, Maria and MsChif... and your 2013 EBWF Female Wrestler of the Year is... AJ LEE!


A.J. seemed to rocket onto the stage in record time upon being announced. She bounced in place in front of the podium, not very high but incredibly fast, before she took her golden statue into her arms.


A.J. Lee: Yessss! I won one of these last year and so now I can make my old one and my new one fight one another in a tag team match..all like 'RAAAAAAAWR' and stuff..or..something..


Her eyes quickly darted about before she regained her focus.


A.J. Lee: Anyway. Yessss! I am really, really honored to have won this. This place has had some amazing female talent throughout the years so I'm super stoked to make my tiny little mark in history. THANK YOU to everyone who likes me! Getting to play a crazy person every week on TV is probably the funnest thing I'll ever do. Hi Kaitlyn! Trent! I love ya!


The very energetic Diva pumped her Slammy into the air a few times before zooming her way right off of the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome once again, Chris Jericho!


Chris went to the microphone.


Chris Jericho: For the last 10 years an Ikeda has given the Wrestler of the Year award. It started in 2002 with Tony and Ashlee Ikeda, in 2003 Wes Ikeda joined the fold, and by 2007 Wes was giving this award himself. I'm pleased to be nominated for Wrestler of the Year tonight, and I'm afraid I don't quite have the DNA to present it myself so ladies and gentlemen accompanied by her husband Randy, please welcome, Wes Ikeda's baby sister, Nicole Ikeda-Orton.


Randy and Nicole walked onto the stage together to applause.


Randy Orton: I was the Wrestler of the year in 2010 and 2011 and Wes Ikeda presented that award to me. The Wrestler of the Year award is a prestigious award, and that's why it was important for Nicole and I to be here tonight.


Nicole Orton: But there was someone else that wanted to be here tonight for our family to give this award to the wrestler of the year. So, ladies and gentlemen, here to present the Wrestler of the Year Award...he's not only the young man the entire industry expects will one day lead the EBWF... he also has one of the best Varsity Pitching Arms in all of the midwest... Ladies and Gentlemen... Blaine Ikeda.


The young man, the spitting image of his father came to the stage to an ovation. He looked rather shy, but proceeded to the podium between his aunt and uncle.


Blaine Ikeda: Thank you. My dad has given this award every year since 2007, and that's why it was important for me to be here tonight to give this award. I enjoy the work of the four men nominated for Wrestler of the Year as does the entire EBWF Universe. The nominees for Wrestler of the Year are Chris Jericho, CM Punk, John Cena and The Miz... Alright... EBWF UNIVERSE... your 2013 EBWF WRESTLER OF THE YEAR IS...


Blaine opened the envelope.


Blaine Ikeda: CM PUNK!


"Cult of Personality" began to play and the camera found Punk at his table. He accepted a slap on the back from Colt Cabana and leaned over the back of Jessica's chair to whisper something in her ear before kissing her on the cheek and standing up to go up the stairs. Randy and Nicole had stood back as Blaine handed Punk his Slammy, Punk hugged the 13 year old boy as he took to the podium.


CM Punk: Last year when I won this Slammy I said that my goal was to become World Champion and main event Wrestle Mania. Do you understand that I'm not kidding around when I say things like that?


Punk gave a grin and lightly juggled his Slammy while spinning it behind back like a basketball.


CM Punk: I'm starting to run out of room for these. Seriously. Stop voting for me. Even if 2012 was a year good year for me, professionally. I don't really have any big proclamations for 2013. It's going to sound arrogant but after 'Mania I'll have accomplished everything I've ever wanted to do in wrestling. So I have to thank..myself. As I always do.


Punk held a pair of fingers closely together.


CM Punk: But a little, microscopic piece of this goes to anyone who has ever supported me because I've had detractors who didn't want me to succeed since day one. Thanks for cheering me, or booing me, thanks for showing up to watch me get my ass kicked, or kick someone's ass, thanks for buy my stuff, even those ugly, ugly ass yellow shirts. I really don't know what's going to come next but I'm putting everything I've got out there tomorrow night. And I'm expecting all of you to do the same thing.


Punk raised the trophy and left the podium to a loud ovation. The camera panned over to Chris Jericho and Blaine Ikeda standing near a microphone on the other side of the stage.


Chris Jericho: Congratulations once again, on another Wrestler of the Year Slammy Award, Phil. That is a wrap on the 11th annual EBWF Slammy Awards! We hope everybody had a great time.


Blaine Ikeda: I've definitely had a great time tonight Uncle Chris! Thank you EBWF Universe! We'll see you tomorrow night, live for Wrestlemania Twelve! Don't worry Dad! I'm going back to the hotel and I'm going to bed.

Chris laughed.


Chris Jericho: From all of us here at EBWF, goodnight everybody!

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