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Hottie of the Year: Wes Ikeda
Wrestler of the Year: John Cena
Babe of the Year: Velvet Sky
Female Wrestler of the Year: Angelina Love
Face of the Year: John Cena
Heel of the Year: AJ Styles
Breakout Champion of the Year: Matt Sydal
Alliance of the Year: The Paul Heyman Guys (Paul Heyman, AJ Styles, Ted DiBiase & Daniel Bryan)
Newcomer of the Year: Michelle McCool
Tag Team/Stable of the Year: Rated RKO
Entertainer of the Year: Wes Ikeda
Match of the Year: John Cena-v- Randy Orton (King of the Year 2013)
Storyline of the Year: Love, Marriage, Divorce (Holly & Ashlee)
Outstanding OOC Sportsmanship Award: Holly 

A neon green carpet was rolled out toward the entrance of the Smoothie King Center and EBWF Fans and camera crews lined the streets. The crowd cheered as cameras panned overhead, and finally the smiling faces of EXTRA’s hosts.


Mario Lopez: Good evening to you ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this weekend edition of EXTRA, I’m Mario Lopez.


Maria Menounos: And I’m Maria Menounos! We’re here LIVE tonight in New Orleans for the 13th Annual EBWF Slammy Awards! We’re watching EBWF Superstars arrive, and it’s going to be a huge night!


Mario Lopez: Well, it is EBWF’s biggest night, and I for one am VERY excited to be here. We’re covering the red carpet tonight and…


Maria Menounos: We call it the green carpet here at EBWF, Mario!


Mario Lopez: The GREEN carpet, of course! We’re covering the GREEN carpet, hoping to catch interviews with EBWF’s best and brightest just before they find out who among them are the best of the best their business has to offer.


Maria Menounos: We’ve already seen MsChif, Eva Marie and Bad News Barrett enter the Smoothie King Center and more and more superstars are arriving by the minute.


Mario Lopez: And to make sure we get as many interviews as possible for you, I’m going to head to the other end of the green carpet and see if I can catch a few EBWF Superstars as the make their way in for the 13th Annual Slammy Awards.


Maria Menounos: Thank you, Mario, and while you do that I have our first EBWF Superstar of the evening, my friend, The Miz. Mike, how are you doing tonight? 


The Miz: One of my favorite nights of the year, Maria! Doing good.


Maria Menouons: You’re nominated for three Slammy Awards tonight. Which one would mean the most to you if you won?


The Miz: I think Wrestler of the Year is probably the award that all of us want to win tonight, but I’d be happy about winning Entertainer of the Year as well. The thing that counts is that these awards come directly from the fans, and its the one night of the year where we can just celebrate how far EBWF has come and where we go from here.


Maria Menounos: You face Ted Dibiase and Matt Sydal for the EBWF IC Championship tomorrow night at Wrestlemania! Congratulations Mike on a great year, and good luck tomorrow.


The Miz: Thanks, Maria.


Maria Menounos: Of course! Let’s go to Mario Lopez near the entrance to check in!


Mario Lopez: Maria, there is so many people to see from our spot here on the green carpet. I just watched The Bella Twins go inside,

Matt Sydal arrived a few moments ago. And I’m standing here with two of the most dominate women in EBWF, collectively known as The Beautiful People - Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Ladies, both of you are nominated for Female Wrestler of the Year tonight. How does that effect your team?


Angelina Love: Well, we are the reigning EBWF Divas Tag Team Champions, and as it stands it looks like we’re probably going to retire those belts because we’re absolutely unmatched.


Velvet Sky: As for how being mutually nominated for the same award effects our team, it doesn’t really. Angelina and I are pretty used to being in competition with everyone else, and each other, and I’d be happy for her if she won.


Angelina Love: I’d be totally happy for Vel, if she won too. There’s just a lot of mutual respect going on.


Mario Lopez: Velvet, you’re also nominated for Babe of the Year tonight.


Velvet Sky: Against two other beautiful ladies. Winning would be fun of course, but I for one am just happy that we all have this one night a year where we get to pause and reflect on the last year and our accomplishments.


Angelina Love: And face it, Vel and I have had a lot of those. It’s gong to be a fun night!


Mario Lopez: It certainly is! Thanks for your time ladies. The Beautiful People, and now we go back to Maria! What’s going on on your side of the red carpet?


Maria Menounos: Thanks Mario! I can’t believe the superstars that come out for this event! I just saw Mick Foley. Michelle McCool entered the arena, and not far behind her was AJ Styles. But right now, I’m here with one of my all time favorite people on planet earth. Standing beside his beautiful wife, Jessica… Mr. Chris Jericho.


Chris Jericho: Maria, thanks for coming out tonight.


Maria Menounos: Thanks for stopping to talk to me. You’re nominated for Hottie of the Year tonight. That’s becoming sort of a joke these days, isn’t it?


Chris Jericho: Becoming? Wes and I have elaborate pranks around Hottie of the Year all year long. I have one and he has 11.


Maria Menounos: And the award has only been given eleven times!


Chris Jericho: Yeah, he’s a smug bastard.


Maria Menounos: You’ve taken on more of a backstage role at EBWF this year, and I guess I’ve got to ask what everyone is wondering. Will we see Chris Jericho in the EBWF ring? Are their more Wrestler of the Year nominations in Chris Jericho’s future?


Chris Jericho: I think that the nominations would be up to the fans, but I’ve got my eye on a few things and a few guys in the EBWF, and no I don’t think you’ve seen the last of Chris Jericho in the EBWF ring.


Maria Menounos: I know a lot of people are very happy to hear that. Thanks so much for your time Chris. Mario, what do you have going on at the other side of the Smoothie King Center?


Mario Lopez: Randy and Nicole Orton are signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans that have lined the green carpet here at the Slammy Awards. This place is electric! Paul Heyman arrived minutes ago with Brock Lesnar. The gorgeous Summer Rae is in the house, and Ted DiBiase walked by just moments ago. We’re having a great night so far, and the show is set to start in just about twenty minutes. Back to you, Maria!


Maria Menounos: It is electric here tonight, and I can hardly hear anything right now, because these fans behind me are going cah-ray-

zy! Ladies and gentlemen, beside me is a man nominated for many awards tonight, my friend, John Cena! John are you excited to be here tonight?


John Cena: You know me, Maria, I’m always excited to be where the EBWF Universe is.


Maria Menounos: You’re here tonight with your beautiful wife, Danielle. Danielle, a gorgeous dress, on a gorgeous lady, despite the matching sling.


John lovingly pulled Danielle toward Maria by her right hand.


Danielle Costa: Thank you. That’s sweet.


Maria Menounos: John, it seems you’re nominated for practically everything tonight. Wrestler of the Year, Hottie of the Year, Entertainer of the Year… the list goes on.


Danielle Costa: He tried to get in there for Babe of the Year, but no one would let him.


John Cena: This is what happens when we give her a microphone. My dirty secrets come out! Really, it’s great to be nominated for so many Slammy Awards, because the EBWF Universe decides who wins, and it’s really an honor to know that the Cenation is out there and they’re behind me. Maybe some of the haters will decide I’m the lesser of a few evils, who knows? 


Maria Menounos: And then comes the question I have to ask, John. The whole world is counting down as there are just 27 days left on your EBWF contract. Do you plan on remaining in EBWF and how are those talks going?


John Cena: Well, you know, we’re trying to get through tonight, and tomorrow, and then maybe we’ll figure something out, but… tonight isn’t about me, and it’s not about that. So, we’re just staying focused on celebrating what we’ve done this past year, and we’ll start thinking about the years ahead after tomorrow.


Maria Menounos: A very diplomatic answer. Thanks John, you guys enjoy your night. Mario Lopez, I hear the crowd over by your position, and they are cheering like crazy. Who do you have for us?


Mario Lopez: A man whom EBWF fans around the world are very happy to see here tonight, Wes Ikeda. Thanks for taking a moment to say hello. Correct me if I’m wrong, Wes, but this is your first, official public appearance in… well how long?


Wes Ikeda: Well, I did some stuff at Fanniversary this past year, but this is my first national stage, lots of cameras type thing with reporters and stuff for, I don’t know, eighteen or nineteen months I guess. So, it’s definitely good to be here.


Mario Lopez: Your first singles match in even longer, is tomorrow night at Wrestlemania against AJ Styles. Are you thinking about that tonight?


Wes Ikeda: You know, the politically correct answer is yes. That I have Wrestlemania and AJ Styles on my mind, but truthfully, not really. I don’t spend a lot of my time thinking about AJ Styles. It’s a waste of energy to be honest.


Mario Lopez: Your here with Natalya tonight. Your kids are here tonight.


Wes Ikeda: Yeah, they’re already inside.


Mario Lopez: The two of you sort of have your own little dynasty going.


Wes Ikeda: I don’t really know about that! Her family is a dynasty you know? Nat and I definitely love what we do though, and if the kids grow up loving it too, I think we’d be okay with that.


Mario Lopez: Wes, good luck tonight. Thanks so much for taking the time. Enjoy the awards.


The two men shook hands and Wes walked out of the frame.


Mario Lopez: That’s going to do it for this side of the aisle, Maria. We’re just about ready to start the show!


Maria Menounos: That’s right Mario. The 13th Annual Slammy Awards start in just three minutes on A&E. I’m Maria Menounos and this

has been the EXTRA EBWF Slammy Awards pre-show, live from New Orleans. Good night!


The EBWF Logo faded up from black as the capacity filled Smoothie King Center in New Orleans panned the crowd of fans and famous faces as an announcers voice filled the room.


Announcer: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the 12th Annual EBWF Slammy Awards, with appearances by AJ Styles, Angelina Love, The Bella Twins, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Daniel Rodimer, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, John Cena, Matt Sydal, Michelle McCool, The Miz, Natalya, Nicole Ikeda-Orton, Randy Orton, Syxx, Ted DiBiase, Velvet Sky, Wes Ikeda and more! Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Joanie Helmsley!


Joanie entered stage left in a beautiful evening gown, and took the podium.


Joanie Helmsley: Thank you. Tonight has been a labor of love, and I am here to introduce two men which we would not have been able to do this without, and more importantly two men who are here to kick off the EBWF Slammy Awards, because, and I can testify… the party never gets started until they arrive, Ladies and Gentlemen, my good friends CHRIS JERICHO and WES IKEDA.


Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” blasted through the arena and Jericho and Ikeda moved onto the stage from separate entrances on opposite sides. They tagged hands with some of the fans on the floor in front of the stage, and approached the microphone in the middle of the stage to a standing ovation from the crowd.


Chris Jericho: Good evening!


Wes Ikeda: Wow… I’m supposed to say, again… welcome to the EBWF Slammy Awards… wow…


Chris Jericho: Alright, sit down. I think they’re happy to see you, man.


Wes Ikeda: I’m happy to be here. Tonight is the night we celebrate, we remember, and we party, because tomorrow we all have work to

do. We’ve been doing the Slammy Awards for 13 years now. That’s 12 Wrestlers of the Year, Triple H in 2002, Raven in 2003, Bret Hart in 2004, Jeff Hardy in 2005…


Chris Jericho: Shannon Moore in 2006, Alex Shelley in 2007, Shawn Michaels in 2008, Sting in 2009, Randy Orton in 2010 AND 11, and CM Punk in 2012 AND 13. Tonight AJ Styles, John Cena, The Miz or Randy Orton joins that illustrious list for 2013.


Wes Ikeda: We’ve got a lot of awards to get to before we name the Wrestler of the Year. We say thank you to the men and women of the EBWF. The crew, the people backstage who put us on the road, and the divas and superstars. Tonight we celebrate all of you.


Chris Jericho: Here to present the 2014 Babe of the Year Award… Syxx!


Syxx’s theme brought him to the podium at stage left. He had an envelope in his hand.


Syxx: The EBWF Babe of the Year Award goes to the women who EBWF Fans say is not only beautiful, but strong, sexy and independent. This years nominees for Babe of the Year are…


Images and videos of the women played behind Syxx as the names were read.


Syxx: Michelle McCool, Nicole Ikeda-Orton, and Velvet Sky. And the winner is…


Syxx opened the envelope.


Syxx: Velvet Sky!


Velvet Sky stood up as music cued over the PA system. She smiled and straightened out the black and silver dress she wore for the Slammys. Velvet made her way up to the stage and smiled at Syxx. She looked out at the audience and took center stage behind the podium. She then leaned down to speak into the microphone.


Velvet Sky: Wow! Thanks so much, you guys! This makes my second Babe of the Year Slammy, this is beyond amazing. I surely thought I lost to Nicole Orton, I mean look at her! She's smoking hot!


Velvet pointed towards Nicole sitting out in the crowd. The audience cheered at the mention of the well known Ikeda. Velvet winked and continued on.


Velvet: You'd think I wouldn't be so nervous being up here, having done this once before, but I am. I'm totally speechless right now. However, I am truly honored to be your Babe of the year. You guys sure do know how to make a woman feel pretty! I want to thank all the ladies in hair and makeup who make me look good each week, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. You ladies are miracle workers! Thank you!


She laughed softly and took a step back from the podium. She held up the Slammy and the audience applauded once more. The music resumed as Velvet turned to shake the hand of the presenter. She waved once more to the audience and exited the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome, Daniel Rodimer and Jack Swagger.


The two men proceeded to the podium.


Jack Swagger: Alliances in EBWF come and go, and the people involved don’t always get along, but they’ve come together for a common purpose, for total dominance, or maybe even because they’re sisters.


Daniel Rodimer: The nominees for EBWF Alliance of the Year are Paul Heyman, Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles & Ted DiBiase, The Paul Heyman guys.


Jack Swagger: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar.


Daniel Rodimer: Velvet Sky and Angelina Love, The Beautiful People.


Jack Swagger: Nicole and Brie, The Bella Twins.


Daniel Rodimer: And the winner is, The Paul Heyman Guys!


Everyone in attendance respectfully applauded as Paul Heyman stood up, walking to the podium as he buttoned his jacket. Ted Dibiase, Jr. was close behind him, and AJ Styles stood up from his seat and joined the other two on stage. They all received a Slammy trophy, and AJ Styles took the podium first.


AJ Styles: Paul, you may not be my manager anymore but I would like to say, thank you. Thank you for making me the heartless son of a bitch I am today. You taught me to take what I want and run over anybody that gets in my way. Paul, I may want to shove this award up your ass for hiring Brock Lesnar and screwing me out my title, but I won't. Even though we all know that I'm the one that really deserves this award, I say let's just let Ted keep it so he can feel relevant. God knows he hasn't won anything else since we were



Ted DiBiase stood on the stage and heard the words from his former Trilogy partner and Paul Heyman's former client and shook his head as he walked up to say a few words.


Ted Jr: I'm not even going to address AJ's words because we all know he's just a sad little man and the only way he could win the World Championship was by beating Trent, which isn't exactly a great accomplishment. He must have forgot that time we were in a little group called the Trilogy where I helped him win all his matches and held the PTG Championship for a record 11 months. But that's not successful is it?


Ted spoke sarcastically, showing that there was no love lost between him and AJ.


Ted Jr: I knew we would win a Slammy, it was that obvious. And at Wrestlemania I'll have another Championship to add to the list that I've held over the years here in EBWF.


Styles chimed in once again.


AJ Styles: A list you oughta burn.


With that final quip, Styles gave way to Paul Heyman, who approached the podium. He sat his trophy down on the podium and leaned forward towards the microphone.


Paul Heyman: Aggression, talent, focus, and determination. Those are the traits one needs to be a Paul... Heyman... Guy. Look at these two men.


He gestured towards Dibiase and Styles.


Paul Heyman: Both men are former World Champions. Both men have permanently left their mark on the EBWF. And yet, those accolades aren't enough to become my client. I don't care about title reigns, or years in the business. What I care about is aggression, talent, focus, and determination. These two men? They have it in spades. And thought I might not be associated with them anymore...


Heyman smirked with a shrug.


Paul Heyman: Something tells me they're going to be just fine. Thank you, EBWF.


Heyman took his trophy and exited the podiums, and Styles and Ted Dibiase followed suit.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley!


Foley’s theme hit, and the crowd cheered for him as he went to the podium.


Mick Foley: The bad guy. The man everyone loves to hate! The EBWF Universe has chosen 4 men who were good at being bad this year, and one of them will be Heel of the Year. The nominees are AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Nash and Matt Sydal. The winner is…

AJ Styles!


AJ Styles didn't seem surprised as he made a small joke to Michelle McCool before getting up from the table and making his way on stage. He accepted his award without incident and stood at the podium, dressed in one of his finest tailored suits, Styles' smirked as he began to speak.


AJ Styles: This is my very first Slammy. All I can really say is... it's about damn time! I would like to thank myself for making this possible. I would like to thank myself for not being some blonde punk who's only been here for a month or a member of the AARP club, using Just for Men, icy-hot, and eyeliner on a daily basis. I would like to thank myself for being recognized as the absolute bad ass that I truly am. I would also like to thank myself for being better than all of you and ten times better than the Pelicans. I hate you all and probably wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. I've got an after party tonight but none of you are are invited. Unless you have big breasts… a vagina... and drugs.


Styles took his Slammy, and exited the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Nicole and Brie, The Bella Twins!


The girls made the entrance on the stage.


Brie Bella: Nikki, I’m so excited to be here in EBWF at the EBWF Slammy Awards!


Nikki Bella: Me too, Brie! And I’m excited that we were asked to present the Breakout Champion of the Year Award.


Brie Bella: The nominees are, Leo Kruger.


Nikki Bella: Daniel Bryan.


Brie Bella: And Matt Sydal.


Nikki Bella: And the winner is…


Brie opened the envelope.


The Bella Twins: MATT SYDAL!


Matt Sydal smirked when he was announced winner for Breakout Champion of the year. He went up to the podium and grabbed his award away from Brie Bella. He looked at the award one more time and placed it on the table and began to speak...


Matt Sydal: It was a no-brainer that I was going to win this one actually. See, when I came to EBWF in December, I only had one thing in mind and that was to win championship gold, one month later, I defeated Daniel Bryan and became Breakout Champion. A month after that, I defeated three men to become Intercontinental Champion. Call me what you want, but that last statement was a FACT. You people know I'm the RIGHT Breakout Champion, and the RIGHT Guy. But this trophy also proves that I'm YOUR Breakout Champion of the YEAR!


Matt stepped off the podium with a huge smirk on his face. The crowd began to boo the cockiness and bad attitude of the Breakout Champion but he didn't care. He just won a Slammy!


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome, The Beautiful People and Natalya!


The EBWF Universe erupted for the gorgeous trip as the made their way to the stage, smiling and waving to fans.


Natalya: It is our honor to present the Slammy Award for Hottie of the Year!


Velvet Sky: These four men are some of the best of the best, and the sexiest of the sexiest.


Angelina Love: And while we like to dress up Babe of the Year as an award about strength and independence?


Natalya: …We’re not afraid to admit that these guys are the ones we just like to look at.


Velvet Sky: Your nominees for Hottie of the Year are… Chris Jericho, John Cena…


Angelina Love: Randy Orton and Wes Ikeda.


Natalya: And the winner is…


The Beautiful People opened the envelope and the girls looked between themselves as Natalya shook her head, and they turned the envelope around for the camera to see the name inside.


Natalya: Wes Ikeda.


Wes was found in the crowd, seated with his children and The Jerichos. Wes proceeded toward the podium, but not before he was stopped by The Cena/Orton table and John Cena handed him something. He moved up the steps and toward the podium, thanking Velvet and Angelina before kissing Natalya and taking the award. He held up the item in his other hand.


Wes Ikeda: Cena gave me a glass of scotch on my way up here. This is why we’re friends. Uh, wow… another Hottie of the Year Award. These never get any less weird, but it’s still humbling. We’ve been through a lot together this past year, and I can’t thank the EBWF Universe enough for sticking with me through all of it. So, thanks. I appreciate it.


Wes held up the Slammy, took a drink from his scotch and then he turned toward Natalie as the four of them left the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Former EBWF World Champion, AJ Styles.


AJ came from stage left to the podium and spoke into the microphone.


AJ Styles: The EBWF has had several new superstars make an impact this year, but only one can be your favorite. The nominees for Newcomer of the Year are, Matt Sydal, Michelle McCool and The Undertaker. The winner is… Michelle McCool!


As Michelle walked to the stage she held her hands out to her sides and beckoned for more applause. When she approached the podium she was smiling brightly. She hugged AJ and took her statue.


Michelle McCool: I won this award over The Undertaker and Matt Sydal? I really am just that good! This goes to show that us ladies know what we’re doing. Though I think anyone could beat up an overgrown zombie and a wannabe oompa loompa. I can’t wait to see Sydal complain about this on Twitter! Hashtag Flawless.


Michelle and AJ Left the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Dolph Ziggler!


Dolph Ziggler: Everyone loves a good guy. The EBWF Universe has chosen three men they’ve chosen as the best of the good guys, and only one of them can be face of the year. The nominees are John Cena, The Miz and Randy Orton. The winner is… John Cena!


John stood up and as he did, he found himself facing the table where the Ikedas were seated. He bent down and kissed Wes’ daughter on the cheek, before giving Nicole Orton a fist bump. He proceeded up the stairs and to the podium, taking his statue from Ziggler.


John Cena: You like me! You really like me!


He beamed, glancing down at the award now in his hand, obviously touched and honored.


John Cena: Last year I was Heel of the Year, so this shows just how much things can change in the matter of a few months, huh? I’m up here as living proof that EVERYTHING can change.


He smiled warmly and seemed to focus on one particular table for a moment before his eyes began to move about the room again.


John Cena: What can I say? Why do anything half-assed? Give everything you do, everything ya have. If you’re gonna be good, be great. If you’re gonna be bad, be REALLY good at being bad. Just keep in mind that if you’re the bad guy, we all know how these things always work out. The good guy ALWAYS wins. At least when that good guy is me.


He shrugged with a playful smile and held up his newly won trophy.


John Cena: Two-time Face of the Year! And I promise it’ll never get old. Unless I decide to finally pursue that Cena Heel Turn I’m always reading about online...


He gave a devilish grin and winked.


John Cena: ... and like we’ve established, a lot can change in a single year.


Cena left the stage.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Nicole Ikeda-Orton!


Nicole came out onto the stage and waved at the crowd in the upper bowl before heading to the microphone. She stopped at the podium and smiled.


Nicole Orton: I’m here tonight to present the Award for Entertainer of the Year. The Entertainer of the Year is someone who brings the EBWF Universe together, by helping us have fun, and whether they’re working in the ring or on the mic, they leave us on the edge of our seats. The nominees for EBWF Entertainer of the Year are… AJ Styles, John Cena, The Miz and Wes Ikeda. The winner is…


She opened the envelope, smiling as she shrugged.


Nicole Orton: WES IKEDA!


The camera went to Wes who looked genuinely surprised. He shook his head, kissed Natalie and stood up. He went to the stage and hugged his sister while taking his award.


Wes Ikeda: Thank you, I… wow. I’ve won a lot of Slammy’s and I need to tell you guys, it never gets any less great. Thanks so much. Um, I just want to thank a few people for helping me do my job this year. I wouldn’t be standing here right this minute without Chris Jericho. He has made my job so much easier. I’m honored to call him a friend.


He tilted the statue he was holding toward Jericho and continued.


Wes Ikeda: John and Mike, I was honored to be nominated for this award with the two of you. The both of you make me a better performer, and I thank you for that. Finally, Nat, Blaine, Kenzie and CJ, I could win a thousand Slammy awards and a thousand championships, but nothing would ever complete me as much as the four of you do. So thank you, for coming on this ride with me. I love you guys. Finally, I kind of love the EBWF Universe too. Thanks, so much for everything!


Wes turned away from the podium, threw his arm around Nicole and the two of them left the stage. 



Congratulations to our OOC Award Winners for this Year!

Ben & Ashlee would like to welcome the 2014 inductee into the EBWF Hall of Fame! We have chosen Juan for his commitment to the EBWF! He has had some of the most enjoyable and memorable title reigns and storylines during his time in EBWF and we are happy to welcome him!


This year's EBWF OOC Sportsman Award went to Holly! Congratulations!


Holly and I thank you very much for voting our storyline “Love, Marriage, Divorce” as Storyline of the Year! We do appreciate it! 



As the EBWF Slammy Awards returned the announcer’s voice filled the arena.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Chris Jericho!


Jericho went to the podium and held up the envelope in his hand.


Chris Jericho There are 3 matches, but only four men nominated for EBWF Match of the Year. Tonight, one match will be named the best of this past year. The nominees are, Randy Orton and Trent from Christmas Eve of Destruction 2013, Randy Orton and John Cena from King of the ring 2013, and Ted DiBiase and John Cena from Wrestlemania Twelve. EBWF Universe, you chose as your favorite match of the year…


He opened the envelope.


Chris Jericho: Randy Orton versus John Cena!


Randy and John stood up from their tables as the crowd applauded. They shook hands when they got up to the podium and then received their trophies from Chris Jericho. Randy took to the podium first.


Randy Orton: Well, I can't honestly say that either of us are surprised that we're up here, we were both in 2/3 of the options. John and I went into King of the Ring having not had a match in a couple years. We haven't worked together much at all in our time in the EBWF. I can honestly say it was the best match I had all year, and that includes having my back blown up by an exploding turnbuckle.


Randy paused as a quiet chuckle from the crowd murmured out.


Randy Orton: Thanks to everyone who selected us to win this. This doesn't sound like much, but it's a great comfort. While people keep telling us on Twitter that we're terrible, it's quite satisfying to keep winning awards for our wrestling. Thanks.


The people in attendance applauded as Randy moved to the side and allowed John to take the podium. John glanced at the audience and then at Randy with a humored smirk, directing his comment Randy’s way.


John Cena: See? I TOLD you five moves is all I need!


There was another round of laughter and then John glanced back out at the audience.


John Cena: This is my third time winning Match of the Year and, like Randy said, it is indeed always a great comfort. It’s an awesome feeling knowing that a match that happened nine months ago is still in the minds of so many. It’s incredible to think that maybe one day you might be part of a match that will last through history like Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels or Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant. It’s the dream. And I sometimes I still can’t believe I’m living it. I think this particular match will always go down as one of the best in my career. Which is sad considering, well, I lost.


He gave an amusing shrug and there was another round of light laughter.


John Cena: Thank everyone who voted for this match and, Randy, it’s always an honor and I look forward to meeting you in that ring again. Very, very soon actually.


John stepped away from the podium and shook Randy’s hand again as the room filled with applause.


Announcer: And now, EBWF Tag Team Champions, Randy Orton and Edge, Rated RKO!


Rated RKO came to the podium, each man already holding a Slammy Award.


Edge: We stand before you your 2014 EBWF Tag Team of the Year!


Randy Orton: And there wasn’t a vote, because there wasn’t exactly a question!


Edge: Let’s face it, the only people in the room who stood a chance at beating us out for these trophies were The Beautiful People.


Randy Orton: And Nic told me I could say this, so Ang and Vel…if you ladies want to wrestle us for these, just name the time and place.


The crowd was laughing as Edge smacked Randy on the back.


Edge: We’re here to give one of four lovely, talented ladies the EBWF Female Wrestler of the Year.


Randy Orton: The nominees are, Angelina Love, Michelle McCool…


Edge: Natalya, and Velvet Sky. The winner is…


Randy Orton: Angelina Love!


Angelina stood up out of her seat and motioned for the audience to stand up on their feet and give her a round of applause. She made her way up to the stage in her form fitting, royal purple dress and louboutin's. Her platinum blonde hair hung loosely over her shoulders in soft waves. She leaned in to speak into the microphone.


Angelina: It comes as no surprise that I won this award, I mean I am the Women's champion and one half the women's tag champions. I'm already on top around here, did any of you honestly not see this coming?


Angelina smirked cockily and shoved some of her blonde hair over her slender shoulder.


Angelina: I know I'm the total package. Smart, beautiful, talented, great sense of humor, ambitious. The list goes on and on. Besides, any real fan that watches every week already knows who I am. They know I always get the job done. I dominate anyone put in my way. In fact, you can even say that I've been taking out the trash around the EBWF since 2011. So winning this award was a no-brainer. I should be getting a Female Wrestler of the Decade award. I mean I got rid of Paige and Maryse, along with AJ and her friend Yeti. Kelly Kelly, well who the hell cares about Kelly Kelly. Remember little Jamilia Craft back in the day? Yep, gone. What about Layla? I mean she is still here supposedly. But when is the last time she's been even remotely relevant? Trick question, because the answer is never. So you're welcome EBWF Universe.


Angelina shook her head.


Angelina: Anyways, I'd like to thank myself first and foremost. I do everything I put my mind to and I have been quite successful in my career. I'm thankful that I'm not comfortable settling for mediocrity like the rest of the Women's locker room. I'd also like to thank my wonderful Mother for creating such an awesome me! Now it's time for a drink.


Angelina waved at no one in particular and plastered a fake smile on her face. She turned and exited the stage with the award in hand.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, once again, Wes Ikeda.


The screen that had been playing videos all night lifted, and Wes walked from behind it. He moved to the podium and soaked up the applause for a moment.


Wes Ikeda: Thank you. It is my honor to present the award for EBWF Wrestler of the Year. The fans have chosen one of the following four men. AJ Styles, John Cena, The Miz and Randy Orton…


Wes took a beat to open the envelope.


Wes Ikeda: EBWF Universe your 2014 Wrestler of the Year is John Cena.


John kissed his wife, who wore a huge smile. He got up from his seat and moved to the stage. He gave Wes a bro-hug, and took the statue, looking down at it for a long moment, before taking a deep breath and speaking.


John Cena: This is... I...


He shook his head, smiling, shock still clearly written across his face. Then he smiled a little wider and looked from the coveted Slammy in his hand out into the audience.


John Cena: When you are voted Wrestler of the Year you want to say something profound, something eloquent. But... let’s just be real here for a moment, this is ME we’re talking about. So I guess the pressure is off, right?


He raised an eyebrow and grinned before shaking his head.


John Cena: Great athletes have won this award. Future Hall of Famers. So to now be able to be grouped alongside them by being awarded this honor, it’s an amazing feeling. Thank you to the crew members who, far too often, don’t get enough credit for all that they do. You guys help make us all look good, which means in my case you have your work cut out for you. Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t be up here if it weren’t for Wes Ikeda thinking I’ve got SOMETHING to offer since we all know he thinks I can’t wrestle worth a damn... so thanks Wes, for bein’ a gambling man. Thank you to my big, modern, colorful family and the true friends I’ve made through the years for your support and encouragement, and my brother Danny for always having my back. Nikki? You are my best friend, my Northern Star, my partner in crime, my babydoll. You’ve made me a better man. Thank you for always being there. Even when you’ve wanted to strangle me with your pink manicured, diamond adorned, bare hands.


He grinned, his eyes glued on the table he’d been sitting at all night.


John Cena: I am a very lucky man. Because I am so happy I get to share this achievement, this moment, with my date. My flawless wife, Danielle. She’s here tonight even though she’s been a little under the weather lately and yet I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look more beautiful. Thank you, Little Bit. For choosing me. You give me every ounce of all my strength. I love you. And yes, I know, this is taking FOREVER, but I promise I only have one more thank you left in me. And that’s of course for my Cenation faithfuls and the infallible EBWF Universe. None of this would be possible without you guys. Thank you all for allowing every single one of us to do what we get to do, for making our dreams reality, and for giving me this incredible honor. And I promise every single one of you that this year? Well, let’s just silence the rumors right now shall we? Possible heel turns, spontaneous bouts of twerking, they will all take place right here, in the EBWF, because this is my home, and I’m here to stay. Bad news for some of you but prepare yourselves because I spent the second half of 2013 saying it was the Season of Cena, and I think this bad boy right here proves it’s been just that. But 2014? You can thank global warming but I think we’re all in for 365 days of Cena Season courtesy of your new Wrestler of the Year!


John nodded his appreciation once more, blew a quick kiss toward his table, patted the left side of his chest for a moment while mouthing the words “thank you,” and stepped back from the podium.The camera panned over to stage left where Wes was standing alone. to further applause.


Wes Ikeda: With twenty some odd days left on his contract, I think I might actually like the sound of that. Thank you so much for an amazing night. We’ll see you tomorrow night at Wrestlemania. Blaine David, it’s past your bedtime. Thanks, goodnight!

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