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Hottie of the Year: Wes Ikeda
Wrestler of the Year: Chris Jericho
Babe of the Year: Velvet Sky
Female Wrestler of the Year: Trish Stratus
Face of the Year: Sami Zayn
Heel of the Year: The Miz
Alliance of the Year: The Mean Girls (Sasha Banks, Summer Rae & Eva Marie)
Newcomer of the Year: Tyler Breeze
Tag Team of the Year: Wade Barrett & Ryback
Entertainer of the Year: Paul Heyman
Match of the Year: Chris Jericho -v- The Miz from Fallout 2016
Outstanding OOC Sportsmanship Award: Dotty

The EBWF logo flashed across the screen as the 14th Annual EBWF Slammy Awards went live on A&E and across the world.


Announcer: Welcome to the 14th Annual EBWF Slammy Awards live from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas! With appearances by: Steve Austin, Sasha Banks, Wade Barrett, Tyler Breeze, Carlito, Edge, Joanie Helmsley, Paul Heyman, Wes Ikeda, Nicole Ikeda-Orton, Chris Jericho, AJ Lee, Eva Marie, The Miz, Randy Orton, Paige, CM Punk, Summer Rae, Ryback, Velvet Sky, Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler and many more!


And now, please welcome your hosts, they were your 2010 and 2014 EBWF Tag Team of the Year, Rated RKO, Randy Orton & Edge.


The backdrop of the set drifted upward and the crowd’s cheers grew louder as Edge and Orton stepped out onto the stage, each wearing dress pants and blazers with no tie and open collars. The immediate staging area was surrounded by EBWF fans, and down the aisles were many round tables where EBWF Superstars sat together, awaiting the ceremony. They waited for a natural break in the applause, before addressing the audience.


Edge: Welcome to the 14th Annual EBWF Slammy Awards.


Randy Orton: You’re probably a little surprised to see us.


Edge: And believe me, we were a little reluctant to take this job, but in recent years Chris Jericho and Wes Ikeda have been our hosts…


Randy Orton: ...and tonight, they’re nominated for 11 awards combined.


Edge: So, when it was a choice between us or even more Wes and Chris,  we decided we’d rather bite that bullet then sit through that.


Randy Orton: We’ll get enough of that tomorrow night.


That got a laugh, especially from the other wrestlers in the room.


Edge: Our first presenter attended his first EBWF Slammy Awards last year, taking home Face of the Year.


Randy Orton: In 2015, he became EBWF World Champion.


The fans in front of the stage were already cheering.

Edge: Sounds like you already know who to expect, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Sami Zayn!

“World’s Apart” hit and Sami entered stage left, stepping up to the podium, envelope in hand.


Sami Zayn: Nothing says Wrestlemania weekend quite like the Slammy Awards, and I remember the whirlwind that was my first Mania weekend. We’ve had many newcomers to EBWF this year, but the three men who were nominated for this award were considered the best of the best amongst EBWF fans. Bringing his veteran, hardcore style to the ring to capture the Breakout Championship, the one and only, Mankind.


Mankind was found in the audience, looking rather displeased with being there, which made the crowd laugh, and Mankind’s frown deepen.


Sami Zayn: Winning the fans over with his incredible in ring style, and spitting in the face of people whom he thinks aren’t cool, Carlito.


Carlito was in the crowd, and took a big bite out of an apple when the camera found him.


Sami Zayn: And finally, running an amazing Twitter game, capturing the Breakout Championship just last month, and of course being the Sultan of the Selfie, Tyler Breeze. And the Newcomer of the Year is…


A drum roll could be heard as Sami opened the envelope.


Sami Zayn: Tyler Breeze!


Tyler Breeze was announced as the Newcomer of the Year and he lept to his feet punching the air in celebration. His orange and black tiger print suit sparkled under the lighting. He strode to the stage with his selfie stick, taking several pictures of himself. Ignoring all of his colleagues as he changed his pose with each click. Breeze finally took the stage to applause and he surveyed the award in front of him before clearing his throat and speaking.


Tyler Breeze: Newcomer of the Year. Like a pebble being thrown into a body of water I’ve caused a splash. A bigger splash than any of you sat there right now. I stand before you Breakout Champion AND Slammy Award Winner and I’ve only been here 5 minutes. It’s proof that the world wants Prince Pretty and none of you other has beens. And I won’t be stopping here. 2016 is my year, the year of the Tyger, the year that all you’ll ever see is the King of Cuteville.


Breeze posed for the crowd as there was a ripple of applause among the EBWF superstars.


Tyler Breeze: Slammys and Breakout Titles are the start. Mark my words, I’ll be giving the world what it wants and there will be more gold around this gorgeous waist. Now there's only one way the Sultan of the Selfie can mark such a victory and that's with a picture.

Breeze spun around holding his camera aloft, with his back to audience so they were all in view behind him. After a moment he spun back with a disgruntled look on his face.


Tyler Breeze: Look, I’m not being funny, but this is a red letter day for the EBWF and something to remembered for a lifetime and some of you are ruining it. So firstly, Mankind can you move out of view, I don’t want that sort of face in the background. And Sami Zayn, can you shuffle to the side, beards are so 2015, it looks like some homeless man has snuck into the picture. Owens, shift yourself, no pigs allowed. Plus we’re all here so there won’t be any line for food. Alexa move as well. I’m sure it seemed like a good outfit choice at home, but it screams street walker rather than awards glam sweetie. Syxx you look more like a model for a ‘just say no’ campaign so get out of my shot. Errrrgggh this is no good, it’s going to take all evening to get the ugly ones out of the way. Prince Pretty doesn’t have time for this.


With that Breeze picked up his award and took a selfie facing the other way so none of the audience was in view. After a long pause Breeze leaned into the microphone one last time.


Tyler Breeze: Remember, be jealous because I’m Tyler Breeze and you’re not.


Leaving the crowd in a stunned silence Breeze exited the stage with his award in hand. After Tyler left the stage the focus drifted back toward Rated RKO standing at stage right.


Edge: Ah, who says kayfabe is dead?


Orton shook his head, continuing.


Randy Orton: Sometimes your EBWF career depends entirely on the enemies you make and the friends you keep.


Edge: When we’re not winning titles and tearing up the tag team division, Randy, and I have had an alliance that has stood the test of time.


Randy Orton: Here to present the Slammy Award for Alliance of the year, please welcome, Paige and AJ Lee.


The sound of Up From the Ashes played and the two women came from center stage, the set lifting up as they passed under it. They approached the podium.


AJ Lee: We’ve been asked here tonight to present this award to one of three deserving alliances.


Paige: Taking the EBWF by storm using total domination and dirty tactics, The Miz, Ted DiBiase, Kyle O’Reilly, Finn Balor and Kevin Owens, Vertex.



AJ Lee: A lasting staple in the women’s division, winning at all costs, Sasha Banks, Summer Rae and Eva Marie, The Mean Girls.


Paige: Using their friendship to entertain the EBWF Universe, EBWF World Champion Chris Jericho and the 2016 Royal Rumble winner, Wes Ikeda.


Paige: And the winner is…


Paige opened the envelope, and AJ read out the name.


AJ Lee: The Mean Girls.


The cameras focused in on the trio, who sat by one another at their own table, gossiping amongst one another. They all stood up together and made their way up the steps at the side of the stage. The girls crowded around the podium with their hands resting on the Slammy award. Summer Rae leaned forward to speak into the microphone first.


Summer: Okay seriously, is anyone really surprised that we won? I mean this category was practically made for us!


The crowd began to boo as Summer spoke. Summer just rolled her eyes in response.


Summer: I mean literally, since day one we said we were going to run this place and just look! That’s EXACTLY what we do. Many have tried to stop us and every single one of them has failed miserably. No one, and I mean NO ONE, has a bond like me and my boo’s! Not even those horrendous twin trolls that ran around with some “full proof” plan to break us apart.


Summer flipped her hair over her shoulder.


Sasha Banks: What were their names again?... Ummm, wait... It doesn’t matter! Because we’re still here, and they’re… Wherever. Tuh. Haters gonna hate. Ya’ll can stay mad while we stay bad. It speaks volumes when the Mean Girls stand up here in front of everyone and the rest stay beneath us. Take a look at what a real team looks like. You can bet you’ll never catch a crew like us ever again.


Eva Marie: Not only are we the hottest trio to ever grace EBWF, we're the most relevant, the most charismatic, and as my boo just said, the BADDEST. Simply put, we're the best! And to think most of you were sleeping on us when we first burst onto the scene. So tell us… how does it feel to eat your words?


The Mean Girls did their signature snap taunt in unison as the crowd gave a mixed reaction. Music cued over the PA system and the three Divas were shown off the stage. The camera’s view switched to the other side of the stage where Edge was standing.



Edge: Please welcome, the first ever EBWF Path to Glory Champion and the man that will face PJ Black tomorrow night for that very title, CM Punk.


“Cult of Personality” played and the crowd went wild as CM Punk strode to the podium.


CM Punk: Three years ago, I quite unexpectedly took home the award for Face of the Year. Tonight, four of EBWF’s biggest stars are nominated. The nominees are, a man we love whether good or bad, our current EBWF World Champion, Chris Jericho. He’s a former champion, and the winner of this award last year, Sami Zayn. She’s offering us 100% Stratusfaction, guaranteed, the current Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus. And finally, the man that has made us inexplicably root for him this year, Wes Ikeda. And your 2016 Face of the Year is…


Punk opened the envelope.


CM Punk: Sami Zayn.


The camera faced Sami as his name was announced with a surprised, yet pleased look on his face. He stood up and faced some of the surrounding tables where other stars of the company were seated. He nodded his head in acknowledgment on his way to the stage, proceeding up the stairs and nervously walked towards the podium, taking his statue. He stood at the podium looking around, before looking at the statue again and speaking into the microphone.


Sami Zayn: It’s crazy to be standing up here again with the award I won last year, thank you all so, so much.


He smiled, clinching the statue in his hand and clearly honoured to be walking away as the face of the year one more time.


Sami Zayn: It certainly hasn’t been an easy year, I’ve worked harder than I ever have to achieve my goals and every single Warfare, every single pay-per-view against every single opponent…I did it all with a smile on my face because this is the business I love.


He laughed a little before raising his trophy, not wanting to waste too much time.


Sami Zayn: Everyone knows it’s the fans that drive me, they pay good money to see us so it’s only right we give them wat they deserve. This award shows I’ve managed to put a smile on everyone’s faces over the last year and I hope it continues…you guys have definitely made me smile the second I stepped foot in this company with THAT chant and I’m honoured to be your face of the year.


It didn’t take long for the ‘Ole!’ chants to break out a little as he raised his statue in the air once more before leaving the stage. Randy Orton was standing at stage left when the camera switched back to him.


Randy Orton: Our next presenter is known to fans worldwide as The Showoff, please welcome the wildly talented, Dolph Ziggler.


“Here to Show the World” brought out Ziggler, who stepped to the podium with envelope in hand.


Dolph Ziggler: Four very deserving teams are nominated for tag team of the year, and for the first time ever, two women’s tag teams are nominated. The nominees are, the team that was our Tag Team Champions for the majority of the year, Wade Barrett & Ryback. The team reunion that the EBWF Universe was clamoring for, the return of The Thrillseekers, Chris Jericho & Lance Storm. These girls may be mean, but they back it up in the ring, Eva Marie & Summer Rae. And finally, our Women’s Tag Team Champions, they’re beautiful and dangerous, Trish Stratus and Natalya. And the winner is…


Dolph opened the envelope.


Dolph Ziggler: Wade Barrett and Ryback.


When the announcement was made, the camera cut to Wade Barrett, who was sat with Drew McIntyre. McIntyre patted Barrett on the shoulder, and Barrett smiled, then made his way to the stage.


Wade Barrett: I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news… Ryback couldn’t be here tonight, so I guess I’ll have to accept both awards on his behalf. I’d like to start by giving my best wishes to Ryback, and wishing him a speedy recovery. Secondly…


As Wade mentioned The Big Guy’s name, he was boldly but familiarly patted on the back.The sight of the humongous superstar was as impressive as the fact he managed to get those gargantuan shoulders in a formal jacket. He leaned into the microphone as his fingers wrapped around his slammy award.


Ryback: Honey! Im home! HAHAHA!


Barrett looked genuinely surprised.


Wade Barrett: Ryback? What are you doing here?


Ryback patted Wade on the back again.


Ryback: In the flesh! What do you mean? Aren't you supposed to come up here if you hear your name?


Wade Barrett: Of course… and it’s good to see you… but the last time I heard from you, you said you weren’t coming.


Ryback: Can I use the word swerve on television?


Ryback shrugged.


Ryback: How am I going to miss my crowning as the best tag team of the year?


Wade Barrett: You make a good point. I just… well, I guess it’s a nice surprise. Congratulations, Ryback. An award well deserved.


The camera cut to Drew Mcintyre, Ryback squinted his eyes a little.


Ryback: So, Wadey… Did you come by yourself?


Wade Barrett: No. We talked about this, Ryback. I needed someone to take your place…


Ryback: Define “take your place…”


Wade Barrett: I need a partner, Ryback. And since I didn’t know how long you’d be gone for, I turned to someone I knew I could count on.


Ryback: So, you're saying you can't count on me, is that it? Gee, then why are we standing here as team of the year?


Wade Barrett: I’m saying that if there’s going to be an Uprising in EBWF… then I need a little help until you’re ready to return.


Ryback: Stay tuned for that!


Wade Barrett: Thank you.


The two men were shown off the stage as the camera focused back on Rated RKO.


Edge: Our next awards is one of my favorites of the night. We will crown the EBWF Babe of the year.


Randy Orton: Babe of the Year is a very exclusive club. Eva Marie won in 2015.


Edge: EBWF Alum Jillian Hall took home the award in 2008. Otherwise, all of the other previous winners are multi-time Babes of the Year.


Randy Orton: The formidable Queen of Extreme, Lita is a two time winner, and our founder, Ashlee Ikeda was a three time winner,


Edge: Also a three time winner, Mrs. Randy Orton, Nicole Ikeda and two time winner, the insanely hot, Velvet Sky. Velvet is nominated again here tonight.


Randy Orton: Here to present the babe of the year award, the ten time EBWF Women’s Championship, Torrie Wilson.


“Aphrodite” played over the applause of the crowd. She approached the podium.


Torrie Wilson: Yes, Edge and Randy, have covered it nicely. Velvet Sky is nominated tonight, along with newcomer Alexa Bliss, last year’s winner Eva Marie, The Boss Sasha Banks, and our current Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus. The winner of the 2016 EBWF Babe of the Year is…


Torrie opened the envelope.


Torrie Wilson: And another makes three for Velvet Sky!


A huge smile crept across Velvet's lips when she was announced the winner for Babe of the Year. Her boyfriend, Paul Lloyd Jr., stood up with her and kissed her on the lips passionately. Velvet quickly kissed back and broke from the embrace. She mumbled an apology and blew a kiss at his direction before quickly making her way up the steps at the side of the stage. Velvet's heels clicked against the stage flooring until she stopped in front of the podium. Velvet smiled and shook hands with the award presenters. Velvet's smile seemed to get ever bigger when the Slammy was handed to her. She placed it down next to the microphone and rested her hands on the Slammy.


Velvet: You guys! You sure know how to make a girl feel beautiful. I can say I am beyond proud of not only being nominated, but the winner for the Babe of the Year category three times!! You guys like me! You really, REALLY, like me!


Velvet let out a cute snicker and continued.


Velvet: In all seriousness, thank you. Thanks to all my loyal fans, my coworkers, a huge thanks to the hair and makeup team who make me look fabulous for TV, they are the true heroes! I can't even believe I am taking home my third Slammy for Babe of the Year, you guys are amazing. Thank you!


Velvet held the Slammy up in celebration before she exited the stage. The hosts returned to the stage.


Randy Orton: And now they’re asking us to stall.


Edge: We could start talking about the 513 days we were EBWF Tag Team Champions.


Randy Orton: No one was talking about it then. Why would they want to talk about it now?


Edge: We could do one of our randomly epic Pulp Fiction scene reenactments.


Randy Orton: I don’t think the censors have time for that.


Edge: I guess that rules out rapping all of “Get Back” by Ludacris?


Randy Orton: I would think it does, yes. Oh, she’s ready? We’re ready? Good, we’re ready.


Edge: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome back the newly crowned 2016 EBWF Babe of the Year, Velvet Sky!


Velvet returned to the stage, going up to the podium, still beaming.


Velvet Sky: I’m here tonight to give the EBWF Hottie of the Year award! The EBWF Universe chose the four men whom they love to watch fight, work the mic, and take the occasional shirtless gym selfie. The nominees are, eleven time winner, Wes Ikeda. The man who finally dethroned Wes, last year’s hottie of the year, Chris Jericho. And joining them this year in the category, The Showoff himself, Dolph Ziggler, and Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze. And your Hottie of the Year is…


Velvet opened the envelope, leaning into the microphone as she turned the paper around to reveal the name.


Velvet Sky: Looks like we’re going to make it a dirty dozen, Mr. Ikeda.


The camera found Wes already standing. He buttoned his suit jacket as he walked toward the stage, and after climbing the steps he moved to the podium. He took his trophy, putting it down on the flat surface before hugging Velvet. Then, in one smooth motion, he turned her, dipping her back toward the ground, easily holding her weight in one arm as he turned her head and kissed her cheek much to the crowd’s uproarious approval. As he placed her back upright, she was laughing, and shaking her finger, he was smiling as the microphone picked up her voice.


Velvet Sky: No, no no. Now…


With that she stepped up to him. Even in her heels she had to come up on tiptoe, and there she planted an innocent peck on his lips, and then nodded satisfactorily as she pulled away. He grabbed his trophy and cleared his throat, leaning back toward the microphone.


Wes Ikeda: Just a little something for our friends on Tumblr.


He was a little red with embarrassment.


Wes Ikeda: I’m such a nerd. You don’t prank this woman, she will up the ante. So, um, Paul if you’re going to kick my ass, Monday, please. I’m very busy tomorrow.


That got a laugh from the crowd.


Wes Ikeda: I really doubt I’ll be fortunate enough to be up here again tonight, and I know that this award is so, so silly. It’s a gift to do what we do every day, all week, all year long. This is a gift from the EBWF Universe, and while this is a controversial thing to say, I know ya’ll took this away from me last year because I was shoving John Cena down your throat - and I want you to know I heard that.  So this year, Chris Jericho can eat it, because I’m back baby!


Wes grinned a bit as the fans cheer.


Wes Ikeda: I usually take this time to just thank everyone for the year we’ve had. I know I’ve had one hell of a year, and in case I don’t get the opportunity I just wanted to take a minute to thank the talent on this roster for being second to none, and going out there consistently putting on great shows and interacting with our amazing fans. I thank you, sincerely, for allowing me to spend this last year playing in your sandbox and doing what I love to do, which is performing and fighting in front of a live audience. To the production staff and crew, you guys make me look good, you make this work, and I couldn’t ask for a better team. I especially want to thank a group of very special people who help me steer this massive ship, Kurt Schneider, Richard Roberts, Lynne McClinton, Paul Heyman, Jim Ross, Jessica Rushing, Danielle Costa and Nicole Orton, who work tirelessly to elevate this company to heights I could have never dreamed. Of course, I didn’t forget Joanie Helmsley, who is in a class all of her own, and hands down the best showrunner in all of sports.


The crowd gave a nice applause for that sentiment.


Wes Ikeda: And finally, I just want to acknowledge the only reason my heart still beats in my chest, my beautiful wife, Natalie. You showed me the way back from the brink, and I can never, ever repay you for the ways in which you perfectly compliment and complete my life. This is a silly award, but to me, it means I’m still standing, and all of you are still paying attention. I thank you.


Wes exited the stage to more applause as the Slammy Awards went to commercial.




Congratulations Dotty! The EBWF member chosen as the standard bearer for what it means to be a true OOC Sportsman! Thanks for all you do for EBWF.


We are pleased to welcome Juan to the EBWF Hall of Fame. Juan joined the EBWF permanently in 2009 after a few short runs between 2004 and 2007. Having been numerous characters over the years, the artist formerly known as Dohko's most memorable runs have included Mr. Kennedy, The Rock, Zack Ryder, Trent and CM Punk. Juan has held every major men's title in EBWF at least once, and his Slammy successes include OOC Sportsman of the Year (2013), Alliance of the Year (2013 and 2015), and No Limits, X-Division and Breakout Champion of the Year (2010, 2011 and 2013 respectively). Juan's enthusiasm is infectious, and his entry into the Hall of Fame is long overdue. Congratulations on your induction!




As the Slammy Awards returned, Rated RKO were on screen.


Randy Orton: It’s hard to stand out as an effective bad guy when it feels like you’re drowning in a sea of them. I mean, really guys, we need a couple faces around here.


Edge: I think that’s us.


Randy Orton: It’s a miracle we still have careers.


Edge: Tell me about it. Here to present the award for your favorite bad guy, please welcome a guy who had better not spit in my face, because I’m definitely cool, Carlito!


Carlito came to the stage to the sounds of his theme music, approaching the podium. He took a big bite out of an apple, took his time chewing it to the amusement of the fans, and then he finally spoke.


Carlito: Four people are nominated for heel of the year this year, and it was up to the EBWF Universe to name their favorite. First, a man that stops at nothing to get what he wants both in the ring and out of it, AJ Styles. Next, a man so big and bad, he gets his very own special advocate, Brock Lesnar. Third, a man so arrogant, he insists that he is my favorite wrestler, The Miz, and finally, the Queen of Mean, Sasha Banks. And the heel of the year is…


Carlito opened the envelope.


Carlito: The Miz.


The Miz got up from his seat and adjusted his tux. He made his way to the podium with a shit eating grin on his face. The crowd was applauding him as he stepped up to the microphone.


The Miz: Oh stop being so fake!


There was laughter.


The Miz: I mean seriously! Stop giving me the golf clap, when by this award you are telling me I’m the guy that you all love to hate! No in all honesty, this award is one that I was really hoping to get. You have NO IDEA how much thought, time, and effort goes into being the biggest on TV douchebag in all of America.. now I know what you’re thinking.. Miz.. you make it look SO easy though.. well that’s because I’m a douchebag in real life too.


The camera cut to Wes Ikeda who was heartily laughing, he mouthed “that’s true” to the people at his table.


The Miz: Ikeda even liked that one..


Wes nodded and gave him the thumbs up.


The Miz: Seriously though, thank you guys for this award. I love being able to be the most self centered, arrogant person that this business has ever seen, and it means a lot to me that you guys all enjoy hating my freaking guts so much. Here’s to another year of hate!


The Miz held up his Slammy and exited the stage to some playful boos but a lot of respectful clapping.


The camera’s focus returned to Edge on stage.


Edge: In late 2015, the EBWF was rocked when we got a brand new General Manager. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, The Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin!


The sound of glass shattering brought the crowd to their feet as the arena offered a standing ovation for Austin. He went to the podium and cleared his throat, before telling everyone to sit down by motioning with his hands.


Steve Austin: I’m here tonight to present the Match of the Year Award. The EBWF Universe managed to narrow it down to just five of the year’s matches. Let’s roll the tape.


Clips began to play on the big screen of some of the big spots from each of the matches. First up was Sami Zayn facing the man then known as Justin Gabriel in the 2015 King of the Ring finals. This was followed by clips of Sasha Banks facing Trish Stratus at Destiny. Then the Miz versus Sami Zayn at Fanniversary, followed by Miz versus AJ Styles at Survivor Series. Finally, the video concluded with clips from Fallout 2016, where Miz faced Chris Jericho.


Steve Austin: And the match of the year is…


Austin opened the envelope.


Steve Austin: From Fallout 2016, The Miz and Chris Jericho.


A smile formed on Miz's face as he heard the announcement. He made his way to the stage and beat Jericho to the microphone.


The Miz: I guess it would only be right that Chris speaks first... Chris Jericho ladies and gentlemen!


The Miz went for a fist bump, which Jericho smirked at, not knowing how to take Miz at this moment. He did oblige Miz with the fist bump and stepped to the microphone.


Chris Jericho: First of all, Miz... I'm not normally one for fist bumps, so you should feel honored. Thank you to everyone who voted for me and Miz to win this Slammy... the last time I won Match of the Year, I lost the match I was nominated for, so it's nice to win both the match and the Slammy this time around. There are a lot of matches in my career that I'm proud of, and that match at Fallout was certainly one of them. Miz and I left everything in the ring that night, and it's a privilege to be recognised for our efforts.


The Miz: Well said champ! Always a great time facing this guy- I woulda been happier with a different outcome- but hey at least I got a Slammy out of it! Thanks everyone!


The audience in attendance applauded as the men left the stage, and the camera moved to Randy Orton standing on the opposite side of the stage.


Randy Orton: She is our Executive Vice President of Television and Production, a living, breathing, certifiable legend, and hands down one of my favorite people walking this earth. Ladies and Gentlemen, you know here as the 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna, please welcome, Mrs. Joanie Helmsley.


Chyna strutted to the podium, waving an appreciative hello Randy’s way as she approached the podium.


Joanie Helmsley: Tonight we honor four men who have been named by the EBWF Universe as some of the most entertaining guys in our business today. The nominees are, our EBWF World Champion Chris Jericho, the 2016 Heel of the Year The Miz, a formidable force on any microphone, Paul Heyman, and finally, the Chairman of EBWF, Wes Ikeda. The Entertainer of the year is…


She opened the envelope.


Joanie Helmsley: Paul Heyman!


Paul Heyman stood up, buttoning his suit jacket. He walked up to the podium as the people around him applauded. Joanie and Paul exchanged cheek kisses as she handed him the Slammy and walked off the platform. Paul soaked in the applause from the crowd for a moment, resting the trophy on the podium.


Paul Heyman: When the fans of EBWF tune into Warfare, or they buy our PPV events, they part with their hard earned money to see action. They come to see the most gifted combat athletes that this industry has ever seen. EBWF delivers on that, in spades. But what keeps them watching EBWF? It's the entertainment.


Heyman picked up the trophy and looked it over.


Paul Heyman: You know, my success has always been tied to someone else. With the Dangerous Alliance, I was a great manager but it was because of the incredible talent I had to work with. I had a successful run promoting ECW but that was because of the dedicated men and women who put their body on the line because they believed in the cause. Even now, the only reason that I can be considered such a successful advocate is because I have the pleasure of working alongside a man who was genetically bred for combat sports. I have always accepted this role, because I believe that my strength is in highlighting the strengths of the exceptional.


He pointed at the trophy with humility.


Paul Heyman: But this? This Entertainer of the Year award? This trophy is a statement from EBWF fans that they appreciate my work, despite whom I might be advocating for. I wish to thank the fans who come to our shows each and every week, and also to the people working for EBWF that allow me to do what I love to do, each and every day. I also wish to make this promise - if you think that this year has been good, wait until you see what I have in store for the rest of 2016. I'm just. Getting. Started. Thank you so much, everyone!


He smiled and exited the stage with his award. Edge was opposite the podium, standing on the stage.


Edge: Once again, please welcome, the Chairman and Owner of EBWF, Wes Ikeda.


“Sound of Madness” played  and Wes returned to the stage, tagging hands with the fans in the front as he made his way to the podium.


Wes Ikeda:  It’s been said over and over again, but I’ll say it one more time, we’re here tonight to celebrate the year’s achievements, and I’d wager that no one has bigger reason to celebrate than our EBWF Divas. This year, women were represented in both the Face and Heel of the year categories, an unprecedented two Female Tag Teams were nominated for Tag Team of the Year, and for the very first time in our company’s history, a Women’s Championship Match was nominated for match of the year. We call these women divas, and in that word encompasses strength, beauty and talent that allows me to stand up and say that our Women’s division is the best in all of professional wrestling. They are they standard bearers. Bar none. Period. I have never had the privilege of presenting the Female Wrestler of the Year award, but I am happy to honor this year’s nominees. Coming into the Women’s Rumble as a new talent and staking her claim, she is Alexa Bliss. The leader of the Mean Girls, and former EBWF Women’s Champion, The Boss Sasha Banks. The Quintessential Diva, a true original, and the current women’s champion, Trish Stratus, and one of our greatest acquisitions, former champ and three time Babe of the Year, Velvet Sky. And the well deserved title of Female Wrestler of the Year goes to…


Wes opened the envelope.


Wes Ikeda: Trish Stratus.


Trish looked genuinely shocked as the camera focused on her and she moved to her feet. She went to the stage, and hugged Wes before taking her award. He made way for her at the podium and the crowd had moved to their feet.


Trish Stratus: Wow. Just… wow. Thank you so much. I came to a point in the middle of the last year where I knew it was either time to rise up and really stand out in this division again or hang up my boots. I’m so glad I made the right decision.


Cheers took over the room, and Trish beamed.


Trish Stratus: I’m so happy to be standing up here, and I want to thank my best friend and tag team partner, Natalya, for encouraging me and just being here with me every step of the way. I don’t think I could have done this without you. To the ladies I was nominated with here tonight, Jamie, you are the epitome of a diva. You are everything this division is supposed to be, and I am honored to have worked with you so much this year. Alexa, congratulations on the phenomenal first few months you’ve had here, I can not wait to put on a show with you tomorrow night. And Mercedes, Ms. Sasha, over there… thank you. Thank you for pulling career defining matches out of me. For being a total badass at everything you do. I share this with you. EBWF Universe, thank you. Thank you so much.


Wes offered Trish his arm as she turned from the podium and they walked off the stage together. The crowd continued to applaud as Randy Orton came back onto the stage.


Randy Orton: To present the Wrestler of Year Award, please welcome our absurdly talented Chief Brand Officer, Nicole Orton.


The set lifted once more as Nicole Orton passed beneath it to step toward the podium. The crowd continued to applaud until she spoke.


Nicole Orton: In 2002, my brother Tony Ikeda stood on this stage and gave the wrestler of the year award. Beginning in 2005, Wes joined the business and since he’s been presenting this award. In the last 11 years, Wes has only missed presenting the wrestler of the year twice, of course, once in 2013 after he was injured in the tragedy that took 11 of our friends and coworkers from us, but before that in 2010, when he was nominated for Wrestler of the Year. I presented the award in 2010, and I am honored that my help has been enlisted again as Wes is nominated once again for this award. Nominated with him, the awe inspiring Sami Zayn, the incredibly awesome Miz, and the legendary Chris Jericho. Ladies and Gentlemen, as chosen by the EBWF fans, the best Wrestler in all of EBWF today is…


Nicole opened the envelope and smiled as she looked up and out into the audience.


Nicole Orton: Chris Jericho.


As Jericho's name was read out, the audience got to their feet and applauded. Jericho smiled, looking humbled once again. His wife stood up beside him, and the two of them embraced before Jericho made his way up onto the stage. He waited for the applause to die down, then began to speak.


Chris Jericho: Two years in a row... wow. Maybe I was a late bloomer.


Jericho laughed, and the audience laughed with him.


Chris Jericho: Last year when I stood up here as your Wrestler of the Year, I said I wasn't sure if I deserved it. That wasn't me being humble; I was being honest. I really wanted to earn the award this year, and even now as I stand here in front of you, I feel humbled by being nominated alongside three men who would have been very worthy winners. Miz, you might be annoying, but you've had a great year. You had a good run as World Champion, and we had two great matches that I'm very proud of. Sami Zayn, we also had a great match at Aftermath, and I couldn't have been happier to see you become King of the Ring then go on to become the World Champion. You deserved that, and I'm sure you'll be a champion again sooner rather than later. And last, but not least, there's Wes Ikeda. The 2016 Royal Rumble winner, and the man who will help me give all of you a contender for the Match of the Year Slammy next year. I don't know what else to say except thank you, and I promise you all, as long as I can keep doing what I do, I'll keep doing everything I can to be the best in the world at what I do. Thank you again.


The audience continued to applaud Jericho as Nicole came to congratulate him. Music began to play and Rated RKO turned to the stage.


Edge: We hope you’ve had a great night tonight.


Randy Orton: And even though you probably thought you were safe, not quite. He’s coming back to annoy us one more time. Ladies and Gentlemen, the chairman, the CEO, the owner, the unlikely leader of EBWF, welcome back, Wes Ikeda.


“Sound of Madness” played and the cameras observed the fans and most of the staff and talent on their feet as Wes came onto the stage. The camera was sure to pick up Natalie Neidhart as she applauded, and then switched to the Miz, and then Torrie Wilson.


Wes Ikeda: Thank you all for an incredible year and a celebratory night. We will see all of you tomorrow night, live from AT&T Stadium for Wrestlemania fifteen. Blaine David, show’s over, go to bed. Thank you! Goodnight!



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